Holiday Cards!

It’s that time of the year again… i.e. Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Solstice/Winter is coming up and I want to send some Christmahanukwanzastice cards!

I’m doing my address collecting a little differently this year, so if you’d like a card from me, just fill out the form bellow! You can decide whether or not you want stickers, glitter, or a drabble. Feel free to request a card even if we don’t talk or follow each other. The more the merrier!!

Reeby’s Holiday Cards


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Join us at wipbigbang
Sign up March 23-April 13 and Finish Your Sh**!

This is a Big Bang with one goal in mind: to clean out your drafts folder. These are stories that were unfinished for whatever reason, that authors returned to and completed, and the art that goes with them! All fandoms welcome!

some updates!

  • The last (ie all the international and fic ones) of my holiday cards have been sent! Finally... Sorry I am so terrible at getting those out on time. I mean, I got them sent earlier than the year before, so I guess that's a plus? I will endeavor to keep improving lol

  • Updated the rest of my horror movie a day watches! I had it updated on pillowfort as I was going but forgot to update it here, whoops.

  • Also updated my Yuletide Recs. Still reading my way through the collection, so there'll likely be at least one more update to it. At some point.

  • Starting prep for wipbigbang. New round will start mid March, and we've got a lot of changes/improvements to try to implement this year in order to make it less overwhelming to run. Wish us luck!

  • I haven't checked my flist in... probably two weeks at least. Life has been rough as usual lol Mostly due to depression and doing a lot of cleaning to avoid actual responsibilities. But I'm gonna try to catch up on everyone's entries soon!


Oscars 2019

The Oscars are tonight! I'm excited to see how it goes this year. Even though I'm kind of side eyeing some of their nominations lol But you know, it happens.

I didn't make as much of an effort to watch the nominees this year, thus my opinions are probably even more narrow than usual. Also it just feels like the Oscars came up so fast this year?? I didn't have time to watch as much stuff after nominations in preparation. Anyway, I watched a grand total of 8 of the nominees this year, which is 1 more than I saw last year, which is cool.

So here's my list of watched nominations, plus short reviews:

Collapse )

And now, since I obviously know so much about it (lol), my predictions:

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I'll likely be liveblogging on my Oscars 2019 tag on pillowfort (and/or possibly on twitter?), so feel free to watch me be completely wrong in real time!

ETA: I got 9 out of 24! Two better than last year, booya :D

Language Meme

Snagged from daria234 :)

1. My native language. English

2. Which languages I know. Some Spanish and Japanese, definitely not fluently.

3. Which languages I am learning, or want to learn. Still working on getting my Spanish and Japanese up. I've also worked on and off on ASL, Esperanto, and Russian. I'd really like to learn German and Welsh, but honestly I want to learn ALL the languages lol

4. Does anyone in my family speak a language that I don't? Nope. My parents' Spanish is way worse than mine, and that's the only other language they know.

5. My favorite language to listen to. I love listening to people speak Japanese. I also really like the sound of Scandanavian languages and Arabic.

6. My least favorite language to listen to. Can't think of one.

7. My favorite word in my native language. Hmm not sure. Maybe queue bc it's just a funny looking word. I saw it used in a fic the other day when it should have said cue and I giggled a lot lol

8. My favorite word in my second language (if I know one). Embarazado means pregnant in Spanish, but gets confused for embarrassed, which I think is pretty funny :D Also 怖い means scary in Japanese but sounds similar to the word for cute.

9. My favorite word in a language I don't really speak. презерватив means condom in Russian. I just like the way it sounds and it was one of the first Russian words I learned lol

10. A list of my favorite words in any language. defenestration, sitar, atelier, bamboozled, 大好き... that's all I can think of

11. A song I like in a language other than English. Because I was a total weeb in hs, Lacrimosa by Kalafina, which was a closing song in Kuroshitsuji, and Kanashimi wo Yasashisa ni (悲しみをやさしさに) by little by little, which was an opening song in Naruto. Also I really love both songs by The HU, which is a Mongolian heavy metal/folk metal band.

12. If I could pick one language to learn automatically without having to work for it, which language would I choose? Greek! It would make my Hellenic Revivalist heart happy lol

13. Have I ever seen a whole movie in a language I don't understand? Yep. Mostly if I'm watching non-English movies I watch them in Japanese, but I was president of a foreign language club in college and we did monthly movie showings, so I saw a lot of movies in different languages.

14. A language I like, but wouldn't put the effort into learning. Chinese in any dialect. Japanese has been hard enough and Chinese is even more difficult!

15. A short introduction of myself in a language other than English: 私はリービーです、そして私の日本語はとても悪いです。

surprise day off!

Left work early today, about halfway through the hours I normally do, because there was literally nothing to do. The region I work in covers the midwest and since basically that whole area is completely frozen rn, apparently no one is ordering anything... Which is fine, I don't mind leaving early. I actually offered to since I was bored and cold and I can have that at home lol

So instead, I'm having second breakfast and watching last weekend's ice skating championship and then I'm going to go get groceries. I really need to get some more snacks for work, so I'm glad I have the chance to go. Otherwise my mom was just going to get groceries herself and I can't trust her to get the things I want or need. I may see about stopping at the comic book shop while we're out too. I think I'm like three weeks behind on picking up my subs, whoops.

Then when we get back, I need to try to get through some of my to do list. I've at least got to contact a prospective editing client, since I should have done that days ago. I'd also like to do some more cleaning, which is what I spent most of yesterday doing. I did some yoga over the weekend and it was really nice and I'd like to pick it up again. It's been years since I did yoga regularly. But I need space and currently my bedroom is a bit of a mess. Cleaning that up should also hopefully help with how blech I've been feeling lately. I know clutter makes my anxiety worse, which just makes everything else worse too, you know? And maybe I'll take a nap because I'm feeling pretty sleepy rn...

so many exchanges

Only three weeks into the year and I'm already feeling the strain of taking a hiatus from fic exchanges... I keep seeing promos for exchanges and I really really want to do them. But I can't, bc I'm trying to be mindful of my own limits and not overstress myself. There are just so many interesting looking exchanges, both old and new, and it makes me a bit sad not be doing them. Also I'm used to going from one exchange fic to the next exchange fic with very little down time, so it's been weird to just... not have anything in particular to do. I haven't done a lot of writing so far bc of that, whoops.

But! I did sit down to write and finished up the first of the fics I plan to do for WIPBB Challenge. It's one of the only events I'm allowing myself to participate in this year since I run it, so maybe that's why I'm going so hard on it. Bc believe me, I rarely have anything finished sooner than the day before it's due lol

Fandom Snowflake Challenge Day 15

Day 15

Talk about why you participated in Snowflake &/or what you got out of it.

I started doing Snowflake in 2014? 2015? Somewhere around there. For me, it's a way to start the year by connecting with fandom and revisiting the reasons why I love it so much. Esp bc end of year wrap ups can sometimes make me realize how crazy and stressful the previous year has been and make me doubt my fandom participation. Snowflake is a restart. I like having the prompts to talk about the things I'm into and why I'm into them, plus seeing the things that other fans are into. There aren't many chances for that, at least not on this scale, so that makes it special. Basically it's just a big ol' two week fandom love fest, and I just really really love that!

Ilu Snowflake, thank you to all the mods and other participants for being awesome <3