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Multifandom Trope Fest Writer (Part 2)

This post ended up being too large, so see the rest of my fandoms in Part 1.

This franchise and fandom frustrates me to no end sometimes, but I still love many of the characters and ships. I haven’t kept up with everything the past few years, but I at least know the broad strokes. I'm not fond of AoU, but I'd be happy with fic set before/during/after/between any of the movies or crossing over with the tv shows, as well as AUs.

Tropes: A/B/O - Worldbuilding, Apparently Human Characters Are Actually Non-Human Beings, Arranged Marriage - to solidify alliance, Charity Auctions - Bachelor Auction, Childhood Trauma, Competence Kink - Won Over by Supreme Skills, Cooking Battles - (Great British Bake Off Rules), Crosscultural Relationship, Developing Friendships, Drinking Games, Everybody Lives Nobody Dies, Fake Marriage - As Part of a Job, Falling for the Enemy - Chef/Food Critic Who Criticises Their Restaurant, Getting Together, Handicapped Badass, Happily Ever After, In Love with the Mark - Assassin/Target, Marriage of Convenience - Political Alliance, Moving In With Partner Gradually Without Noticing It, Flirting - Customer frequently orders too many drinks trying to flirt with Bartender

Bruce Banner/Brunnhilde | Valkyrie
I loved these two so much in Thor: Ragnarok. With Bruce as Hulk they had such an easy camaraderie, and I’d love to see more of that and how it developed. It would also be great to see how they relate after Valkyrie finds out Hulk and Bruce are the same person.


  • Valkyrie always felt a connection to Hulk, but it wasn’t until she met Bruce that she realized they were soulmates.

  • Bruce helps Valkyrie adapt to life on Earth.

Clint Barton
My favorite! I love Clint so much, and honestly I would be happy to see anything about him. I’d love to see something about how he comes to work at SHIELD and what his relationships are like with other people there. Does he have friends there other than Natasha? His family in AoU is not my favorite thing (I prefer his Fractionverse background), but I don’t mind it. Tell me more about the farm and how he’s kept it secret. How did he meet Laura? I am familiar with other comic and cartoon versions, so feel free to bring stuff in from that if you want as well. I would especially love to see deaf!Clint.


  • Clint/Phil


  • Fighting a villain awakens powers Clint didn’t know he had.

  • Clint is a contestant in the Great British Bake Off.

Everett Ross/Shuri
I know there’s a lot of… hesitance about this ship, but I fell hard for it when I saw the movie. Unfortunately most of the stuff I’ve seen for it has really not been the dynamic I like. I really see Everett as kind of in awe of Shuri, of her brilliance and her strength in the face of danger and all that. I’d love to see something about that for him, how he’s amazed by this girl and just can’t help but falling in love with her because of that. As for Shuri, I see her as more fondly bemused by Everett, as she is by white boys in general. I’d love to see her slowly falling for him as they restabilize and expand Wakanda after Kilmonger. It would also be great to see an outside perspective of their relationship, like from T’Challa or their mother or Okoye, because I imagine no one would be thrilled with it, but they’d also trust her to make her own decisions. I think in the movie she’s meant to be around 16, but I’m cool with any age, including them having a very slow burn relationship until she’s older.


  • Someone asks Shuri how she feels about Everett being so obviously in love with her; she hadn’t even realized until then.

  • Shuri and Everett work together on a post Wakanda coming out to the world project and sparks fly.

  • Shuri falls in love with Everett while she’s taking care of him after he gets shot.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson
I really love Bucky and Sam's antagonistic, snarky relationship. I think it would be really fun to see an AU of them getting together outside of their mutual friendship with Steve, though him setting them up or trying to set them up while they're already secretly together is always fun. Basically I just want all the fond, mutually antagonistic fic!


  • Bucky pretends to be Sam's boyfriend to placate his family at Christmas.

  • Bucky and Sam end up trapped in a safe house alone, and all their tension comes to a head.

  • Everyone expects the Winter Soldier to be an alpha, but Sam is perfectly happy Bucky’s an omega.

