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so much less anxiety

I've spent this past week kind of trying to get through all the overdue things on my to do list that are giving me anxiety bc I've been putting them off so long. And it's actually been going pretty well! Getting them done has relieved a lot of anxiety I didn't even realize I had, bc the thought of doing the tasks just kind of sat in the back of my mind stewing. It's not been good for my mental health, obv. So I'm really proud of myself for getting through some of it!

Some of the things I did this week:

  • Tuesday, at the last minute, I made some new products for a vendor show. I had two months since the last one and intended to use the time to build up stock but... didn't. Of course I still didn't end up with as much as I would have liked, but I got some stuff made.

  • Wednesday I caught up on mod duties for wipbigbang. I'd been putting off a couple of messages bc of lack of time and not knowing how to respond in one case. So more messages and submissions just started piling up for a week and a half before I finally pulled myself together enough to take care of it.

  • Today I got the last of my Christmas cards put together to mail on Monday. One of them was a card from at least two years ago. Yes, that overdue lol It was a lot of steps to do them, since I had to write fics to put in them, edit the fics, print the fics, write the cards, etc. and when I got stuck on writing one of the fics, it just kind of brought the whole process to a halt.



Yay, you! It' always good to finally get some things done you wanted to do a long time ago :) Congratulations. I'm sure you'll get some more done eventually :)
Thank you :)

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