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trying to catch up on life

I feel like I'm constantly behind on everything. I have almost 500 emails in my inbox at the moment, most of them at least several weeks old, and honestly it's terrible having to look at them. I've only gotten through about a dozen today, mostly things I could delete immediately... I just want them dealt wtih, but I don't want to deal with them lol And then there's post-wipbigbang stuff that I still haven't gotten done, from replying to emails to posting the after bang survey. I'll get around to it sometime. Hopefully. I also have quite a bit of freelance stuff that hasn't gotten done, including a book that I promised to have edited sometime around April and a bunch of behind the scenes stuff from my regular client. I think part of the problem with that is that they already paid me, so I don't have the panic of money to encourage me to finish.

And then there's all the stuff from last winter season. I apparently just was not in a good headspace then, and soooo many things fell by the wayside. I only got like half of my holiday cards sent out, none of which were the ones with drabbles (though I did write almost all of them!). So if you're suddenly remembering that you never got one from me... Yeah, sorry. I'll try to get the out by Halloween? That's only 10 months late :/ Then there's fandom_stocking. I had a bunch of stuff gifted to me, and I never even looked at most of it or thanked anyone for it. I feel incredibly guilty every time I look at the tab I've had open on my computer since the stockings were revealed. Like, ppl did such nice things for me, and then I went and basically ignored them. I feel so fucking bad about it.

All of that to say, I've been feeling really shitty lately about being behind on everything, but I'm trying really hard to get everything done I feel like I need to be doing. It's hard finding a way to balance all of my responsibilities, though that's mostly my fault for taking on too many. But I'm trying! I feel like today has been a really productive day at least. I made it through like half of the to do list I wrote this morning, which is better than the one or two things I generally get done in a day lol

Anybody else getting the beginning of Autumn, frantic need to get things done feel?


Good luck for everything. I hope you get a lot of your "to do" list done soon, but I know how it is when things are piling up and you can't seem to get yourself motivated enough to actually do SOMETHING... So yeah...

Hope you will feel better soon though and are able to do the things you wanna do!
Thank you! Self motivation is really not my strong suit, so it's... just really hard lol

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