  • Bucky didn’t know all the changes Hydra had made to his body until he gets pregnant.

Phil Coulson & Jasper Sitwell
I adore Jasper and I hate that they tried to make him Hydra because that is so wrong on so many levels. I love his friendship with Phil and I’d love to see more of it. Them bonding over food is awesome, as is them working on something for SHIELD. Or something about how they met!


  • Phil and Jasper go undercover as contestants on the Great British Bake Off.

  • Phil and Jasper are both “auction items” at a SHIELD charity bachelor auction.

  • While they’re both thought to be dead, Phil and Jasper go on a road trip together.

Nick Fury/Jasper Sitwell
I was kind of iffy on this ship until I read a great fic that really convinced me how perfect they could be together. And I mean, I love them both, so why wouldn’t I love them more together? I especially adore Jasper and I hate that they tried to make him Hydra because that is so wrong on so many levels. So please leave that out, or have him as a triple agent. I’d love to see him as super loyal to Nick, whether because of professional reasons or also personal ones. I think it would be really fun to see them trying to juggle a relationship during all mess of Winter Soldier.


  • Jasper and Nick wake up married after a mission gone sideways.

  • After WS, Jasper takes Nick on a road trip to try the best diners in the US.

  • Jasper doesn’t find out he’s pregnant until he’s too far in Hydra to get out; he tries his best to get them both back to Nick safely.

Jasper Sitwell/Any, Jasper Sitwell
I adore Jasper and I hate that they tried to make him Hydra because that is so wrong on so many levels. So please leave that out, or have him as a triple agent. I’d love to see more of him at SHIELD, or something about what his personal life’s like. I’d prefer not a focus on him at Hydra even if he is a triple agent, please keep things fairly positive for him!


  • Jasper pretends to be Maria's boyfriend to placate her family at Christmas.

  • Jasper on his first day at SHIELD.

  • Jasper goes on a road trip to try the best diners in the US.

Korg of Krona/Miek
I feel kind of weird requesting these two lol But they were really cute together? I’d love to know what it was like for them in the gladiator ring before Thor showed up. I assume they met there, but did they immediately bond or did it take awhile? What do they do when not in matches?


  • Korg may not be the father of Miek’s brood, but he’s perfectly willing to act as one.

  • The Grandmaster decides to breed his gladiators to create more and better ones, and he starts with Korg and Miek.

  • Korg and Miek have very different ideas about courtship.

I really enjoyed the interactions between these two. Their cultures, though both Wakandan, are so different, and I was really intrigued by that. I’d love to know more about both and how things change after Killmonger. Does M’Baku still want the Jibari to still stay apart? I imagine him having a relationship with T’Challa might change his decision too.


  • As thanks for helping fight Killmonger, M’Baku requests a more permanent alliance through he and T’Challa marrying.

  • T’Challa and M’Baku meet as children.

  • T’Challa asks M’Baku to accompany him when he goes to speak to the rest of the world about Wakanda.

I loved M’Baku and I was really fascinated by Jibari culture. I’d love to see something about how their normal life is and if/how things change after Killmonger. I’m also curious about how M’Baku came to lead the Jibari so young, so something about that would be great.


  • The Jibari have something similar to the Heart Shaped Herb.

  • As a youth, M’Baku decided to see the rest of the world before taking over as leader of the Jibari.

Nick Fury/Natasha Romanov
This is my favorite ship for this fandom. I like how obviously close they are in the movies even though you'd think they wouldn't be just bc of the kind of ppl they are and Natasha's background. I’d love to see something about their history together and how they got so close. Was he her handler when she joined SHIELD? Was he the director when she was brought in or did he meet her later? How did they move past their mutual trust issues to build something between them?


  • Natasha and Nick discover they're soulmates when she's first brought in, but neither of them wants to do anything about it for awhile.

  • Nick and Natasha wake up married after a mission gone sideways.

[Ocean's (Movies)]Ocean's (Movies)
I love these movies so much. They’re really fun and have so many great characters, plus they’re just really clever. I’d love to see more of that, especially with the characters outside of doing a job.

