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Back from LA!

(Actually I've been back since last Wednesday, but I came home to no internet. I'm now mooching off my neightbor's, so I'm not really back yet...)

I had an amazing time! I really liked LA as a whole, the weather was great and they had so many more vegan options than here. And my allergies didn’t bother me nearly as much. I miss LA already lol

But the best part about the weekend, and KiSCon especially, was just getting to hang out with so many awesome people. Especially meeting so many fans. I was a littler nervous about going to such a small con (there were 90 of us, which was record attendance, and I’m used to 20-40k cons), but the atmosphere was great and it left a lot of time for really getting to know the other attendees.

I was worried about getting to LA on time since last year when I went to California my flights kept getting delayed, so I took a 6am flight and had to leave the house at the absolutely ungodly hour of 3:30am lol I ended up at LAX at like 9:30am, so plenty of time… There’s a vegan restaurant in LAX, so I stopped there for breakfast, but it was fucking expensive. Caught the shuttle to the hotel, checked in eventually (though my room smelled suspiciously of mildew and/or weed...), blah blah blah. At 3pm some of us who were there early met up and went to visit Leonard Nimoy’s grave:

I’m not terribly into grave visits, but it was really lovely out there, and really nice to be there with a bunch of other Star Trek fans :) Plus the drive over was a good place to start getting to know the people I rode with. Afterward we went out to eat at a nearby Thai place, and I met even more people. None of the people I knew at the con were there yet, so that was nice! What was not nice was being awake for 24 hours that day, but you know, that’s really my fault lol Worth it though.

Then the con really got going starting on Friday. I met up with some friends and made a ton more who I’m looking forward to keeping up with. I even met another Harrymort shipper, which was so surprising! I’m looking forward to fangirling with her more in the future :D I also wore my green dick earrings on Friday, which got me a lot of attention lol Everyone loved them! I’m thinking of trying to craft some Spock dick earrings in time for next con.

There were a lot fewer panels at the con than I was used to, which was actually kind of a good thing. It was easier to choose what I wanted to go to with only two or three choices every hour, and when I didn’t want to go to one, there was more time to talk to anyone else who wasn’t at one too or just hang out and color in the rec room. I actually spent like two hours in the bar just talking on Saturday and it was great lol But anyway, the panels I ended up going to were Mpreg: quite logical?, Fanzines: what's special about a collected anthology of fic? (I'm excited to see the new fanzine that will hopefully come out of this discussion!), The Slash Book (fandom + academia = <3), Vulcan Sexual Mores: What do we know and what do we invent?, Fandom's Next New Home: what will be the next big thing? (got a lot of ppl on Slack, which has been cool), Xenobiology (sooo interesting to discuss Vulcan biology irl), Research on m/m slash consumption, Reboot: Tarsus IV and the Loss of Vulcan: Who's more damaged now?, Reboot: What will happen when nu!Spock goes into pon farr?, The Science of Star Trek (rhaegal is amazing ya'll), Round Robin: Reboot (we even performed our fic at the closing ceremonies... I was sound effects lol), and Vulcan Culture and Spirituality.

Friday, my roommate came in. She’s local and hadn’t decided if she’d stay at the hotel until Tuesday or Wednesday, so it was really nice to get an email from her and not have to pay for the entire room myself lol Also, she brought a ton of alcohol, so even better :D

Saturday was when most of the action really got started. Lots of panels, lots of hanging out. There was the banquet/cosplay contest/vid show that night. Here was me for the evening, though with a different dress:

I’ve never been to a con with a banquet before! The food was pretty good, and it was fun to watch the vid show with friends. Some of them were just freaking amazing and I’m in awe of vidder’s skills lol It definitely made me want to try my own hand at vidding, though idk when I’d have the time. Of course, I also have a list of fic ideas and fics to read from the weekend, so that’s sure to keep me occupied for awhile! (Honestly, I just feel so inspired to do All the Things! after the con.) I also want to try to get a cosplay together for next time bc that was a lot of fun too. Especially the Vulcan wedding we got to witness:

Of course KiSCon eventually had to come to an end on Sunday. It was so hard saying bye to all my new friends tbh. But I found out several of them live in Texas, so I’m really hoping to be able to meet up with them again between now and the next KiSCon in 2019 :)

But thankfully, I got a few more days in LA to hang out with my Pinto friends. A few of us rented an AirBnB in Venice Beach, which was really lovely. I got them to go to a vegan restaurant called Little Pine on Sunday night (bc Chris Pine of course <3). It was really good! We felt very hipster there lol

(me in the middle)

Then we headed to the Griffith Observatory. The observatory part was closed by the time we made it there, but the inside had some really fascinating stuff. One of my favorites was a seismograph that you could get to move by jumping in front of it. Sarah and I had fun with that lol And then it had an amazing view of LA from the roof:

We went to the (beautiful!) beach Monday for a few hours and I’m still exhausted from hiking through the sand and swimming in the ocean… Somehow we ended up right at the Pride lifeguard station, which was pretty great:

Tuesday, Zjo and I were really the only ones left, so we ended up spending the morning at the California Science Center bc space shit. Honestly, seeing the Endeavor there was kind of a spiritual experience lol

After that, we’d found out that the science and nature museum was free for the day and it had dinosaurs, so of course we had to go. Sarah met us there during her lunch break, so it was nice to hang out with her for a little while longer before having to leave. I could easily have spent hours longer at both places, but unfortunately Zjo had to get on the road and I had to get to the airport. I ended up at the airport quite early, but that at least gave me a little recovery time. I’d walked more since I got to LA than I usually do at home, so I was exhausted and sore!

I got back into Texas about 11pm and my parents picked me up from the airport. It was strange coming home after being gone for almost a week. Even aside from the obvious temperature change and lack of internet at home atm. I mean, I know I can’t always have the wonderfulness that was the past week, but I’m gonna miss being around so many awesome fans who I could talk about anything with. At least there’s already plans for a Pinto meetup next year and another KiSCon the next, so I have that to look forward to :) Plus, I’m inspired to read and write and vid and cosplay and craft, so I’ll have plenty to distract myself with lol


What was not nice was being awake for 24 hours that day, but you know, that’s really my fault lol Worth it though.

It usually is, really. At least it was most of the time I did something that crazy... :D Like for example taking a night train to be at a certain con the next day and the likes :P

So happy you had a nice time in LA with all your friends and also made new friends. That's amazing and sounds like you had a great time =D
I really did have a great time! Tbh, I think cons are some of the only times being awake that long is worthwhile lol

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