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what a weekend...

I mean that in a mostly good way. It was a fun weekend, except for the end lol But man, was it ridiculously busy and exhausting!

Friday, I ended up going to two movies with two different friends. Biff and I had been wanting to see The Hitman's Bodyguard since we saw previews months ago, so of course we had to go opening day. Strangely, our theater was almost empty. Maybe bc the public schools in the area started today? Idk. But it was a really good movie! I loved the dynamic between Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynold's characters, and them with their wife/girlfriend. Plus, explosions and murder are my favorite types of movies, so that was a lot of fun. Definitely a movie I'd see again. The second movie, The Beguiled, was with Nora and her hubby Reece, who I was surprised decided to go since he hadn't wanted to see it. I think he napped through most of it, but we got tickets at the late run theater, so it was only a $3 nap lol The Beguiled was... odd. Not what I was expecting at least, though I didn't really know anything about it other than Colin Farrell's in it. I'm quickly realizing that he's in a lot of odd movies tho. I wouldn't say it was a bad movie exactly, but I don't think I'd be all that excited to see it again lol

I spent Saturday at AnimeFest since several of my college friends were going and it'd been forever since I'd seen them outside of Skype (we do semi-regular Star Wars Edge of Empire games via Skype since we're all across the country now). I didn't really want to go when I got up in the morning bc I was tired and it was a 45 minute drive with no way home until my dad got off at midnight. But I do love any chance to get dressed up, as you can see:


And it was a really fun day! I was so glad I got to hang out with them, especially Ruth who I hadn't seen in... at least a year? Mostly we just hung around, walked through the artist alley, ate, that sort of thing. I didn't want to spend the money to buy a badge for one day, but that was fine. The only thing I would have liked to go to was the rave and my friends hadn't even made it in by the time my dad came to get me so that wouldn't have been worth it anyway. I didn't even end up buying much except food lol I bought an ita bag off Christine bc she's been super into them and it seems like a good way to display all my pins, and then a got a sparkly Lotor sticker bc he's the prettiest character in Voltron and two HiNaBN prints that an artist was clearancing. I'm not ashamed to say I just about cried when I saw those prints bc I was so happy lol Getting those was definitely worth the long day! And while I was waiting to get picked up, some random guy came up and offered to do a tarot reading for me. I'm always up for tarot readings so that was pretty cool. He did a love life reading and basically it told me that I'm emotionally constipated (which I already knew lol) but I just need to focus more and more love will come my way. Let's hope.

On Sunday, I went to Six Flags with Nora, her hubby, and our friend Ja'Kia. Nora and Reece have passes so they got the two of us in free as guests, which we'd been talking about doing for months. Here's us on one of the rides:


(My face is so red... so red.)

Unfortunately we picked a ridiculously hot day lol We rode some rides, some more fun than others (I swear my ass is literally bruised from one of them), but it was really a struggle to me with all the heat and walking. I'd been trying to keep hydrated and we were on the way to an air conditioned restaurant to eat when it got too much for me. I was sitting and waiting for them to get more water when I started shaking and was nauseated and my breathing was getting bad and things started to go black. I didn't quite pass out, but they called medical to drive me to the first aid building. I was dehydrated and overheated, but thankfully not having an asthma attack like I thought, so I just had to lay there for like half an hour until I was recovered enough to leave. I felt bad about having to cut the trip short bc of me, but my friends were really great about it. I think we'll try again in October when it's cooler. Plus then it's Fright Fest, which I love!

So today of course I was fucking exhausted and sore after all of that. And still a little nauseated honestly. I called in to work, which I hate doing both bc I need the money and bc I'm super paranoid about getting in trouble for calling in. Spent the day resting, waiting for the eclipse (kind of disappointing here with only 75% coverage tbh), and attempting to watch the pile of Colin Farrell movies I've checked out from the library. I only got through one and half since the blueray player started freaking out, but at least I got some of my overdue freelance work done. A fairly productive day even if I would rather not have almost passed out for it.


Glad you enjoyed the movies with your friends even though the 2nd wasn't that good, but at least you didn't spend a TON of money watching it :D

Such a great photo of you :)
Glad you had a nice day at the AnimeFest after all :)

Six Flags sounds like a lot of fun :)
But I know the feeling of getting overheated and all, so I'm sorry to hear you had such bad medical issues... :/

I can only imagine how tired you must be. The heat is over here where I am. We only have 8°C anymore, so it has cooled down a lot...

Hope you're feeling better soon!
The medic said it was about 130F/54C where we were thanks to all the asphalt which is waaaay too hot for anything in my opinion lol I so want to move away from this terrible weather...

Thank you :)

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