Tropes: Accidental Marriage - Getting Drunk and Waking Up Married, Artifacts - Haunted Artifacts, Casual Sex leads to feelings, Competence Kink - Won Over by Supreme Skills, Crosscultural Relationship, Crush at First Sight, Everyone Thinks They're Together, Everyone Thinks They're Together - they are pining, Fake Marriage - As Part of a Job, Flirting - Customer frequently orders too many drinks trying to flirt with Bartender, Getting Together, Happily Ever After, Heists & Schemes - Teaming Up For A Heist, Heists and Schemes - Complicated Heist Planning, In Love with the Mark - Assassin/Target, Marriage of Convenience - To Avoid Testifying Against Each Other, Soulmarks - Worldbuilding, Soulmates - Telepathic Bond Triggered By Finding Soulmate, Super/Magic Powers - Mundane Uses of Power

Basher Tarr/Reuben Tishkoff
The letters. I mean, what more can I say? Basher writing Reuben letters while he was ill and then that being the thing that gave Reuben back his will to live is like the most romantic thing I can think of tbh. I’d love to see what happens after that. Do one or both of them admit their feelings? Do they keep dancing around each other? I’d also love to see how the others react. I feel like they’d all be very supportive, maybe even a bit too supportive by getting up all in their business while they’re trying to make a fledgling relationship work.


  • Basher continues writing Reuben letters.

  • A group meet up turns out to be a set up for Basher and Reuben to go on a date.

  • Reuben finds love letters Basher wrote but never gave him.

  • Basher asks Danny and/or Rusty for advice on wooing Reuben.

Danny Ocean/Rusty Ryan
These two were so perfect. They obviously have quite a history together, and they just hit all the right notes of a comfortably long relationship. They finishe each others’ sentences, always seem to know what the other is thinking, work together so well. I’d love to see something that takes that further with them having some sort of mental connection. Other than that, I’d just love to see more of their past together. How did they meet? How did they get to the point of working so well together?


  • Danny and Rusty’s first meeting.

  • Planning dates all over the world.

  • Leverage AU.

Danny Ocean/Tess Ocean/Rusty Ryan
I really enjoyed the dynamic between the three of them. I see it as a V polya makeup with Danny in the middle, but I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing it as a closed triangle. My headcanon is that Danny and Rusty were in a relationship before Danny met Tess, so I’d love to see something abou that. How do they make it work? What was the negotiation for their relationship like? I’d also love to see something about after Tess and Danny get back together in the first movie. Does Rusty miss having Danny all to himself?


  • Tess sees that Rusty likes Danny after she and Danny are already married, and encouraging the relationship.

  • The first time Danny introduced Tess and Rusty.

Isabel Lahiri/Danny Ocean/Tess Ocean/Rusty Ryan
I was expecting not to like Tess and Isabel much bc a lot of times the female love interests are kind of bland and pointless. But they were both so great! I love their relationship with Danny and Rusty, and I love that they all seemed to get along so well. I’d love to see the two couples deciding to have a thing together, or maybe Tess welcoming Isabel into the already established trio. I really just want to see all four of them working out how their lives can mesh together.


  • Tess and Isabel bond while Danny and Rusty are out on a job.

  • Date night is a little complicated.

Lou Miller/Debbie Ocean
These two were so married tbh. I loved their relationship and I’d love to see more of it from before the movie. They’ve obviously known each other a long time. How did they meet? How long have they been together? What kind of other cons have they pulled together?


  • Lou comes to see Debbie for conjugal visits.

  • Something they steal ends up being haunted.

  • When Debbie gets caught, they get married so Lou doesn’t have to testify against her.

Nestor/Virgil Malloy
There was very little of these two together, but they were honestly so cute. I loved how intensely Virgil got into helping the factory workers, and I like to think that Nestor was a big part of that. I’d love to see them bonding while Virgil’s there, or maybe trying to make things work out after he leaves. He’d probably go back to visit Nestor, as well as to check up on the factory. It would also be great to have Virgil taking Nestor with him and introducing him to the others.


