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god, I'm so weepy lately :/

I don't know if I'm close to having my period (it's been over two months so...) or because I'm close to having a mental breakdown (constantly crying was the big thing when I did in college so...), but I've just been really weepy about everything the last week or two. The littlest thing, whether good or bad, can have me close to tears in an instant. All the current ongoing world disasters has me almost in tears anytime the news is on or I scroll through twitter, which kind of sucks tbh.

I guess crying over the good stuff is better than that, though I would rather have not been sitting in the restroom at work when I started crying over Star Trek the other day lol And then just a bit ago, an author who wrote one of my favorite fics (and which I've talked to her in depth about before bc I totally nerded out over her worldbuilding) messaged me to say she'd found some notes for it and might be able to finish it after it being abandoned for a few years. I probably would have cried over that except my mom was in the room and I really hate crying in front of other people...

At least that bit of weepiness reminded me of how much I really love fandom. I think a lot of my weepiness lately has been related to feeling increasingly hopelss and powerless in my life, so it's nice to have that touch of goodness. Fandom is one of the very few bright spots in my life rn, and sometimes I just need that reminder when things start getting too dark outside :)

(I'd still rather not deal with all the weepiness though lol)


I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so emotional lately :/ I hope it will pass and that you will feel better very soon, but I really know the feeling way too well!
Thank you <3
Oh man, this sounds like me the past month :/ Sometimes a good cry can really help though.And I'm always thankful that I can come back to fandom.
Fandom has been really great to help keep me together <3

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