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Dear Rare Slash Exchange Writer

Dear Rare Slash Exchange writer,

Thank you so much for writing for me!

If you'd like to stalk me during the exchange, I mainly hang around tumblr besides here. On my AO3 you can see the fics I've bookmarked if that helps give you ideas or in figuring out the things I like, or you can check out my fic rec masterlist (still in progress) that may be easier to maneuver. And always feel free to ask if you have questions or want me to expand on anything!

All of this is totally optional, but I know a lot of the time it helps to have some direction to go in, so I've included some likes, dislikes, prompts, and squee for your inspiration. Include whatever you like or none if nothing I mention suits your fancy! Go wild! I'm up to date on everything (except DS9, which I should catch up on by reveals, and SPN, which I won’t catch up on), so no need to worry about spoilers.

Likes and Dislikes
Tbh, I'm really easy. I will read pretty much anything and my likes run the gamut from "totally normal" to "rare and kind of bizarre" to "probably squicks a lot of people." So whatever you can come up with, chances are good that I'll like it! If it's something not listed under dislikes, then feel free to give it a try if you like, even if it's not one of my specific likes. Which I kind of go on about, sorry not sorry...


fluff, AUs (coffee shop, college, high school, supernatural creatures, thieves/con artists, whatever ya got I'll probably love it), pining, fake/pretend relationships, antagonistic relationships that turn into love, kid fic, characters suddenly realizing they've been in love all along, domesticity/family, communication by snark, codependent friendships, get togethers, soulmates, adoptive parent-child relationships, queer/trans/genderqueer/etc. characters, magic, steampunk, road trips, tattoos/piercings/body mods, ghosts and monsters, arranged marriage, smoking, vegan food, cuddling, dealing with addiction, magical realism, epistolary and script, secret relationships, multimedia, interactive fiction

intelligence kink, language kink, competency kink, breeding/impregnation kink, BDSM (especially aftercare), rimming, tentacles, double penetration, sloppy seconds, dubcon/noncon, dirty talk, xeno, chub love, wing kink, D/S, bestiality (sentient/partly human or not), gangbang, daddy kink, non-human genitalia, oviposition, praise kink, mpreg (ok with incest and bestiality), watersports, messy sex, anal, creampie, doggy style, rough sex, incest, size difference, first time, age difference, prostitution, sex toys, telepathic sex, sexual slavery, made them do it, cock warming, underage


major character death, 1st and 2nd person POV, cancer fic, abuse in main pairings, infidelity, animal death/torture, zombies, suicide, crossovers (i.e. meeting the characters), recreational drug use, noir AUs, time travel, miscarriage

scat, vomit, vore, amputation, lactation, unbirthing, mouth to mouth kissing animals, anal gaping

I'll try not to put particular emphasis on any of them as I'd love to get something for whatever you feel most comfortable writing, so how much description or squeeing I do has no bearing on how much I want any of them! The prompts are only there for inspiration, don't feel like you have to do one of them if you have something else in mind. For all fandoms, I've requested fanfiction, but art or vids would be awesome for treats as well. Feel free to add in other characters into the background/side pairings as you like :)

These movies are so much fun and the second one especially was so queer, I love it! I really enjoy all the pop culture references, and also how much Deadpool references back to other comics and superheroes. I’d love to see more of that.

Nathan Summers/Wade Wilson
I didn’t really expect to like Cable so much before seeing DP2, but wow, he was so great?? And he definitely was not ashamed to let his attraction to Wade be known to all and sundry lol I loved that their first meeting was basically “shut up why are you so attractive” bc, yeah. Plus Cable gave up his life in the future for Wade! I’d love to see what Cable does after that, if he sticks around or just comes around every once in awhile to lust over Wade. I’m cool with Wade and Vanessa having an open relationship or amicably breaking up, but please do not fridge or villify her.


  • Since Cable doesn’t have anywhere to live in this time, he decides to move in with Wade.

  • Cable shows Wade what fun things his mostly mechanical body can do.

Piotr Rasputin/Nathan Summers/Wade Wilson
I basically just want Wade getting all the loving! I’d love to see something about Cable and Collosus both taking care of Wade. Something about them fighting as a team would be great, especially with them acting as the weird dads for the younger heroes. I’m cool with Wade and Vanessa having an open relationship or amicably breaking up, but please do not fridge or villify her.


