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Happy Earth Day!

I always intend to do something for Earth Day and end up forgetting until the day and thus do nothing. This year I forgot as well, but I happened to do something anyway! This weekend the tech school near my house had a plant sale with the plants that the hortoculturalist students had grown. My mom and I went over there Friday and I bought some plants for our garden, since I'd been bugging my mom for weeks about planting. We ended up with lettuce, peppers, zucchini, oregano, basil, thyme, parsley, okra, dill, and rainbow carrots.

Here's what these lovelies looked like pre-planting:

Friday afternoon was spent cleaning up the garden area since it was supposed to rain Sunday. It's a run of ground in our backyard that's pretty shaded, so there were a ton of fallen leaves and acorns. Plus I don't think we've actually had a garden in a couple of years, so so it was all just kind of gunky with kitchen scraps my mom had been throwing out there, as well as having some baby trees sprouting everywhere. It was bad lol

My idea was to rake the area and collect the kitchen scraps for composting, but that turned out to be a much harder job than I'd imagined lol So when my dad got home from work, he got the blower/mulcher out and mulched the leaves while I attempted to pull up the trees. It took a couple of hours, but we did get it done!

Yesterday it did indeed rain, so nothing more got done then. But today was planting time! I don't usually help with the gardening bc I have a major black thumb, but I figured this was fine. We tilled the garden area, which was a pain even with the rain, then got everything down in the ground. The veggies went in the garden, but all the herbs we decided to put in the front (where the mint and rosemary already is) since it's a little more accessible for day to day use.

After we got all that planted, plus some strawberries, tomatoes, and potatoes we already had, I figured I might as well get the compost bin together since I was already gross. I've been wanting to do a compost bin for ages since we have so much kitchen waste (side effect of being vegan is lots of veg trimmings lol) and I didn't want it all going into the garbage. i bought a bin like a month ago, so today was really just putting everything in there. I'd kind of been putting it off bc I was afraid it would be hard, but it really wasn't. Came together in probably like 15 mins max. I read a couple of books earlier in the year so I'd know how to best do it. Hopefully it all works out well and in a few months I'll have compost! That'll go on the garden prob, which will hopfully be giving us veggies even before that!!


Yay for getting all that planting done :) That's amazing and I do hope all of it grows to become delicious vegetables and fruit you can use :)
Thank you!

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