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Fandom Snowflake Day 10

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner 2018

Day 10

In your own space, share your love for a trope, cliché, kink, motif, or theme.

I thought really hard about what I wanted to talk about here. Like, a long time lol I ended up flipping through my AO3 bookmarks for ideas and there were just so many things I wanted to talk about? Both bc I have a lot of bookmarks and bc I like a lot of different things.

Finally I landed on AUs, bc I absolutely love AUs. Given the option between a canon era fic and an AU fic, I will almost always choose the AU fic, no matter what kind of AU it is. I just really enjoy seeing how characters and situations can be taken into a completely different place and still be recognizable and still work in a way I recognize. Honestly, I tihnk that's one of the most create and innovative parts of fic and fandom in general. Which is how I ended up with this massive multifandom rec list of some of my favorite fics for my favorite AUs lol I, apparently, just don't know how to not go overboard. Enjoy!

[Modern AU]Modern AU

  • To Trip is Just to Fall by catwalksalone (A Knight's Tale, Geoff/Wat, Rated M, 63k). This more modern ish as it takes place in the 70s and 80s. But maaaan is it good!

  • Naked to Mine Enemies by mundungus42 (Pirates of the Caribbean, James/Jack, Rated E, 39k). Ok, this one is a little bit of a stretch I guess. Bc most of the fic takes place in the canon timeline. But the last bit takes place in modern time, so I wanted to include it bc I like it a lot :)

  • and your hand in mine by yasgorl (Star Wars, Hux/Kylo, rated E, 6k). This is basically just Hux being mean to Kylo and Kylo being into it lol

[High School/College AU]High School/College AU
[Coffee Shop AU]Coffee Shop AU
[Other AUs]Other AUs


I really am the exact opposite. AUs are something I would never ever touch. Especially not complete AUs. I rather prefer canon divergence or things that COULD HAVE happened in the show. AUs are seriously a big turn-off for me... because really? I don't get the point. If you take everything away that makes a character who they are and put them in a completely different place anyway, why not write original fiction? ^^" I could - for example - never imagine like Mario or Angus working as a barkeeper or a stripper whatsoever because it's just not THEM... they are doctors and they are who they are becuase of it... (although having said that, Mario used to work as a barkeeper during med-school he said, so that would not be a complete AU :P) but well... XD

But hey, to each their own.. I personally really would not touch AU fics, but that's just me :P
Yeah, I've definitely noticed that some ppl like AUs, some ppl don't. For me, I think it's really interesting to see how the characters could have gone in different directions even with the same backstory or how their backstory can be reconstructed in a different situation. I think it's because I'm waaaaay more interested in the characters and relationships separate from the show they're in. Like with Mario and Angus, the hospital setting is fine, but I find staying there all the time kind of restricting? And I do read/write original fiction, but I'm already attached to these characters, so I want to see more about them!
Love this and the rec list. I was really curious as to what fandoms would show up, especially because I totally love coffee shop and modern AUs as well, and occasionally fusions. I think I'd definitely go for AUs in Star Wars if I were into Star Wars, and basically anything not set in the present is something where I'll definitely want modern AUs more than I want canon fic. But then with things set in the present, I tend to want them to stay in the present? But I'll read all sorts of AUs for RPF and non-magical fandoms. And then there's the fandoms where the setting is a huge part of my love for everything and I will not venture any further than canon divergence. Teen Wolf, for instance, is one I tend to not want anything without werewolves in, but one of my favorite Merlin fanfics is -- guess! -- a late night radio AU. Yup.
So glad you like it! And I hope you like the fics! I'll generally read AUs for any type of fandom, though I am kind of the same as you with Teen Wolf. I prefer the ones where there are still werewolves even if it's still an AU otherwise.
I feel like we maybe share a brain, lol! I love AUs with an unholy passion. First, I love the idea that my otp would meet no matter what the circumstances, and secondly, AUs only work when the characters are recognizable which means the authors get a lot of credit for sticking characters into a completely new situation and then making us believe it could totally happen that way. *g*

I'm bookmarking this page to check out the recs later, though I have to say that I'm most intrigued by a Bond coffee shop au. *g*
Well, I have to say, it's not a bad brain to share :D

I hope you like the fics!! The Bond fics was v interesting, I may just have to reread it since it's been awhile...

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