  • Collosus and Cable plan a very special birthday present for Wade.

  • Post-fight wind down turns into sex.

Piotr Rasputin/Wade Wilson
I love how into Collosus Wade is. And Collosus hasn’t really, like, reacted to it, but he hasn’t tried to dissuade him, so I’m pretty sure Collosus is into Wade too lol I’d love to see how they get together and make things work, especially with Collosus wanting Wade to be an X-Men and Wade definitely not wanting that. I’m cool with Wade and Vanessa having an open relationship or amicably breaking up, but please do not fridge or villify her. Bonus points for Vanessa pushing Wade to finally make good on his attraction to Collosus!


  • Vanessa notices Wade pining and tells him if he doesn’t tell Collosus how he feels, she will.

  • Wade tells Collosus he wants to christen the X-Men mansion.

These two really didn’t get much screentime, but I honestly fell for them so hard lol Shatterstar especially, so I’d especially love something centering on him. Maybe something about them getting closer after both joining the team. Or maybe they already knew each other beforehand. Something about them getting to be superheroes and kick ass, especially together, would be awesome.


  • Shatterstar and Zeitgeist form their own superhero duo.

  • When Wade puts the team together, Shatterstar didn’t realize his ex, Zeitgeist, would be there; thankfully this is a chance to patch things up.

[The Following]The Following
I love this show so so much, especially more of the beginning where everything was so much more creepy and symbolic and people were dying left and right. Joe's cult and everything surrounding is fascinating and I'd love to see more of, well, everything!

Charlie Mead/Joey Matthews
I’m not a huge fan of Claire, but I loved how obsessed Charlie was with her, so I thought it would be really fun to see that obsession transfer over to Joey. I can see it happening when Charlie is actually keeping Joey or it growing if Charlie had survived. Mostly I’d just love to see something creepy with Charlie being all awkwardly, innocently dangerous in his interest. I’m cool with sexual content with Joey’s canon age, though Joe’s age is all up to you.


  • Charlie decides to run off and keep Joey for himself.

  • Charlie’s loyalty to Joe starts wavering when he’s actually with Joey.

Mike Weston/Troy Riley
Troy seemed so nice and genuinely interested in Mike. I can see him as having kind of protected and watched over Mike, this sort of odd kid, as he worked his way up through the FBI. I’d really love something sweet and domestic, like them living together or one of them comforting the other after a hard case. Please either set it before Troy’s death or fix that, because I was very sad he died.


  • Mike meets Troy on his first day out of Quantico.

  • Troy asks Mike to move in with him.

  • Mike and Troy’s first date.

Joe Carroll/Ryan Hardy
Joe’s obsession with Ryan is even more fascinating, especially in the last season when his only desire seems to be to see Ryan one last time before he dies. Theirs, to me, is a really tragic relationship and I’d love to see that explored more. Mutual pining and guilt over feelings ahoy! Canon Joe death is fine (but so is fix it... maybe the executioner was in on it and Joe pops up in Ryan's life again?), and I'd be ok with either of them dying as long as it's one of them killing the other.


  • Ryan joins Joe on a killing spree.

  • Joe and Ryan live happily (or not so happily) ever after at the mansion with Joe's followers.

  • Joe and Ryan were soulmates, so when Joe dies, Ryan feels it.

Paul Torres/Jacob Wells
Jacob and Paul are great, and I love the differences in their relationship between when it was just them. I really see Paul as having been pining after Jacob basically since the beginning. I’d love to see what happened between them when they were pretending to be a couple, especially how Jacob felt about it all.


  • They decide to leave the cult together.

  • They go on a murder spree together.

  • Paul survives and makes it to the house with Jacob and they all have to patch up their relationship.

Roderick Nelson/Mike Weston
I’m really intrigued by the idea of a relationship between these two. It would probably be spectacularly awful, but I’d so like to see what it could be before it implodes. I imagine there would be a lot of push and pull between them, maybe grudging attraction that one or both of them would rather forget about but can’t. I really like the idea of that scene where Roderick had Charlie beat Mike up as a sort of violent foreplay for them. I would absolutely love something set immediately after, where Ryan didn’t burst in, with Roderick kissing the blood off of Mike’s face.