  • Nestor thinks he’ll never see Virgil again, and then he shows up one day out of the blue.

  • Turk encourages Virgil to take Nestor as his date to a group meet up.

Turk Malloy/Virgil Malloy
These two had a great dynamic, and I love how codependent they seemed. I’d love to see more of that, especially with what they were doing before Danny called them up. Do they always stick together? Have they done jobs separately?


  • The first time someone realized their relationship was more than siblings.

  • Turk always gets anxious when Virgil’s not around for him to look after.

[The Spy Who Dumped Me]The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018)
This movie was so much more than I expected! It was hilarious and heartwarming and I loved seeing Morgan and Audrey getting to kick ass. I’d love to see more of that.

Tropes: Bonding Over Shared Trauma, Competence Kink - Won Over by Supreme Skills, Crush at First Sight, Developing Friendships, Driven to Distraction - B Can't Focus on What A Says Because Their Voice is So Sexy, Enemy Lovers, Everybody Lives Nobody Dies, Everyone Thinks They're Together, Fake Marriage - As Part of a Job, Flirting - Customer frequently orders too many drinks trying to flirt with Bartender, Heists and Schemes - Complicated Heist Planning, In Love with the Mark - Assassin/Target, Meet the Family, Moving In With Partner Gradually Without Noticing It, Pining - Believes themself unworthy of their love, Pining - relationship seems impossible due to power differential, Undercover as a Couple - Crossdressing, Undercover as a Couple, Workplace Sex

Duffer/Sebastian Henshaw
Ngl, I fell for this ship right off bc I have a thing for antagonism apparently. I want to see how they’d make a relationship work. Is it a hatesex thing or are there actual feelings? How does Sebastian feel when Duffer betrayed him? I’d also love to see something where Duffer isn’t the bad guy or his betrayal is all a ploy of their employer bc he deserved better.


  • After a mission, tensions are high and they end up having sex in an empty office.

  • Duffer survives and helps them take down Audrey’s ex.

  • Duffer and Sebastian pretend to be married for a mission.

Morgan Freeman & Audrey Stockton, Morgan Freeman/Audrey Stockton
I loved their friendship and how it was obviously the most important relationship in either of their lives. I’d love to see something about how they became friends. And how they got together romantically if you want to go that direction. I’d also love to see something about them with their families, either before or after the movie. Morgan’s especially since they were very odd.


  • AU where Audrey’s the bartender at Morgan’s favorite bar.

  • Audrey doesn’t realize Morgan’s moved in with her until all her stuff is there.

  • Audrey and Morgan tell their parents they’re dating, but their parents thought they’ve been together for years.

Morgan Freeman & Audrey Stockton & Sebastian Henshaw
These three had a really fun dynamic. I’d love to see more of them doing missions together, how they work together and what Sebastian teaches them about being spies and such. Lots of shenanigans!


  • They all go undercover at a burlesque bar.

  • Morgan and Audrey introduce Sebastian to their parents, who think he’s dating one of them.

Morgan Freeman/Wendy
Morgan’s crush on Wendy was adorable. I’d love to see where it goes, if Wendy eventually falls for Morgan too or Morgan is forever chasing after her. I’d also love to see other characters’ perspectives on Morgan’s crush or their relationship.


  • Morgan decides she’s going to woo Wendy if it’s the last thing she does.

  • Morgan tries to pay attention in meetings but usually gets sidetracked listening to Wendy talk.

[Star Trek: AOS]Star Trek: Alternate Original Series
I've watched Star Trek 2009 probably more than a dozen times and I still hope every time that Gaila will somehow survive, so fix it fic is something I'd especially love to see. I’m, however, not a big fan of Into Darkness, so please feel free to ignore that movie’s very existence. There's so much exciting stuff to explore, especially with Star Trek Beyond and everything new it brought in. Please no Mirror Verse stuff!

