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I'm caught up on my flist... ish

At least until the beginning of July, which isn't nearly as far as the last time I managed to check my flist, and I only commented on a few posts but. It'll have to do, I don't have the spoons for more than that atm lol At least it's a step in getting more active here like I keep saying I will do. Though I have been fairly accurate the past couple of months on comment_fic (and of course wipbigbang), so I think that's helping guide me back here? It's a slow process apparently.

In any case, I really do feel like I'm at a low enough level of stress rn to be able to get myself back to at least checking my flist, if not posting, regularly. I've made a list of a few topics I'd like to talk about, so I'll see about getting them written up when I can get my thoughts in order. I do so miss the conversations here. I really enjoy tumblr for its variety and pace, but it's hard to really talk there a lot of the time, and the talking via replies/reblogs feels a little too public sometimes. I know a lot of ppl before me have talked about that pitfall, so I'm sure you know what I mean lol

While I mull on some upcoming posts, I was thinking maybe some shorter, more structured posting might help, like a daily post thing or a month of prompts. Does anyone know of like a list of posting topics/prompts I could look at for some ideas?


hope you will be able to write down what you want. It often helps getting things out of you and off your chest. I know what I'm talking about... :)
Thanks :) I'm working on writing a post right now!

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