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a little bit about all the things

I keep saying "I'll make a post about this thing!" or "I'll do a write up about that thing I did!" and just... never getting around to it. I think I just get really intimidated by the thought of doing long posts because they take a long time to type up, and so just don't do them. But I still keep telling myself I should post more personal posts here. Maybe I need to cut down on my expectations for those posts and just get something down. So here's a bullet point round up of some of the things I kept saying I'd post about:

  • I've got a new dog! Well, relatively new, now. At the end of May, I got a new dog. We’d been talking about it for awhile bc Tessa is getting pretty old and has been alone since Jester passed two years ago. We looked a couple places, put in an aplication to foster, but nothing really panned out. Then we heard the Dallas animal shelter was having a reduced fee adoption weekend, so we went and looked there. So many dogs omg. Honestly I just wanted to adopt them all! We did a meet and greet with a couple of dogs to see how they'd get along with Tessa. We ended up liking best a black lab mix (we think pit) named Hagrid. He was a bit timid at the shelter but definitley perked up quickly. He's a bit more hyper than I was hoping, but he's just the sweetest dog. He's always trying to crawl into ppl's laps lol Tessa mostly ignores him, even when he sits on her or pushes her out of the way. Which he does a lot bc apparently he can't stand to see her being petted when he's not lol He's got to go to the vet next month bc he's not gaining weight like he should (he was really skinny when we got him) and he may have some sort of skin condition. But it's really great so far and I love him a lot :)

  • I went to AKon near the beginning of June. It was a lot of fun, especially since I got to see so many of my friends who I basically only get to see at cons. I volunteered in the artist alley again, which didn't go exactly as expected since there was a different person running it than before. I mean, it went a lot better than I thought it would when I found out she was gone, but it was certainly... different. There was only one other AA volunteer I knew (out of only a few, we were way understaffed) and he gave me all the gossip about the con. So much drama with previous AA head being shut out, other heads leaving, the last location breaking contract -- the con barely hanging together basically. I made friends with a couple of the new volunteers though, so it was nice having them as roommates. Plus I got a bed to myself. I didn't even get a bed the first year I volunteered. We're planning to volunteer again together next year even! Most everything else was regular con stuff. Went out to eat with my friends at an awesome ramen place, went to the rave one night, went to a couple of interesting panels. The most exciting part, though, was that there was a guy working for one of the artists that looked just like Domhnall Gleeson. I came face to face with him when he came to check out on Sunday and I may have gotten a little flustered lol

  • Remember how I said I had the last belated Christmas cards done and would send them? Yeah, still haven't sent them. I keep forgetting to pick them up when I leave the house so I can mail them on the way home from work. Maybe I need to do a phone reminder? It's getting close to time for the next batch, so I really need to get these sent.

  • wipbigbang is winding down and I continue to be behind on modding duties. I'm just so tired and find it really hard to get up the motivation to do what needs to be done for it. I've been wondering about next year, like if I should even run it or pass it off. I really don't want to pass it off bc I love this bang a lot, but it's just so much stress on me for so much of the year. I got some really great mods to help this year (if you see this, ilu!), but I didn't manage to delegate like I probably should. At the least I'm going to need to do some more thinking and probably planning/reorganization for next year. Definitely cut the posting block shorter than this year both bc we had a ton of empty dates and also bc I just need it to be over sooner.

  • Speaking of, my own wipbigbang fic was supposed to be posted a few weeks ago. I actually did start posting it on my due date, but I wasn't finished. And I still am not. I'm such a bad modly role model :/ I got a pretty good rush of motivation and wrote and posted the first three (I think) chapters, but then I just... stopped and haven't looked at it again since then. Part of that is so many other writing things due this month and early next, part of it is that I've gotten zero feedback on my fic. I mean I know it's a tiny ship, but it's just kind of depressing to have worked on this fic for so long and it seems like no one cares, you know? I know if I get it finished it'll probably be more likely to get some attention, but that's so much time and effort still to go. Idk.

  • And speaking of big bangs, I've got my Tomarry Big Bang fic due in like two weeks. It is nowhere near being finished. I know I just need to sit down and write, but it's such a big project that it's a lot easier to get distracted by shorter projects and do those first. I wish I could take a day and do nothing but write...

  • I got a text from the owner of the small press I've been editing for for years. I told her in March I needed a break and I'd get back to her the next month to start up again. Only I never did, and I never replied to the text or email she sent me in April about it. I haven't read this new text yet. I feel guilty for not getting back to her, but I was really on the edge of a mental breakdown and needed some time away. I enjoy editing, but I very much do not enjoy the topics of the press (Christian nonfiction), so once I was away, it was difficult to even think about going back. But I desperately need money, and working there is a lot easier than trying to find the energy for another job. So I know I need to read the text, which is probably seeing if I'm ready to come back, and let her know I can edit again. I know this, and yet I've put it off all day lol Wish me luck.



Congratulations about Hagrid. Hope he'll be okay and the vet gives him a mostly clean bill of health =D It's nice to have one of those furbabies, and it's even nicer to have more than one. I would never give away my 2 anymore :)

Glad you had a nice time at ACon despite the changings :) I haven't volunteered at any Cons in a long time, but maybe that's an option for next year for me, as I plan on cutting back Cons a little :D

Good luck for finishing your fanfics...

Also good luck for the text. Hope you will be able to "come back" soon =D
Oh yeah, having furbabies is awesome! I love them a lot :D

I used to go to a lot of cons but now I just can't justify spending so much money very often. So volunteering is good bc I get in for free plus have a space in a room for free! Plus I feel like I've gone to so many of the same panels over and over, it's nice to have something to actually do while I'm there lol

Thank you! I did a little bit of work for her today and it was not too bad. Hopefully I'll get some more work from her soon.
Lab-Pit mix named Hagrid? Sounds awesome :D
He is! My doofy baby <3
I love lab pit mixes. :)

Congrats on Hagrid!
Thank you!!

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