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overdoing and overbooking

Yesterday (and honestly a lot recently) I think I overdid it, and I'm really paying for it in terms of exhaustion today. After I got off work, we went out to lunch and then to get groceries since it was finally payday and we hadn't been able to afford any in the past week or two. Grocery shopping always takes a long time anyway, but we went to the salvage grocery store in Ft. Worth, which always takes even longer since things aren't always organized well and we have to do a lot of expiration date checking. But I do like getting to go and see what they have, so it was worth it. After that we had to go to two other stores to get the rest of the necessities, which put us up to close to five hours grocery shopping, and we stopped by the chiro. Got home, put up groceries, and had an easy dinner since we were all exhausted by then.

While we out, my friend Ruth, who I usually only manage to see a couple times a year at cons, texted and asked if I wanted to see a movie. She wanted to see Teen Titans Go! which I wasn't particularly interested in, but hey, I love movies and I couldn't turn down a chance to hang. Only showing she could make was 9:45pm unfortunately. Which is like an hour before I usually head to bed lol So went out to the movie, which she paid for as well as getting us popcorn and me an icee. The movie itself was actually a lot better than I feared. I'm really not into stupid funny, which it had a lot of, but there were amusing parts as well, and I liked the team camaraderie and Slade. (I actually have sort of a fic idea brewing in the back of my mind for Slade... we'll see if anything ever comes of it.) Plus like, all the pop culture shout outs, dang. All in all a lot of fun, even if we didn't get to talk as much as I would have liked since it was late. I didn't even get home until midnight.

I'd really have liked to take the day to rest, but I can't afford to take off work rn. Road tripping to St. Louis in October needs saving up for, plus my Pinto/Star Trek friends are planning a meetup in November in Boston that I'd really really like to go to. There was one in early spring I couldn't afford to go to, which was super disappointing. I don't want to have to miss this one too. I'm gonna have to figure out how to make the money for it soon, since we're barely even paying bills rn, much less putting anything into savings.

Figuring finances/extra income sources out is one of my goals for the week, but I've still got a lot of other stuff going on. My Tomarry Big Bang rough draft is due today and I'm frantically trying to get it to a reasonable submission point. I've got a ton of notes on it, but not much written unfortunately. I really just want to get enough done today to not feel bad about sending it to an artist. My WIP Big Bang fic has pretty much fallen by the wayside as I concentrate on that. I think I'm going to have to move my posting date back bc I haven't had time to work on it and it's due atm on the 12th. I haven't even had time to keep up with all my modding responsibilities for that either :/ Messages are piling up, so I'm gonna have to get to them soon. Today, if I can. Plus all the other things that are coming due soon or that I've already been putting off for ages, like my tag wrangling responsibilities.

So definitely no nap for me today, or probably anytime in the foreseeable future. I really need to stop overbooking myself so much...


Thanks! I'm trying to prioritize and drop unnecessary stuff, but it's difficult for me not to do all the things all the time, whoops.

Oh definitely! I would have paid, but she could get cheap tickets anyway, so that was nice. I haven't seen the new Hotel Transylvania yet, but that's definitely on my list to see soon!

Yeah, it was a long grocery shopping tip... Probably wouldn't have been as bad except we were out of pretty much everything by that point. I actually enjoy grocery shopping usually, but that's even too much for me lol

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