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Happy October!

I can't believe September is already over, it seems like time is moving faster than I can keep track. But that's ok bc now it's time for my favorite month :) I have hopes that it will be a good month, especially since I've got my trip to St. Louis at the end of the month to look forward to. Also found out the other day that my dad got a raise, so hopefully that'll mean less financial stress this month too. (Though we've already used half of that extra money on a vet bill Saturday for Hagrid. He got in some barbed wire at the dog park. It was not good :/)

Other than that, I also decided this morning (lol) that I want to watch a horror movie a day during October. Well, at least watch 31 horror movies during the month since some days I'm sure I will watch more than one and some days I'm sure I won't watch any. I really enjoy horror and haven't seen a lot of the classics, so I've been trying to watch more anyway. I think this'll be a fun way to do it! I'll probably put up a post today or tomorrow to keep track of what I watch. I've got a couple of movies in the queue already (I've the new It and Winchester from the library rn) but if anyone has suggestions, lemme know!


I hope October will treat you well and that you will have an amazing month :)
I cross my fingers for you, so your trip to St. Louis will be amazing :)

Have fun with your Horror Movies :)
Thank you! :)
Sounds like a great challenge!!! I've become a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to horror movies. My favorite is the Scream saga. The others is another good one.
I've seen the first Scream, but not the others since I had heard they weren't very good. Are they worth watching? I hadn't heard of The Others, but that sounds good, thanks!
I think Scream 2 and 3 are fun sequels, the 4th is a bit meh to be honest.
Cool, I'll put them on my list then :)
I do the horror a day thing too, or try to. lol
Yeah! I actually watched As Above, So Below bc I found it on Netflix the same day I read your post where you mentioned you'd watched it lol

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