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NCIS= <3


Oh god, tonight's episode was just... -melts into a puddle of fangirl goo- So much Tony/Tim goodness! And Tony/newguywhosenameialreadyforgot! And Gibbs/Holly! And even Gibbs/Tim and newguywhosenameialreadyforgot/Ziva and Abby/Holly?!?!

But of course the most important part is the Tony/Tim <3 desperately wants jealousy!fic and/or fat fetish!fic

Interaction between newguywhosenameialreadyforgot and Tony was priceless. Their couple name was adorable. And I love how jealous Timmy was and how everyone kept making insinuations.I was squeeing every few minutes, seriously XD

There was so much squeeage and adorableness that I can't remember what the episode was actually about... Oh wait... never mind, I remember. Holly Snow the pimp! lol

I thought Charlotte or whatever her name is was pretty gorgeous. And I never would have put her boyfriend/lawyer as the murderer... Gibbs seemed to be a little overenthusiastic with saving Holly XD

Oh and Tony isn't very convincing at calling prostitutes XD But I sure as heck would like to know what those acronyms Holly was spouting when talking to Charlotte. Anybody happen to know what KB, MOX, and half around mean? I tried to look 'em up but I came up with a couple meanings for MOX (one of them being a single, homosexual male XD) and I'm not sure which, if any, is right. Couldn't find the others at all.

Speaking of prostitution (and to make this post something other than random squeeing over my favorite show), what do ya'll think about this kind of organized prostitution, where the girls have a madam who sets up their meetings? At the risk of offending, I personally think it's quite a good idea. It puts a little more safety and respectability into prostitution. So, thoughts?


...Why am I not watching this any more?
I have no idea. You totally should be though! :D
"Slight KB" means "a slight knock-back", essentially, playing hard-to-get. Half-around is half an Around the World, comprising of oral/vaginal sex but not anal.

I've been Googling the terms, which is how I found this entry and how I know the above, but I've not been able to find a concrete answer to MOX. Ah well.
Ah that's very helpful. Thank you very much!

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