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I'm going to see Ludo!!!

You guys, I am so freaking excited!! Last week I saw on twitter that Ludo was doing a special, one night only Halloween concert in St. Louis. Seeing as Ludo is my absolute favorite band, despite them not touring in years and their last album being a decade ago, I knew I had to go. This might be the start of them getting back together and touring again, but this also might be my only chance to see them again. The concert I went to in 2010 was amazing (honest to god spiritual experience for the acoustic version of Horror of Our Love), but any chance to see them again... gotta take it!

Thankfully Biff is a big Ludo fan as well, so we decided to road trip it up there! The actual getting there is going to take a lot more planning and saving(ugh), but we are officially going. We bought the tickets Friday morning. Weren't entirely sure we were going to be able to get them for a little while, but we managed lol They did a presale Thursday at 10am and I planned to get the tickets when I got home from work at 1:30. Except they sold out by 11am. Friday were the regular sales at the same time, and I was going to be at work again, so I was worried. Somehow Biff was off Friday though, so she offered to get them for us. Except they said sold out at 10am. Which they shouldn't have, obv. The site was apparently having issues and there were just so many ppl trying to buy them that everyone was getting errors. After 20 minutes of refreshing, though, she bought them. Hopefully they're good seats? She was just desperate to get something at that point lol They are in the 21+ area by the bar and we have actual seats to sit in, so I'll be good even if they're not the best seats.

Since the presale sold out so quickly and the regular tickets went almost as fast, they decided to do a late night show after the first concert. It's 18+, which prob would be cool, but I'm happy to have the earlier show honestly. I know I'll be exhausted anyway after an 11 hour drive up there, much less the actual concert! But it's pretty cool there was so many ppl wanting tickets. I honestly wasn't expecting it bc they're not that well known of a band and haven't done anything in years. Hopefully this will encourage them to do more!!

PS. If you've never heard Ludo, I highly recommend them! They're an alt rock/pop rock band, and their second album was a rock opera. Love Me Dead (link is the music vid, which is awesome) is prob their most popular song, but Horror of Our Love is my fave :)
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Awwwwwwwwwwwww... I'M sure you're gonna have lots of fun at the concert :D
I definitely will!!

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