Tropes: A/B/O - Heat sex while mutually pining, A/B/O - Mate for Life, Abandonment Issues, Accidental Marriage - Misunderstanding Local Marriage Customs, Arranged Marriage - to solidify alliance, Arranged Marriage - to stop war Building a world (terraforming/infrastructure/urbanplanning/etc. through magic or tech), Can't Stop Thinking About It - B Discovers A Has a Huge Cock, Charity Auctions - Bachelor Auction, Childhood Trauma, Crosscultural Relationship - Different Cultural Attitudes to Sex, Dating - Blind Date, Driven to Distraction - B Can't Focus on What A Says Because Their Voice is So Sexy, Everyone Thinks They're Together - they are pining, Family Feels - Families of Choice, Fish Out of Water - Character from Our World Marvels at Other World’s Stuff, Fish Out of Water - Character from Another World Marvels at Earth Stuff, Flirting - Customer frequently orders too many drinks trying to flirt with Bartender, Competence Kink - Won Over by Supreme Skills, Courting Rituals, Kissing After Falling on/Straddling Another Person, magic in space, Marriage of Convenience - Political Alliance, Mating Cycles/In Heat - Pon Farr, Meet the Family, Merpeople - Space Merpeople, Mpreg, Nerds Bonding Over Science, Physical Fight Leading to Sex, Pining - Everyone Thinks They're Pining (They Are), Secret Revealed - Discovery of Past Abuse, Something Made Them Do It - Aliens, Soulbonds - Formed by Sexual Encounter, Soulmarks - Different For Different Species, Soulmates - Telepathic Bond Triggered By Finding Soulmate, stranded in space, Stranded on a Hostile Planet, Stranded on an uninhabited planet, Jealousy/Possessiveness in Romantic/Sexual Relationships

Gaila/Winona Kirk
I’m not really sure how I started shipping this ship, but I love it a lot. Neither of these ladies gets a whole lot of character or personality in the movies, so I think it’s a really fun relationship to explore.


  • Winona and Gaila are stuck alone on a planet during an away mission.

  • Gaila wouldn’t stop flirting with her professor until Winona finally agreed to go out with her.

James T. Kirk & Winona Kirk
Since the first movie, I've been wondering where she was during everything. We see her at the beginning, but not again, and I'd really love to see something about what she was doing all that time and what her relationship with Jim is like. Did she take a deep space post and has no contact with him? Is their relationship strained but has regular communication? What does she think about everything he’s accomplished? And what does he think about her?


  • Winona mends her relationship with Jim after he returns from the destruction of Vulcan.

  • Jim and Winona run into each other at a Starfleet function.

James T. Kirk/Spock
This is definitely one of those meant to be relationships, and I love that. They just fit together so well, and they’re really much better together than alone. I’d especially love to see something set at Starfleet Academy, but I’d also love anything with new planets and new aliens and all that brings. I’d rather not have Nyota demonized, so please either ignore their relationship or make her and Spock’s breakup mutual or at least not terrible. I’m also a big fan of weird Vulcan dick, so go crazy!


  • Jim and Spock get trapped in the turbolift together when Spock goes into Pon Farr.

  • Spock sees Jim at Starfleet Academy and decides they’re meant to be.

  • Jim and Spock are forced to fuck as part of an alien ritual.

Nero/Christopher Pike
I am really into these two for some reason, even though I’m pretty sure I’m the only one lol I just think they have a lot of potential, especially for something angsty and violent. Torture porn on Nero’s ship would be especially fantastic.


  • Nero discovers his soulmate when Chris comes aboard his ship, and he’s not happy about it.

  • Nero and Starfleet broach a treaty hinging on him and Chris being married.

Winona Kirk
I've been wondering a lot about where Winona was during the movies. We see her at the beginning, but not again, and I'd really love to see something about what she was doing all that time. Maybe she got married after Frank and retired, or maybe she's dating an officer onboard whatever ship she serves on. Maybe she’s just fucking around in space bc that’s what I’d be doing!


  • Winona is stranded on a planet during a mission and gets close with one of the natives.

  • Winona’s first assignment after George dies.

  • After George, Winona knew she couldn’t be the mother her children needed, but she could still be a Starfleet officer.