  • Roderick kidnaps Mike and decides he wants to keep him.

  • When Roderick leaves Joe, he goes to Mike for protection.

  • Mike hates himself for wanting Roderick, but it doesn’t stop him from hooking up every chance they get.

[Harry Potter]Harry Potter
This fandom will probably always be one of my favorites and I just really love the characters and the world. Anything before, during, or after canon would be great, as well as AUs (I'm especially fond of dark!Harry).

Dudley Dursley/Harry Potter
Dudley is one of my other favorite characters because he has so much potential for change and he's at a really interest point between the muggle and wizarding worlds, re: being Harry's cousin and word of god having a witch daughter. I really love the idea of him and Harry running into each other after everything and building something out of the terrible way they grew up. I also love the idea of them horrifying Vernon and/or Petunia with their relationship, so feel free to have fun with that.


  • Dudley and Harry meet again years later and sparks fly.

  • Harry tries a spell over the summer at the Dursley's and accidentally ends up soul bonded to Dudley.

  • Dudley realizes that how his parents treat Harry isn't right and tries to make things better or comfort Harry.

  • Dudley finds out Vernon raped and impregnated Harry and tries to make things right.

Fenrir Greyback/Harry Potter
Fenrir is an interesting character bc we don’t see a lot of him, but having him and Harry together is an opportunity for a lot of fun and/or a lot of angst. And definitely a lot of kinky porn :D I love werewolf mating and Harry learning that wow, he’s really into everything that comes with that (or not). Or even Harry finding out Fenrir’s his mate. Possibly with much angst from Remus, who really never wanted his pseudo godson mixed up with a werewolf like that.


  • Fenrir catches Harry out in the Forbidden Forest and has some fun with him.

  • Harry gets pregnant with Fenrir’s pups.

  • Voldemort and Dumbledore agree to a treaty with an arranged marriage between Fenrir and Harry.

Neville Longbottom/Draco Malfoy/Ron Weasley
I really love Neville/Draco and Draco/Ron, so I thought the three of them together would be really fun. The three of them are sure to have a great dynamic, and I always love to see the way they can move forward from the bad stuff between their families. I’d especially love to see Neville and Ron like pampering Draco, just spoiling him with love and affection bc he probably didn’t get enough of that growing up.


  • Draco and his boyfriends/husbands try to get him pregnant.

  • Draco, Ron, and Neville are caught in a spell that makes them fuck.

  • Neville and Ron make a bet about who can seduce Draco first.

[The Mummy]The Mummy
These movies, man. They're pretty ridiculous, but they're also just so much fun! I love the ridiculousness of early 1900s archaeology and Egyptology, especially how they’re constantly making a mess of everything. It kills my inner anthropologist, but at least it’s true to life lol

Ardeth Bay/Jonathan Carnahan
Ardeth is such an interesting character in this series, both on his own and in relation to his connection to everyone else. Most of what we see of him is in passing or implied, so it would be really interesting to see that more in depth. Jonathan is a great character bc he's really not very brave or strong or anything like that, but he loves his family and despite his flaws, he really does try his best. I'd love to see more about his thoughts and how he sees his place with everyone else since he's kind of the outlier with the O'Connells. Ardeth and Jonathan don't get a lot of interaction, but it would be great to see more of the two of them. They're such wildly different personalities and come from such wildly different cultures and I think that's a really interesting dynamic.


  • Ardeth introduces Jonathan to his family, who misunderstand and think they're married.

  • Jonathan gets so down on his luck that he ends up having to prostitute himself; Ardeth picks him up.

  • Modern AU where college drop-out!Jonathan falls for tattooed model!Ardeth.

This used to be one of my favorite shows. That’s changed in the past few years as I’ve not enjoyed the past few seasons all that much, but I do still like a lot of the characters. I love the team as family themes especially, so please feel free to play that up.

Clayton Reeves/Nick Torres
I’ve really enjoyed seeing Reeves on the show. I feel like he’s often the wildcard of the team, but he’s also a lot of fun and has great interactions with the other characters. I would so love to see more of that for him, and especially in conjunction with Torres. I think they’d be a lot of fun together, and a truly terrifying force to go up against. I was really upset by Revves’ death this past season, so please set it before then or disregard altogheter.


