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feeling so blah

I've not been feeling like doing anything in weeks. Like it's been so hard to get up the energy and motivation for things, even things I know I should want/like to do (I've been skipping/missing so many things lately). I know it's a depressive episode and there's nothing to do but try to get through for however long it lasts, but still... I hate this. On top of that, I started my period yesterday and it's been a killer. Massive cramps and nausea and exhaustion and all I want to do rn is curl up in a ball and die. Unfortunately I have too many responsibilities (work, the bang (which I am so behind on ugh), exchanges (which I'm even more behind on ughhh)) to just go nap like I need/want to. Plus I feel guilty bc I've been meaning to write some actual posts, but haven't gotten around to that either. Sometime soon: my new dog, AKon this past weekend, Pillowfort, etc. At least I've managed to read through my flist and leave some comments today. I'm trying not to be such a disaster of a human being, I promise!
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Don't worry about it. Take care of yourself first. That's the most important thing. Depression is rough & hard to deal with & then add on everything else you're going through. Take time for yourself. Get yourself to a point where you feel better & are happy. The rest will fall into place.
Thank you for the encouragement :)
Awwwwwwwwwww... I hope you'll be feeling better soon, really... I'm SO glad I don't have to deal with my period ever again, as I'm taking the 3-month-injection and it's heaven to not get your period and not be in any pain and the likes... hope you'll be okay soon!
Oh man, that sounds wonderful! I'm sure I'll get through, it just sucks in the meantime...
I'm in the "random panic and depression and massive fatigue" stage I get the week before mine, so I really empathize. Take care of you.
Thank you! You take care of you too!!
I hope the depressive episode is period-related and will ease as your hormones balance out again. PMS sucks.

Looking forward to reading about your new dog! :D
Hopefully you can take the time you need to veg out a little. Sometimes I have to wallow in my sadness for a little while to get my mojo back.

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