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financial woes

[talkin' money troubles]Honestly, I hate hate hate having to do something like this.

I don't like to talk about it much on here bc I fear it comes off as whining to talk about it as many times as it's an issue, but my family is not doing well financially at all. Despite having 5+ jobs between the three of us :/ We've not been doing well since my sibling passed last year, though honestly I can't recall a time we were ever really doing good. We've been trying to get back to even at least, but it's been a hard road. My dad and I have been picking up what extra work we have, but it seems like every time there might be enough for all our bills, something else happens.

Atm, both of our cars (only one of which is drivable, the other currently has a broken axle) are in imminent danger of repossession. I just found out we've already gotten a notice about the non-drivable one, and it's only a matter of time on the other. Those are the big, extremely anxiety inducing things, though there are plenty of small ones as well. Most bills are "see how long we can go without paying before they turn it off" bc we just can't afford to pay everything every month. Or even most things every month. We haven't had cable/internet in around a month. We've been mostly mooching off our neighbor's wifi, but my mom works from home and I do freelancing at home, so having reliable internet is really important. We also have an ant infestation in the house, which isn't necessarily dangerous or a health hazard or anything, but it's extremely annoying. Seriously, I am so tired of being covered in bites just from sitting around the house. We've been trying cheap home remedies like diatomaceous earth, but I'm afraid the only real solution is going to be an exterminator of some kind. Oh, and the dog needs some dental work, but that's definitely not doable rn. Especially if it is a root canal that she's gonna need, like the vet thinks.

All of that to say, we're trying to come up with money to at least save the cars. It'd be $2k for that, though it would be great to be able to get ahead on some of the other things as well. I'm going to post something soon to try to sell some of the ridiculous stockpile of comics I've got going on. Maybe some merch and handmade stuff as well. And my dad's got a go fund me going. No pressure to donate bc I know times are tough for everybody, but if you can, I'd really appreciate it. I can write fic or do icons or something in return, if you like! Just let me know.


Good luck for selling the comics. Unfortunately they are not my cup of tea or I might have had taken some off your hands, but I'm crossing my fingers for you that you can get some money together...
Thank you.
Sending sympathy, I know how stressful this stuff is!!

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