  • Reeves and Torres go undercover as a couple to a gay bar.

  • Five times a suspect thought they were a couple and one time they were.

I recently rewatched this show and remembered how hilarious and fun it is. I like a lot of the first few seasons better, where Shawn was really goofy, so stuff set then would be prefered. I love Shawn and Gus’ dynamic and how it plays so well off of other characters’, especially Lassiter. I also accidentally fell in love with a lot of the one episode characters, so there’s that lol

Burton Guster/Jason Cunningham
I loved the history between these two. And how jealous it made Shawn lol I’d love to see something where one or both of them had feelings for the other when they were kids but didn’t act on it, so it all comes out later when they’re adults. I’d also love to see something where they do act on it, but of course they just have that one summer, so it’s kind of like the one who got away. Anything with Gus working through his sexuality bc of Jason would be fantastic, especially if he’s a bit afraid to talk to Shawn about it for whatever reason. Something where feelings develop as they’re working together on the haunted camp would be awesome too.


  • Jason was Gus’ first kiss.

  • After leaving the haunted camp, Jason asks Gus on a date.

Burton Guster/Rajesh "Raj" Singh
Raj was such a sweet guy and it seemed like he and Gut got along really well. I would have loved it if Gus could have broken the “curse” for Raj. Maybe a more magical realism take? I’d also just love to see Raj falling for Gus despite his broken heart and Gus getting incorporated into the family.


  • Gus kisses Raj and breaks the curse.

  • Raj gets back with Mina, but soon relaizes he’s fallen for Gus and is afraid he’s lost his chance.

Carlton Lassiter/Ed Dixon
Ed nursing Lassie back to health and Lassie beign so protective of and worried about Ed. I’d love to see something about the time when it was just the two of them in the cabin. Something about them staying in touch after finding the killers would be great as well, maybe Lassie visiting Ed in the hospital after he’s axed in the back or Ed inviting Lassie to visit him back at his cabin. I think they’d get along great living together in the cabin, or even just Lassie coming out to spend time with him on his days off.


  • Lassie and Ed cuddling on the couch as they recover.

  • Lassie visits Ed at the cabin and Ed shows him everything he’s got set up in the woods.

Pierre Despereaux/Shawn Spencer
Despereaux is such a good character and Shawn’s sort of obsession with him is fantastic. They’re very similar characters imo, which I would love to see explored more. I’d also love to see something where Shawn joins Despereaux, since there are several times in the show where I felt like he really wanted to. More art heist adventures would be fantastic, as would prison fic and prison escapes.


  • In order to get Despereaux’s attention, Shawn steals some art that he knows Despereaux’s interested in.

  • Despereaux teaches Shawn to be as classy as he is.

  • Shawn sees Despereaux in prison for conjugal visits, but one day is surprised to find he’s escaped.

Tommy Nix/Shawn Spencer
I loved Tommy and I really felt like Shawn had a lot of awe and sort of childish reverence for him. I’d love to see how Tommy reacts to that, especially after he’s arrested. Maybe Shawn visits him in jail? Something where Tommy asks Shawn to leave with him and Shawn actually does would be awesome. Or where they start a relationship while Shawn’s still undercover. So much internal angst about what he should do and what’s the right thing and what his friends and family are going to think.


  • When Tommy finds out Shawn is with the cops, Shawn has to convince him the feelings are real.

  • Tommy skips town and decides Shawn is going to come with him whether he wants to or not.

  • Shawn sees Tommy in jail for conjugal visits.

[The Shape of Water]The Shape of Water
I’m a huge Guillermo del Toro fan, so I was really excited for this movie. And it didn’t disappoint at all! It was so beautiful and moving, and honestly I just loved every moment of it.

Dmitri | Bob Hoffstetler/Giles
Dmitri is probably my favorite character from the movie. I love how sad and earnest he is, how he tries to be loyal to his home country but his scientific curiosity and sense of morality win out in the end. I was really sad he and Giles didn’t get to meet, bc I think they would have gotten along very well. I’d love to see something where Elisa introduces them and they hit it off. Or maybe Dmitri survives the shooting and goes looking for Giles to find out what happened to Elisa and the Amphibian Man. Just anything where these two sad souls find happiness in each other!


  • Dmitri and Giles have a pie date.

