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30 Word Fics

I've been so busy lately that I've barely been on LJ (sorry! I will catch up on comments some day!), but I did find some time to fill some 30 word prompts for comment_fic last week! Most of them are even double fills lol :)

Hannibal, Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham, fallen

Hannibal always thought Will looked rather angelic, had from the moment they met. His face, his hair, his skin... Divine.

Now, after their fall from the cliff and their rebirth from the water into a new life together, Will looks even more beautiful than before. A true fallen angel, wreathed in darkness and blood. Hannibal has never loved him more.

Jupiter Ascending, any, understated

Jupiter likes the dress, she really does. It's just a little... much for being out and about on earth. So she thanks Cain and kisses his cheek and puts the dress away for now. She'll pick something a little more understated for taking him to meet her family. The dress Cain brought can wait for the next grand space adventure.

MCU, Tony/Sam, flirt

Sam knows Tony's a flirt. Knows from Steve and Pepper and anyone else who's ever met Tony. But every wink still makes Sam flush, every sly comment during a battle makes him want to shut Tony up with a kiss. He can't help that he's fallen for the biggest playboy in the world. Someday, he dreams, it will be reciprocated.

Psych, Shawn Spencer (+ Burton Guster), he's never been any good at playing by the rules

Shawn didn't do rules unless it was breaking them. That he was good at, if he listened to his dad. Or Gus or Lassie or... Anyway, he didn't do rules. They made him feel all trapped and uncomfortable. So he made his own rules, like Sunday morning video games, Taco Tuesdays... Everyone else could get in line with his rules.

Supernatural, sam/dean, kiss

Every kiss is like a secret, for them alone to know. Dean thinks it makes it sweeter, hiding. Sam thinks for once he'd like to kiss where anyone could see.

Supernatural, Sam/Gabriel - broken wing

His wings are broken after he runs, after he dies, bones snapped and feathers in disarray. But Gabriel ignores the pain. It was worth it, and it's not like anyone sees them anyway to know.

Until Sam, at least. Sam who wants to make them better, wants to make him whole again.

He's not sure he deserves it. Maybe someday.



March 2019



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