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Fandom Snowflake Day 14

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner 2018

Day 14

In your own space, create your own challenge.

I've been thinking and talking a lot lately about commenting on fanworks and why most fic authors I see are constantly unsatisfied with the number of comments they get on their fics. It's something that's important to me bc I'm a fic writer, and also bc I'm a reader who leaves a comment on almost every fic I read. I guess bc of that it's hard for me to understand why more ppl don't comment. From what I've seen from other ppl, it has a lot to do with thinking their comment wouldn't matter or not knowing what to say. But every author appreciates every comment! And any kind of comment (positive, of course) is a good comment! I'd love to be able to encourage ppl to push past those thoughts and leave more comments, bc they're so so important in supporting fandom and building community.

All of that to say, I was looking through old posts, and found something about this that I posted on tumblr in 2014. It's specific to fics, but I think it's relevant to all kinds of fanworks. So I'd like to really just use that as my challenge:

Back when ffn was the main fic hub and I spent most of my time there, there was a movement going around, at least in the circles I frequented, to leave more reviews/comments on fics. From what I remember, people would put on their profiles something along the lines of “Fic revolution: I resolve to leave a review on every fic I read” and then they presumably would. I know I did this, but fell off the commenting habit pretty soon. I thought it was a great idea because as a fic writer myself, I love getting comments and they are often few and far between compared to hits/like/kudos/favorites/bookmarks.

So what I propose is a continuation of this, or at least a resurgence of a similar idea. I propose that if you liked a fic- if it made you laugh or cry or think a little harder, if you thought their characterization was spot on, if the smut was hot, if they included your favorite side character- leave a comment. No matter how small or insignificant your comment may seem, if it’s just an “I love this” or “Great work,” I promise the author will appreciate it. Maybe your comment will make their day or give them the encouragement to work on another fic, you don’t know. But it will mean something to them, and isn’t that great?

tl;dr: Try leaving more comments on fics you read, they will be appreciated and help grow fandom!


most fic authors I see are constantly unsatisfied with the number of comments

See... that's something that kind of differenciates me from a lot of other writers. Because I don'T write to get a ton of comments, but I write for myself, and to get ideas out of my head that have been stuck there for a while. Yes, it's super nice to get comments and feedback and the likes, but it's not like I would write any more or less because of it... I mean, okay, maybe sometimes comments DO inspire me to write MORE, but I don't feel discouraged to write less just because I don't get many comments... like for example with Will/Ethan... like I love them SO much that I don't care how others feel about them because I wanna write them and I will go on doing so, because Rob and Boris are inspiring like that... ;-) It IS, however, nice to know someone DOES enjoy that pairing too :)
Great challenge! I agree that more comments would be wonderful. Kudos are nice, but comments are ♥

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