  • Elisa invites all her friends to visit in the Amazon and Dmitri and Giles finally meet.

  • Giles paints Dmitri.

[Star Trek: DS9]Star Trek: DS9
This is my favorite ST series tbh. I really love all the characters and all the relationships, plus DS9 is such a fun setting. I love the idea of a hub for all kinds of aliens to come through and interact, which is something this show does really well. I’m on s4 at the time of writing this, so I don’t know some things that have happened that I might otherwise include here, but I am planning to finish watching by reveals :)

I really love the animosity between Brunt and Quark. They’re such different examples of Ferengi culture, and that’s so much fun to play with. I’d love to see how they could make a relationship work, both with their differences and Quark being on DS9 while Brunt’s usually on Ferenginar.

  • Prompts

  • Brunt and Quark use sex as a currency until feelings accidentally develop.

  • A customer thinks Brunt and Quark a couple while Brunt is on DS9 investigating Quark.

Nog/Jake Sisko
Honestly, these two are childhood sweethearts who live happily into old age together and I love it. I’d love to see how they go from friends to dating. Was it just a gradual thing that neither really noticed until it had happened? Did one of them have a sudden revelation? Who else knows about their relationship? I can so see them going on dates around the station and everyone either being super (uncomfortably) supportive or just fondly rolling their eyes. Also, something about them having a long distance relationship once Nog joins Starfleet would be awesome, or where Jake goes to visit him at the Academy. Basically I just want these two ridiculously in love and still amazing best friends.


  • Their first kiss happens in one of Quark’s holosuites.

  • Nog introduces his new Academy friends to his boyfriend.

  • Jake and Nog on their weekly communication while Nog’s away on earth.

I am so in love with the antagonism between these two, and how they’re also basically each other’s best friends and they’re always relying on each other for everything. I always feel like theirs is one of the most interesting and complicated dynamics, and I really do enjoy that. I would love to see more of that, and if things change behind closed doors. How much does Odo watch Quark and is it all in the guise of security? Does Quark ever do/get something sketchy in order to make Odo happy? Them trying to balance that kind of thing could be really fun.


  • Quark convinces Odo to pretend to be his husband to avoid an old flame who’s visiting the station.

  • Odo thinks Quark is doing something illegal, but he’s just preparing a special date.

  • Odo convinces Quark to use the holosuite with him.

I haven’t regularly watched this show in years, but I’m still pretty found of some of the characters, and I really like the idea of what the show could have done. It has some really interesting mythology and creatures and atmosphere, and I’d really love to see more of that.

David Lassiter/Ennis Ross
I thought Bloodlines was a really interesting episode and I'd love to see more about all feuding and such going on. David and Ennis had a great dynamic and it would be really cool to see how they work together or continue to butt heads.


  • David and Ennis have to work together when a new threat comes through the city.

  • David's family becomes the most powerful monster family in the city when he has a hunter at his side.

  • Ennis decides to track down his father and David accompanies him.

Alan J. Corbett/Ed Zeddmore
The Ghostfacers' episodes are some of my favorite, and I really really liked Corbett and Ed's relationship. I'm so sad Corbett died bc it would have been great for them to actually get together. Fix it fic would be fantastic. Still, I'm definitely not opposed to Ed interacting with ghost!Corbett. I’d also just love to see more of them and the other Ghostfacers pre- Morton house.


  • With Maggie's help, Ed realizes that he and Corbett have basically been dating since they met.

  • The others think it's weird, but Ed kind of likes having a ghost for a boyfriend.

  • Corbett tries to woo an oblivious Ed.

[Young Avengers]Young Avengers
I love love love the Young Avengers and I'm always happy to see more of them, especially Tommy since he gets ignored in the comics and by fandom so much.

David Alleyne/Tommy Shepherd
I really enjoyed David and Tommy’s relationship in the comics. A lot of times it seemed like David was just tolerating Tommy around him, but I really think he likes Tommy too. I’d love to see something where David really shows his appreciation for Tommy, since Tommy is so often left out or ignored. Also something where Tommy is the first person David comes out to would be awesome.


  • David and Tommy meet at the First International Conference for Teenage Superheroes.

  • Tommy thinks he and David are dating, but apparently David didn't get that message.

  • Going on a ramen date.



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