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dear flist meme

Snagged from my lovely new friend batmarg :)

dear flist,
tell me five things I might not know about you.

001. I'm a master procrastinator. Once in college, I did all the research for and wrote a 16 page anthropology final paper within 48 hours. And iirc, I got a pretty good grade!

002. I own a life size cardboard cutout of Orland Bloom as Legolas, which I've probably had for over 10 years. He's currently in my bedroom wearing Mardi Gras beads and a mask :D

003. I wanted to go into the Air Force as a pilot but couldn't bc of my asthma.

004. I've been vegan for five and a half years and was vegetarian for just over two years before that.

005. My most treasured possession is a copy of Dinotopia signed by James Gurney with a little doodle of a dino.

Feel free to comment with some things about you too!


I like this meme! OMG did you meet James Gurney??!?! Either way, that's awesome that you have a signed copy. I used to be obsessed with Dinotopia.
Nooooo I fucking wish though! I found in a secondhand book store and about died when I saw it was signed lol My Dinotopia obsession has obv not abated...
Oh wow, what an incredible find!! This just might inspire me to reread.
Do! They're such beautiful books :)
I don't think I could live completely vegan to be honest... vegetarian, yes, but vegan, I don't think so...

That was really interesting... sometimes those illnesses kinda "destroy" our dreams big time, don't they? My mom used to have asthma too, and I saw her have some pretty nasty attacks when I was a kid... not pretty... hope you're okay dealing with it...
Yeah, I was bitter about it for a long time. Esp bc my parents took me off my asthma medication as a teen bc they got sucked into the "all medicine is evil" thing. I wish I could afford to get back on now, it would make things easier lol
I almost bought the Legolas cutout, but talked myself out of it. I kind of regret it, but I also don't know where I'd put it (and at this point I'm more an Aragorn girl).
I probably would have talked myself out of it too. I'm glad it was a gift and I couldn't! Every time I move or rearrange, I wonder where in the world to put it, but I've been a Legolas girl since I first saw the movie, so I do love it :D

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