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been awhile

Since I did a personal post at least. I'm just so bad at these, sorry guys lol I guess I feel like my life is just not exciting to talk about? Like basically all I do is go to work, sit at home refreshing tumblr, and do a weekly game night with friends. Even that we basically do the same thing every week! Obv I need to get out more. But for now, what to talk about...

My birthday was last weekend! I'm now 26! I took off work on Friday since my birthday was Saturday and I decided I deserved a day off anyway lol Friday night I went to dinner with my parents at Tokyo Joe's, which has healthy Japanese food. I'd been there once before and wanted my mom to try it. The food was pretty good, though I ended up with waaay more sushi than intended bc I asked for no cucumber and she forgot, so she remade it and doubled my order. She also forgot no cucumber in the summer roll, but by that time I was too hungry to ask for it to be remade, so I just picked it out and ate the rest lol

Day of, my mom made scones, which were delicious. I asked for cranberry and orange ones, and she also made chocolate chip ones, which might have even been better. Definitely going to get her to make some more soon. Then my mom and I went to a localish farmers' market that we'd been intending to visit for ages. It was fun and I ended up buying several things, including some tamales, pumpkin butter, and a soy wax melt that smells like roasted marshmallows. We've been using the wax melt the past couple of days and it's great! Then we ate at the local vegan restaurant then did some shopping elsewhere.

That night, I went to dinner with some of my friends at Ninja Sushi. It was pretty good, though I ended up spending more than I'd intended getting buffet and ordering sushi I'd wanted but they didn't have out. Then of course game night as we do most Saturdays. We didn't play any of my favorite games, partly bc there were so many ppl there. All of the regulars were there for once, and Nora had a friend, Nadean, staying the weekend. I'd met Nadean a couple of times and liked her, so it was cool, but she turned out to be really fun to have at dinner and playing games. She lives like an hour and a half away, but I hope she'll visit more often lol And thus endeth my birthday. It was pretty good and I got a couple good presents (I'm wearing the pig slippers from my mom rn!). Thank you to everybody who wished me happy birthday <3

In other news, I've been getting a lot more work with the small publisher I freelance for. Which is good for my wallet, but soooo not fun. I mean, I enjoy editing a lot, but I hate the stuff this publisher does. But she's a family friend plus, as I said, good for my wallet, so I'm staying on until I find some better freelance work. Rn we're working on a project that is fucking miserable for me. It's a book originally titled "Saving Sodom," based on using the story of Lot to evangelize in the modern world. If you know that story from the Bible, maybe you understand why I'm hating this so much? It, and the book, have so many of the (imo) worst things about Christianity: killing loads of people bc they don't believe in God or act like they "should", Lot raping his daughters (though of course it's not presented that way), Lot's wife being turned to salt for a perfectly natural urge to look back at the home she's leaving, and equating Judaism with evangelical Christianity. And to top it off, the book is terribly written and completely unorganized. It's been a problem and a half trying to figure out what to do with it, and we've already had to have two in person meetings about it. I think now we've got a sort of idea of what to do, but it's going to require several more months before I'm free. At least that's job security?

In other other news, I've been running myself ragged with trying to get everything written that I need to get written. I signed up for way too many exchanges this month, so I've got like 8 fics due in the next couple of weeks, plus Christmas card drabbles, plus a couple other fests I'd love to have something written for. I've made a bit of progress on some things, but others not so much. NCIS Secret Santa isn't going very well, and I think I've pretty much decided that this'll be my last year participating. Writing NCIS fic is like pulling teeth for me for some reason and I don't have much fun in the fandom bc my ships/taste are so different from wht it seems the rest of the fandom likes. But I'll push through this last one even if it kills me! Yuletide is going quite a bit better, though I'm feeling a little iffy on it. I finished watching my canon the other day so I could do post-season fic, but it's a fandom I've never written before. I think it'll turn out alright though.

Those two are the big ones rn. I haven't started anything else other than a couple of Christmas card drabbles, but I'm really hoping I can get some good writing in on Saturday and Sunday. And today, since those two are both due this weekend, I don't remember when. Doubt I'll get any writing done tomorrow since I'm going to see Star Wars (!!) with Biff and then I'm doing a craft fair tomorrow night. Wish me luck?

And I suppose that's all for now. Maybe I should make a resolution for 2018 to write more personal posts? I'll be posting more often for Fandom Snowflake in January, I'm sure. But if anyone has like a 30 day question meme or something like that for later on, send it my way!


Heh, I'm scouring memes/writing prompts for posting inspiration as we speak. Sadly... I hate sounding like a snob, but so many of the questions are either bad ("what name would you give your toe" WTF?*), cliche, or just not my kind of questions.

*Not an actual example.

Trying to remember if I did the 2017 Fandom Snowflake? Now that I think about it, I'm not sure I did. Maybe I will find it. :P Ooh, I just remembered a meme I did a while back, actually! I think I'm going to dig it out and try it. I haven't done it in a few years.

Enough about me , sorry. :P Happy belated birthday!!!

Sorry you're not enjoying your job. :/

Edited at 2017-12-14 09:37 pm (UTC)
Glad to hear your birthday was nice with lots of food and great people :) Sounds like an exciting day =D

Sorry about the workload you have with the publisher and that what you have to do is so unexciting and that you don't like it... but yes... at least it's a job and brings money... that's always the bright side for me too when I'm working... that I at least HAVE a job that brings me money...

Good luck for the fics you have to write... I never sign up for these things because I know I can't really write under pressure at all...

Have fun in Star Wars...

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