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Twilight + Craft Fair + NaNo

I do believe I am going crazy...

I read a Twilight fanfic today, Edward/Jacob to be exact, and I loved it. It makes me feel a little better that it's a Twilight/Harry Potter crossover, but still... You must understand that I absolutely HATE Twilight. With a passion. The movie was utter shit and the books were dull and stupid.

And now I have read Twilight fanfiction. And liked it. And want more Edward/Jacob. I must be insane.

The cause of my insanity (or maybe just the thing that pushed me over the edge?) can be found here. And it's not finished yet!! D: Evil cliffy is evil. I want to see if Jasper attacked Harry or is just going to molest him in front of the family XD


In other news, I had a craft fair today, one we've done for like five-ish years. And I did really good! Well, for me XD Made ten bucks, which is more than I usually do. And I wasn't even there when that stuff got sold, I was with my friends at IHOP, the thrift store, or Elizabeth's house XD Go figure.


Anywho, it's the 14th day of NaNo... and I haven't written since yesterday or the day before and have no desire or motivation to do so D: I feel very blah and uninterested in writing at the moment. I need something to motivate me. I was gonna try to finish my other college essay this weekend since I finally decided what I was going to write it about (fanfiction btw XD), but I can't even do that... Gah... I think I'll go look up Edward/Jacob fanfics now...


I cannot believe. Twilight fanfiction. Twilight?! Wow, Becca. I never expected that from you. I had to click on that link though (I think I'm becoming like you, where when I see a link, I click it, no matter what orz) Though I probably won't read it, cause, well, it's Twilight. XD I just can't picture Edward not being gross Robert Pattinson with his pale hairy chest. Just...ew. Well that's awesome you made money (more than usual) at the craft fair! Get motivation and write you nano! X3
I know I know XD And yea, I really have to concentrate on not picturing nasty Robert Pattinson... I think if I did, I'd throw up XD
I wrote some today! So proud of myself :3
is it bad that it took me forever to figure out how to comment? Anyways, I can't believe you read twilight... yada yada yada. I clicked the link I might read it. I have motivation for you. I'm still beating you. ^.^
Yes, that is sad XD Read it, tis good! Well, I thought so anyway XD Bleh I'll catch up with you soon... maybe...
uh huh. Just keep telling yourself that you'll catch up... cause you know you never will... >D
Who's been winning most of the month? Uh huh, that's what I thought XD
But I'm winning at the moment by more than 1000 words. ^.^ so yeah... it doesn't matter who's winning most of the month...
Yes, but that proves that I CAN beat you and have... a lot. And will again ^.^
prove it. Do it.
Don't worry, I'll have beat you soon :D
of course, of course. But I'm writing at the same time... so you'd better write fast!
I am I am!!

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