[Young Justice]Young Justice (Cartoon)
Oh man, I love this show so much. Anything before, during, or after canon is A ok with me, but stuff in the 5 year gap would be especially great since all we got was hints of what happened. My preference is fix it for Wally's death if necessary, or ignoring or minimizing it otherwise. It just makes me sad lol

Tropes: A/B/O - Heat or Rut in an Unexpected or Inconvenient Place, A/B/O - Omega presents as Omega later than usual, A/B/O - Worldbuilding, Can't Stop Thinking About It - B Accidentally Sees A Masturbating, Can't Stop Thinking About It - B Discovers A Has Body Piercing/s, Communication via Snark, Developing Friendships, Drinking Games, Family Feels - Families of Choice, Getting Together, Hunter of Monsters, Kissing After Falling on/Straddling Another Person, Meet the Family, Mpreg - After First Time, Mpreg - trans man, Pet Names, Physical Fight Leading to Sex - Sparring, Pining - Believes themself unworthy of their love, Pining - relationship seems impossible due to power differential, Recovery - Addiction, Recovery - Brainwashing, School for the Gifted - Superpowers School, Secret Relationship, Size Difference, Soulmarks - Worldbuilding, Sugar Daddy, Super/Magic Powers - Mundane Uses of Power, Surprise Genitalia - Non-Human, Villain Wins, Wooing - Older character pursues younger character, Wooing - Younger character pursues older character

Artemis Crock/Zatanna Zatara
I like Artemis a lot and her relationship with Zatanna is great. I’d love to see more of them going off and being badass like in Secret. It would also be cool to see more about before either of them joins the team, especially how Artemis deals with being a superhero coming from a family of supervillains and how she got to know Ollie since he trusted her enough to put her on the team. And Zatanna definitely has her own issues with her dad. I think they could both use the support from each other!


  • Artemis takes Zatanna to meet her mom, the only family she can introduce her to.

  • A round of sparring leads to more fun things.

Bart Allen/Jaime Reyes
I’m a little salty these two weren’t canon when it was so obvious they were into each other. I love how close Bart got with Jaime after seeing a future where things went so bad. I’d love to see something about how Bart worked through that and what he thinks about the difference between Jaime and the Blue Beetle of the future. Also, just any sort of shenanigans with the two of them would be great.


  • Bart trips and lands on Jaime, which leads to their first kiss.

  • Jaime thought he didn’t have a soulmate until Bart showed up.

Bart Allen/Nathaniel Tryon
I thought the little bits of interaction we got between Bart and Nathaniel were really fascinating. It was obvious they'd known each other for awhile before Bart went back in time, but it wasn't so obvious (at least to me) how they knew each other. I'd love to see something about them before Bart left, like how they met or got close. I imagine knowing that in that past Nathaniel killed Barry would be difficult on a relationship, so how do they get past that? It would also be really interesting to see them not getting together until Bart is in the past bc Bart would know Nathaniel, but Nathaniel wouldn't know him.


  • Nathaniel can't figure out why Bart is so interested in him, until someone lets slip that they knew each other in the future.

  • Bart and Nathaniel fucking in the time machine before Bart leaves.

  • The first time Bart and Nathaniel met.

Billy Batson & Dudley H. Dudley
Billy is so precious and I'd really love to see more of his relationship with Uncle Dudley. Uncle Dudley obviously knows he's Captain Marvel, but how did he find out? How long has Billy been Captain Marvel anyway? It would be great to see something about how the two of them interact, with Uncle Dudley knowing Billy is so young but going out as a grown superhero. Domestic stuff would be great, like what they do and how they interact when Billy's not out being a hero, or maybe something where Billy somehow gets really hurt on the job.


  • Uncle Dudley finding out about Billy being Captain Marvel.

  • Harry Potter crossover where Uncle Dudley is Dudley Dursley.

  • A night at home after a hard day superheroing.

