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Fandom Snowflake Day 3

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner 2018

Day 3

In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

This is always one of my favorite days, but also one of my least favorite bc I just wanna rec it all!! There's so much good stuff out there. But here are ten for now :)

  1. Since I talked about the KiSCon vid show yesterday, let's start off with The Private Life of Vulcans by Rhaegal and Larissa, the winning vid for the vid contest. It's basically a Vulcan mating documentary narrated by David Attenborough. Yes, you read that right.

  2. Super cute Halloween Bulbasaur by butt-berry. I just really love bulbasaur <3

  3. Some pretty spectacular Lilo & Stitch and Calvin & Hobbes crossover art by Andrew Kwan. Like woah.

  4. In A Place Where No One Appeared by Gefionne (Kylux, 119k, rated E). This is a super slow burn with some really interesting backstory, especially for Hux. I really enjoyed the pining and emotional repression lol

  5. Adorable Wolverine and Rogue plush bunnies by The Stitchy Button. So so cute. Someday I will own one.

  6. The gifset of John Boyega and Gwendoline Christie by michonnes that made me start shipping Finn/Phasma :D

  7. sharp teeth, soft heart by notcaycepollard (Bucky/Sam, 18k, rated E). Werewolf!Bucky? Slow burn? D/S undertones? Yes please!

  8. A hilarious Ghostbusters and Crimson Peak crossover by bulecelup. It's somehow so perfect!

  9. I've recently become a little obsessed with bone-kun's wonderful Harrymort art, so have some hug from behind, kisses, and fancy dress.

  10. Picture Book by dontyoudarestiles and pineapplebreads (Gradence, 81k, rated E). I usually stridently avoid fics with even the mention of infidelity, but somehow I found myself reading this and loving it. It's just so so good.


Damn, not my fandoms, but I love those recommendations really :) I like to look at them and check out what my f-list loves :D
Aw, that's sweet! I wish I had some Code Black recs... I've kind of fallen out of the fandom since we've been waiting so long for a new season though :( Maybe I need a rewatch, hmm...
First, I just want to say I love the icon for this post, as a multishipper I identify with it. xD

I love all the art you recced. Looking forward to checking out the fics when I have time to read - especially the Bucky/Sam one since I'm reading a lot of them at the moment and I hadn't found this one yet! The tags sound so promising though. :D
I've become ridiculously attached to this icon haha Multishipping ftw!

Yay, I'm glad you liked my recs! I've been really into Bucky/Sam lately and it can be hard to find good stuff in the massiveness that is MCU. And I'm so glad to meet another Bucky/Sam shipper :D
Oh man, that Bucky/Sam fic synopsis has me intrigued.
It's so good!! I definitely suggest giving it a try :D
I bookmarked that Star Wars fic and I glanced at the word count. o_O I guess that is slow burn. *g* And something I'll need a nice slot of time to read. Thank you!
haha yeahhh. They are fucking for quite awhile before they're together, but it still takes a lot to get there either. I hope you like it :D

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