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Top/Bottom Meme

The other day, daria234 posted a meme with her top/bottom preferences for fictional pairings. I always say it doesn't really matter to me, but I'm slowly coming to realize I do actually have pretty firm opinions about it a lot of the time lol So I thought it sounded like fun! Though I am switching it up a bit to be more participatory (and bc I have way too many ships to just list them all). You can see my (woefully incomplete) fandoms list here and ships list here. And so:

Send me a ship and I will tell you my top/bottom preferences.


MCU, Bucky/Sam
Flash, Barry/Eddie/Iris or Cisco/E2Harry
Graceland, Johnny/Mike

Bucky/Sam are probably one of my only ships where I really can't decide? Every time I think I have a preference for them, I change my mind lol So I guess they switch!

Iris tops Barry and Eddie, lbr. They are both so whipped lol And Harry definitely tops Cisco. That's one of the ships that makes me immediately back out a fic if it's the other way around lol

Oh man, making me think of one I haven't thought about in quite awhile! But I think that Johnny tops. And now I want to go rewatch/finish watching Graceland...
I love Johnny :) He would be such a sweet careful dom :)

Yeah, clearly Iris tops lol. No doubt.

I agree - Bucky/Sam is really hard to pick. I can't see either agreeing to bottom unless they took turns tbh, even if it's just out of stubbornness. Like I can totally see them both wanting to bottom but both pretending to want to top, so they take turns to compromise since they both insist on topping, but secretly each is relieved they're taking turns because they secretly love bottoming?
lol I can definitely see that for them. They're both just difficult about it, which is kind of endearing about them honestly.
This meme is pretty awesome :D

Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson, Alan Corbett/Ed Zeddmore, Benny Lafitte/Dean Winchester
Right? So much fun!

Same as above: Bucky/Sam are probably one of my only ships where I really can't decide? Every time I think I have a preference for them, I change my mind lol So I guess they switch!

Ed definitely tops Corbett. There's like... no consideration otherwise in my mind lol

Benny tops Dean bc Dean is the bottomiest bottom to ever bottom :D
Oh yeah, Sam and Bucky are so versatile *g*

Ed and Benny are such great tops! I definitely agree. Dean being a bottom is definitely canon.
Right? Every time I see top!Dean somewhere, I'm like did we watch the same show??
LOL. I can get behind bossy bottom Dean, but I don't think I've seen a top!Dean fic that I liked.
Buzzfeed: Ryan/Shane, Steven/Andrew, Steven/Andrew/Adam, Andrew/Adam, Steven/David, Steven/Evan(?)

Psych: Shawn/Lasiter

Young Justice/DCU: Cameron/Conner, Savage/Superman

DCEU: Barry/Victor, Arthur/Bruce

Shane tops Ryan, definitely. I really cannot see it another way lol Andrew tops Steven and Adam. I was not so sure, but when I was rewatching today, I decided that Andrew is totally the top :D David tops Steven. I mean David has so much more ~experience. And Evan tops Steven as well. Basically Steven is just a big ol' bottom lol

Lasiter tops Shawn so hard. This is one of the ships that makes me immediately back out of a fic if it's the other way.

I feel like we talked about this the other day, but I can't decide whether Cameron or Conner tops? I'm gonna have to go with switch I guess? Honestly, I just need someone *cough* to write me more porn of them so I can decide. Savage definitely tops Superman :D

Victor tops Barry, lbr. Barry has never topped anyone ever lol And Arthur tops Bruce bc Bruce may think he's a top, but he so isn't lol
tbh I could get behind Steven topping Andrew, but mostly for a sugar daddy kinda fic.

Def agree on the Shassy.

Personally I see Conner as always topping Cameron. Also love that little cough. I do happen to still have prompts open on my tumblr (the dragon one) you could always go prompt some weird alien dick!conner. just saying~

Did I send you that tumblr thing that someone said about power bottom!Bruce trying to get Clark to hate!fuck him but turns out that Clark is a really bottomy kinda dude who can't top to save his life. ANd something about Bruce practically sobbing when he finally realizes that Arthur will top the shit out of him?

I'm trying to think of more of your ships and I'm drawing a blank lol. uhm.

FBaWtFT: Graves/Grindelwald, is there any verse in which you can see Credence topping Graves or Grindelwald?

Young Justice: Roy/Wally, Clone!Roy/Roy, Clone!Roy/Roy/Wally

HP: Harry/Dudley, I'm pretty sure I know this one, but Tom/Harry?

Star Trek PRF: Chris/Zack
Mmm yes, I should prompt you for that I guess lol

Oh yeah, I remember that! I was maybe subconsciously thinking about that when I answered?

There is absolutely no verse where I can see Credence topping Graves or Grindelwald lol Like, that is super immediate back click material there, which is really unfortunate bc at least half the fandom really loves bottom!Graves OTL

Roy tops Wally, clone!Roy tops Wally, aaaand clone!Roy tops Roy and Wally. I think Roy thinks he can top clone!Roy, but lbr, he cannot lol

Dudley tops Harry, and Tom tops Harry too. Harry is another bottomiest bottom to every bottom tbh...

Oof, I was not expecting that one lol It's really hard to decide for some reason? I think, if only bc Captain Spanky is like the paramount Pinto fic in my head, that Zach tops Chris.
uhm you didn't answer Graves/Grindelwald. I'm super curious, but I bet I know the answer.

hmmm what else...

POTC: Jack/Norrington, Elizabeth/Jack/Will (Do you ship it or am I just giving you my ships? I'm gonna do that anyways) Jack/Henry, Jack/Salazar

Jumanji: Fridge/Spencer, Bethany/Martha, Bethany/Alex, Alex/Van Pelt, Van Pelt/Smolder

MCU: Thor/Loki, Hulk/Thor(is that a thing?)
Oh hey, I misread lol I see Grindelwald topping Graves, but only bc I can't see it as a consensual or even relationship. Like Graves is more of a top, but Grindelwald doesn't give him the chance.

Norrington tops Jack, who is the bottomiest bottom to ever bottom, but mostly just a slut lol That's really my only PotC ship, but I don't not ship the others? Which, for the record, Elizabeth tops Jack and Will, Jack and Henry are both too much of bottoms for anything to happen, and Salazar tops Jack lol

Fridge tops Spencer both in game and out. Bethany tops Martha, and she tops Alex as well. Van Pelt tops Alex, and he tops Smoulder too. Though kind of similar to Graves, it's mostly bc Van Pelt doesn't give them a chance.

Thor tops Loki in all of Loki's many forms. I ostensibly ship Hulk/Thor, but I'm actually having a hard time wrapping my head around who tops and bottoms? I guess switch??
I disagree, Jack totally tops Henry. It's the only time he tops.

Okay I think I'm actually out of pairings now but this has been fun :D
DCU, Roy/Wally and JayRoy
Roy tops Wally! Any version of Roy tbh lol And for JayRoy... hmm, I don't think I have an opinion? So I guess switch for them.
Any opinions on JayDick or Dick/Wally -- if you like them that is xD
I'm not really into JayDick, but I definitely think Jason would top lol Dick/Wally is not my thing at all...
How about MARIO/ANGUS and WILL/ETHAN from Code Black? :) Especially since it's finally coming back so soon :D

I can't really decide who tops for Mario/Angus, so let's say they switch lol For Will/Ethan, I think Will definitely tops.
I totally understand that... I feel the same way about Mario/Angus and yes... I totally think Ethan would let Will top him or rather... Will would never be bottom XD At least not first!

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