Black Beetle/Lawrence "Crusher" Crock
This ship has such potential for terrible, terrible things, and I am so into it. I’d love to see something where Sportsmaster thinks getting together with Black Beetle will help him somehow, without realizing that he really doesn’t have the power in that dynamic. Something where Black Beetle sees Sportsmaster as convenient fuck, but still lesser than him, would be awesome too.


  • When the Reach takes over Earth, Black Beetle takes Sportsmaster as his prize.

  • Black Beetle decides to breed the next Reach generation through Sportsmaster.

  • Sportsmaster tries to show his power against Black Beetle and gets put in his place.

Cameron Mahkent
Cameron is a really sad character imo. He tries so hard to get his father to pay attention to him and then he just kind of fucks up everything. I'd love to see more of his thoughts and feelings about why he tries so hard when it's obvious his dad's never going to care. AU fic where he becomes a superhero at some point would be fab. I think it would be a really great way to explore the differences between what he really wants/who he really is and what his dad wants for him to do/be. Plus getting him on the team or even just a not-a-villain ally would just be really interesting. I also get the ideas he's basically a social outcast in general, like no friends or even allies. Basically this boy just needs some positive attention lol


  • Home life with the Icicle fam.

  • The first time Cameron realizes he's never going to be good enough for his father.

  • Cameron decides to try his hand at being a hero.

Clark Kent/Vandal Savage
I really loved that episode of where Vandal had control of Clark for 18 hours or whatever. I'm just so fascinated by the antagonism and the possibility of what Vandal could have had Clark do while under his control. I'd love something set during the episode, but something before then or AU would be great. Also, if you’ve seen the Justice League Unlimited episode where the two of them are the only people left on earth, I’d love to see something that uses elements of that.


  • Clark never thought his soulmate would be someone he hated, someone he fought against.

  • Clark is kidnapped and sold on the intergalactic auction block as a breeder.

  • The Light and the world government arrange a ceasefire through the marriage of Vandal and Clark.

Clone Roy Harper, Clone Roy Harper & Roy Harper, Roy Harper
Roy is my absolute favorite YJ character. Clone!Roy is my favorite fave and I love him kind of a ridiculous amount, but honestly I love them both. Every permutation of Roy is so adorable and broke and angry, and I always want to see more of him. Clone!Roy's battle with addiction is something I'd really like to see more of since it obviously had a huge impact on him, even aside from what led him there in the first place. The line "My body's no temple, I'm a cheap knockoff" just about killed me and I'd absolutely love a fic based around that, like Roy's relationship to his body and feeling like he's maybe not a real person because he's a clone. And if you wanna take that a step further and have trans girl Roy, well, I certainly wouldn't mind! On an I suppose similar note, I'd really like something about original!Roy's feelings about himself and his body when he wakes up without an arm and then gets a super high tech prosthetic one. Also anything about him trying to deal with the world and the ppl he knew being so totally different after eight years would be awesome.


  • AU where clone!Roy becomes a prostitute to fund his search for original!Roy.

  • Original!Roy learning to use his new arm.

  • Clone!Roy goes through rehab.

Clone Roy Harper/Bruce Wayne
I can pinpoint exactly when I started shipping this: in 1x25 when Roy slipped the chip into Bruce's neck, he came up and put his hand on Bruce's shoulder and said, "You going to join the party?" which just sounded really... intimate to me? I can so see them having had a relationship before that, probably secret, but also probably really sweet. I feel like they'd both be really good for each other, kind of balance out each others eccentricities. Basically I just want gentle touches and Bruce understanding Roy's issues. Although something more rough wouldn't go amiss if you want to go that direction.


  • Bruce brings Roy as his date to a gala.

  • Bruce and Roy tell the Justice League they’re together.

  • Relaxing together after a hard day mostly means lots of sex.

