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when will it stop raining?

It feels like it's been raining forever here. It's at least been pretty nonstop all this week, and we're well over 6 inches since it started. I am not a fan of rain even when it's not this bad (I hate having to go out and get wet, ugh) so I really wish it would just stop. The gray, wet weather has also been making work seem to drag on even more than usual. Every day's felt like it's not gonna end. I would really rather be curled up at home reading than doing any sort of work this week...

In good news, however, being so bored at work has given me the kick in the butt to catch up on my flist. Or at least as caught up as lj will allow me, which is 200 posts back. I think that goes back to around the 7th? Not as far as I needed to catch up, since it's been quite awhile since I've done anything here but post one of my seemingly endless exchange letters, but it's something at least. Still working on commenting on posts though. There's only so much I can get away with at work, and I don't think me spending all day checking my lj is exactly what they expect me to be doing lol

But in the meantime, is there anything important I've missed?? Feel free to tell me or link me or just yell at me for being terrible at keeping up here :)


Well... I would take rain over the snow we have here any time... I hate it. I hate the ice scratching I have to do on my car and so on... I just hate the winter... ugh... -.-

Have a good weekend :D
Yeah, snow and ice would be no fun either. I'm glad we've hopefully passed that part of the season. Of course that just means it's going to be ridiculously hot soon :/

Thank you! You too :)
I don't like to be rained on either, but I still prefer that to the heat of summer. Ugh.
lol I hate them both. Fuck weather...
Haha, too bad it's not like fiction where you can ignore it altogether xD
lol right?

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