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Fandom Snowflake Day 4

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner 2018

Day 4

In your own space, create a fannish wishlist.

Mostly recycled wishes from years past bc, well, I like the things I like lol

A friends only/partly friends only banner. I'm planning on making my journal partly friends only soon (ha! I asked for this last year and still haven't gotten around to it so...), with all the personal posts locked, so I'd like to have a banner for when I do.

Icons. I'm trying to fill up my icon slots with fandoms I'm more involved in, so made for me or just a point in the direction of some icon dumps would be great. I'd love icons for:
[so many fandoms]- Buzzfeed Unsolved (anything)
- Chronicles of Riddick (Riddick)
- DC (TimKon)
- DCEU (Flash, Aquaman)
- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Graves, Gradence)
- The Flash (Cisco, Harry, Harrisco)
- The Following (Emma/Jacob/Paul, Joe/Ryan)
- John Wick (anything)
- Justice League cartoon (Helena, Helena/Vic)
- The Librarians (Ezekiel, Ezekiel/Jenkins)
- MCU (Bucky/Sam)
- Midnight, Texas (Olivia, Fiji, Olivia/Lem)
- NCIS (Tim/Tony)
- NCIS: Los Angeles (G/Sam)
- Power Rangers 2017 (Billy, Billy/Jason)
- Stargate Atantis (McShep)
- Star Trek: AOS (K/S, Gaila)
- Star Wars (Hux, Kylux)
- Stranger Things (Steve, Dustin, Nancy/Steve/Jonathan)
- Teen Wolf (Sterek)
- Voltron (Pidge, Shidge)
- X-Men (Alex/Darwin, Logan/Bobby, Logan & Rogue)
- Young Justice (Roy)
- quotes from Carrie Fisher or Guillermo del Toro
- fandom-y or ship-y stuff

Horror recs. I want to expand my movie/book/tv horror repertoire, but there's just so much stuff I don't know where to start. I'd be interested old school or new stuff, since I'm honeslty only familiar with a few things, but no zombies please. Horror fic recs for any of my fandoms would be appreciated as well!

An animated video of the Reboot Trek crew dancing (preferably in gold/blue/red sparkly stripper outfits) to Starships by Nicki Minaj. Because reasons. Seriously, even just a 5 or 10 second loop would make my day!

People to comment on fic more often. I don't care if it's my fic or someone else's, I'd just love to see people commenting more. Did you like the thing? Then leave a comment!! Even if it's just a "Love this!" or "So great!" I promise the author will appreciate it.


Yeah, I totally agree with you! On certain pairings I'M writing I don't get any comments at all. Because people obviously don'T see what I see between them, but yeah... :D I wish people would comment more and I'm trying my hardest now if I read fanfic I enjoy to really comment :)
Yeah, it's really sad how many fics don't get any comments at all :/ I take every opportunity I can to encourage ppl to comment more bc I would love for that not to happen lol
Yours if you want it...you won't hurt my feelings if you don't.

ICON Tony Tim for Reeby10.png
Oh, that's great, thank you! :D


I hope you like these:

Fan-Beasts Graves 01 for Reeby10 by Tarlan   Fan-Beasts Graves 02 for Reeby10 by Tarlan

Re: Icons

These are fantastic (ha!). Thank you :D

Re: Icons

You are most welcome!

I have made one friends-only banner ever, but if you happen to like point-and-click adventure games... https://lucasarts.livejournal.com/48909.html

Oh cool, thank you!
I can make you a friends only banner if you like. I haven't made one in ages but it shouldn't be hard. ;) Do you have a theme in mind for that? Or a fandom?
Oh my gosh, that would be awesome!! Something themed like floral or books or cityscapes would be great, or for fandoms something with Harry Potter (Voldemort is my fave) or Star Trek or else anything from my fandoms list. Really, I would be so happy with anything :)
Went with a floral shot from a little hidden square in the middle of Bank in London. (I was looking for a cityscape, but alas, none of them quite worked.)

Hope that works!
Ahh, it's so lovely!! Thank you so much <3

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