Clone Roy Harper/Wally West, Roy Harper/Clone Roy Harper/Wally West, Roy Harper/Wally West
Roy/Wally has been my OTP for the fandom basically since I first watched YJ. They have such a fun dynamic and it's really obvious that they care about each other a lot. I just love seeing Roy with someone who tempers him a little and helps break through his angry, listens-to-no-one exterior. They could be really good for each other, though they definitely have the potential to make a big mess together. Either way could be a lot of fun. Also, the more Roys the better! I’d love to see something where the Roys are competing with each other for Wally’s affections or both being overly protective of him. Basically I want them both to shower Wally in all the attention and affection lol


  • Wally tells his parents he's dating Roy, then has to get Roy to agree to be his fake boyfriend.

  • 5 times someone thought they were brothers and 1 time someone realized they were dating.

  • Roy has a crush on the barista at the coffee shop near his apartment and doesn't realize it's one of the other sidekicks.

  • Roy and Wally were together before they found out that Roy was a clone, which causes all sorts of problems.

  • Roy and Wally have to pretend to be in a relationship for some reason, but the other Roy doesn't like feeling left out.

Kon-El | Conner Kent/Cameron Mahkent
Their little broship in the prison was really cute, and I can so see it developing into romance. I really see Cameron as being torn after finding out who Conner is bc his dad would so not like him crushing on a superhero, much less dating one. I think him having a romantic interest that's a superhero could change a lot for him in a positive way, and maybe even help Conner with his issues. Broken boys fixing each other ftw!


  • Meeting the parent(s).

  • Cameron meets his boyfriend's friends for the first time off the battlefield.

  • Connor and Cameron try to hide their relationship from friends and family with varying degrees of success.

  • AU where Cameron is forced into prostitution and Connor picks him up.

  • Cameron is very interested to find out more about Kryptonian biology.

Lian Harper & Clone Roy Harper
I love that Roy cleaned up his act after finding out he was a father. It had to have been really hard for him, but I think Lian was really good for him in a lot of ways. I’d love to see Roy figuring out how to be a good father, whether Jade’s around or not. It would be fun to have Lian when she’s older, maybe with her wanting to become a hero as well. Also, anything where Roy takes Lian to meet the rest of the team would be amazing, bc I think they would make great aunts/uncles.


  • Roy takes Lian on a road trip as a way to bond with her and prove to himself he can be a good dad.

  • Roy teaches Lian archery.

  • It’s Lian’s first day of school and Roy’s a mess.

Perdita & Wally West
I've been wanting future fic of the two of them ever since I saw the episode where Wally helps save her life. I'd really like to see them becoming friends, maybe emailing or writing letters or something. Wally having a friend outside of the other young heroes would probably be really good for him, and idk about Perdita, but she probably doesn't have a lot of friends either.


  • Wally's surprised by the first letter, but it doesn't take long before he and Perdita are regular penpals.

  • Wally visits Perdita in Vlatava.

Roy Harper/Lex Luthor
Lbr, this relationship would be so fucked up, but I love that. I really enjoyed their sort of face off in 1x10 and how Lex just seemed really amused by Roy. Honestly, I think he finds him kind of adorable. I'd love to see something about their relationship developing from there and Roy's conflicted feelings about it. He's not exactly one to make good life choices lbr. And I think Lex would probably be quite willing to go after him if necessary to get what he wants.


  • Lex is Roy's sugar daddy

  • The Light wins and Lex gets to keep Roy.

  • While Clone Roy is unaware what’s going on thanks to his code word, Lex takes advantage.

Tim Drake & Barbara Gordon & Dick Grayson & Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake & Dick Grayson
I've been really into Batfam lately and I'd love to see more of them interacting in YJ. I especially wish we'd gotten to see more of Tim and Barbara, and any of their relationships with Bruce. I'd love to see them training or doing their day to day in Gotham or like... just doing some sort of bonding stuff. I feel like Bruce became more aware of trying to be a good father figure after seeing Clark failing with Connor, so him trying to figure out the best way to deal with all of these kids would be really cool. Out of all of them I think Tim is my favorite, but honestly they're all great, so feel free to focus on any of them in any combination.


  • Batfam going out to dinner but being interrupted by a supervillain.

  • Batkids going undercover at a gala event as their secret identities.

  • Bruce doing bonding activities with each of the kids.

  • Batkids play pranks on Bruce.



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