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Shh! They're making more stuff up!

Went and saw The Lightning Thief today. I'm pretty sure their vision for the movie was "Let's see how much we can change while still claiming it's part of the Percy Jackson series!"

I'll try not to rant too much as I doubt anyone wants me to pick apart the entire movie (and I'm pretty sure I've already started blocking parts from my memory XD)

That movie was absolute rubbish... Even worse than Harry Potter and *gasp* Eragon! This one I'm just... uh... it was so disappointing I can't even find it in me to be as angry as I am whenever I see those others. I knew it was going to be bad as soon as I saw who the director was. Chris Columbus, you really have a gift for ruining good books when you try to make them into movies, don't you?

But guh. Where to start? The acting was pretty bad, frankly. They didn't seem to be very into it at all. And did whoever did the casting (and the script for that matter) even look at the books before hand? They're supposed to be freaking 12!! Not 17 and 23!! I did actually kind of like Grover though. But. He's not supposed to be such a player! It's just not his  character, dudes.

The special effects were alright most of the time, but there were some bad parts as well. Grover's legs just... ugh... wierded me out every time I saw them. And Chiron as a centaur? He looked a bit like a dachshund to be honest. It was odd and kind of nauseating XD

What else? Oh, oh, the PLOT! Yea. I'm pretty sure the most anyone who worked on this movie was glance at the synopsis (heck, they didn't even really have a working knowledge of Greek mythology!). The entire plot was so skewed it wasn't the same thing at all! My dad decided they changed the plot so it would make a better video game. I have to agree XD

The title of this lovely review came from something I said several times when we were watching the movie. My brother is an avid fan of the books (obsessed with them like I am with Harry Potter) and my dad and I have read them as well, so we complained a lot about everything they did long (which, if you hadn't noticed, was a lot). Every time my brother would look at me and complain about something I would say "Shh! They're making more stuff up!" It got quite a laugh XD

So there's my review of The Lightening Thief. Now worth watching, probably not even with not having read the books. Chris Columbus, just give it up already and stop ruining my favorite books.


No one seems to have liked The Lightning Thief movie, almost all my flist reviews are bitching about it.

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