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so busy, so busy

I keep meaning to post an actual update and then... not getting around to actually writing something substantial. I've just been so busy, as usual. Although actually probably more than usual. It feels like there's been no downtime the past few weeks, even though I've really been trying to find some time to just sit down and chill and figure out some stuff for the future...

Anyway, been really busy lately. Some of it's been good busy even. The big thing was that I went down to Austin weekend before last. It was primarily to attend a cousin's wedding, but since I don't get to go down to Austin very often and they have cool stuff, the best friend agreed to drive down with me and make a whole weekend of it. And it was a lot of fun! We drove down after work Friday and checked into our admitably rather shitty hotel. We were warned it would be terrible, but it was cheap and fairly centrally located. Unfortunately that meant they just ignored a ton of water damage and the mold growing on the lampshades so. Don't stay at Red Roof Inn, kids lol

But Austin was great, we ate at a bunch of fantastic vegetarian and vegan restaurants (I've been posting the pics to my food tumblr), which is definitely not something we can do up here. So much good food, man, that was nice. One of our favorites was an ice cream place that we went to twice and probably would have gone to more if we were there longer! The wedding was also good. It was for a cousin I haven't seen many times, so it was really nice that I was invited, especially since he only invited the cousins and our grandparents, none of the aunts and uncles. I was also really excited bc my cousin married a guy and I had no idea anyone else in the family was gay lol Honestly, going to the wedding and hanging out with the couple of family members that came too made me feel a lot better about that side of the family. It's nice to see that if I ever come out to my family that I'll have support :)

Here's me (left) with one of my cousins, who is currently rockin' some fantastic purple hair:

Aside from Austin and the wedding, work's been a bit crazy recently. My work moved buildings the same weekend, so we had to pack and label everything the week before. The new place has been really nice though. It's a little closer to my house and it's a much better upkept building. The elevators consistently work, I'm not afraid of mold, etc. Everything is nice and new, although of course the construction smell gave me a headache the first day. They still haven't quite got the air conditioning working right yet, so it's been ridiculously cold. I'm hoping they fix that bc I do not deal well with the cold. But I do have a fantastic view out of the window. It's soooo nice to have a window, and I'm in a kind of secluded corner as well. Oh and we have a fitness room and a deli, though I haven't used either yet. We shall see how they are.

On the other side of work, I told my boss at the publishing house a couple of weeks ago that I needed some time off to get myself together bc I've been a mess lately. Missing deadlines, not doing the work I said I was going to do, not answering emails/texts. I told her I thought I'd be good to work by last week but... I really don't feel like I am. She texted me to see if I could work and I haven't answered, which I feel really bad about. But I am having such a hard time getting up the motivation to do so. I like editing and I could really use the cash (someday I'll be able to move out of my parents' house...), but I hate the subject and the authors and I'm finding it difficult to schedule myself to work. I'm gonna try to write myself a weekly schedule and clean off my desk this weekend, so hopefully that will help and I can finally respond to her. If anyone has any tips for motivating myself or anything, I'd be happy to hear it!

So since I've been taking a break from working, I've been doing more exchanges. Ok, no, that's a lie. I would be doing this many exchanges anyway bc I have self control lol But I have been really busy with fandom events. After way too long, I finally wrapped up yjfest. I had to keep pushing the date out to get everything in from everyone, which meant the dates overlapped with wipbigbang. Which of course meant that I started out behind on that :/ I'm trying to catch up, which I thought should be easier since I have a bunch of new mods this year, but I'm still behind. I'm working on getting everything together though, and thankfully I'm probably the only one who knows I'm behind lol But other than those, I have I think six exchange fics due this month? Which even for me is too many... At least one of them I've finished, so I just have to get myself in gear and start writing for the others. And signing up for more that open up this month bc, as I've noted, I have no self control. But I am finally catching up on all those "coming soon" exchange letters, so that's good, right?

Although part of the problem is that I've been collecting new fandoms like there's no tomorrow. Apparently my current go to self care is watching new things. The past week I've gotten into Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Lost in Space, Jesus Christ Superstar Live, and Buzzfeed: Worth It... Which is great, except I'm finding it very hard to find fic for my ships lol Plus, like, so much of my attention is taken up by getting into these new fandoms. That's probably been part of my lack of attention for work. Which, lbr, I'm not too mad about. I love getting into new fandoms. If only I could get ppl to write my ships!

What else, what else... Oh, I had some family over last weekend. My grandmother came to visit us for Easter bc my dad was in a play thing. More of a walk through biblical experience, I guess. Idk, I've never gone bc so not my cup of tea lol Having her over was not bad, especially since she took us out to eat at my favorite vegan restaurant one night :D It was the perfect time, too, bc I'd been having a really bad mental health day then. (I mean, I'm still not doing great, but I'm working on it.)

Thankfully it's spring now, so at least there's more sunlight, which certainly helps with my mood. The plants have been looking really lovely the past couple of weeks, so bright and green. Here was the front of my house the other week:

The honeysuckles smelled so lovely too! We've also been getting spotty showers, which isn't so nice bc I hate having to go out in the rain, but I'll take it if it means more sunlight. Now if only the weather could stop switching between 40 degree days and 80 degree days...

And I guess that's it. Whoo. So much happening, I'm glad I finally made myself sit down and write it out :)


Glad you had a nice time in Austin with your friend and the wedding was nice... I've been in shitty hotels too, but mostly I'm just sleeping in them, so usually I don't really care about the "logistics" too much... so yeah...

I'm sorry work has been so stressful for you and that you didn't really feel up for it lately... :/ I totally understand that, though. I'm really needing the "break" I'm having this weekend...

I'm glad at least the new work building seems nie :)

I'm SO glad it has stopped snowing and started to get better here too, weather-wise... nice pictues :D Of the honeysuckcles and of you and your friend :D
Yeah, I've been in a lot of shitty hotels and usually I don't mind too much, but this one had legit spots of mold everywhere. That's just no lol

Thank you :D
Austin is such a rad city! I went there and watched some improv once. Glad you got to kick back and have fun. LOL @ Red Roof Inn - I've had a moldy experience there too.

Yay for supportive family!

I know what you mean about picking up new fandoms for self-care :P Besides, there are so many new shows to watch!
It is! The best friend and I are considering moving there since we liked it so much lol

There really are! I feel like every time I get on tumblr, there are half a dozen new fandoms to check out!

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