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About Meme

Snagged from mahmfic :)

💍 Marriages:

💔 Divorces:
Also nope lol

🍼 Children:
And again, nope. And not planning to have any in the future either.

🐦 Pets right now:
Two dogs!  Tessa and Hagrid, and I love them very much :)

👩🏼⚕️ Surgeries:

✒ Tattoos:
Not yet... I have Plans though.

👂🏼 Piercings:
Just one in each ear. I have Plans for more of those too though.

✋🏼 Quit a job:
Every one I've ever had :D But no really. I was an office assistant at a chiropractic for several years and I quit to concentrate more on college. Then I had a job at a library that I quit when my sibling died bc I couldn't deal with going back. I would have quit anyway bc it was a miserable job where I was a temp doing full time work without any of the benefits, but that was the impetus.

🌴 Been to an Island:
Yes! I went to Japan in 2012, which is a country entirely of islands lol I've also been to South Padre Island, but I'm not really sure if it's an island or that's just the name so.

🚘 What do you drive:
Ford Taurus. Her name is Mina :D

✈️ Flown on a plane:
Several times! Most of them post 2012 and to California lol

🍹 Favorite Drink:
I love cinnamon tea and I have several kinds I drink pretty much dialy. Alcohol wise, I really enjoy Long Island Iced Teas even though they're apparently trashy.

❤ Fallen in love:
Only in the Hozier "I fall in love just a little ol' little bit // Every day with someone new" way.

💔 Been cheated on:
Nope, bc I've never dated...

🚑 Rode in ambulance:
Thankfully no. I couldn't afford that shit lol

🎤 Sang karaoke:
A couple times! I think my first time was in Japan, which was pretty exciting bc they had an interesting collection of songs lol I actually heard a new American song for the first time there bc it had just come out.

❄ Ice skating:
I'm not very good at it, but I've ice skated several times. And I love watching! The winter Olympics are so much fun :D I've actually been reobsessing lately and trying to watch more bc as much as I love it, I don't know a whole lot about it. Young me would be so disappointed bc as a kid I really wanted to be a figure skater.

🏄 Been surfing:
Nope. I don't like the ocean and I prob don't have that much balance anyway.

🚢 Been on a Cruise:
Nope. My mom keeps saying someday we'll go on one, but it hasn't happened yet. Idk if I'd even want to...

🏍 Rode on a motorcycle:

🏍 Own a motorcycle:
No again.

🐴 Rode on a horse:
When I was really little I think, but I don't remember it.

😲 Almost died:
There've been a couple "almost got hit by a car" things, but that's the closest I guess. Plus below hospital stay.

🏥 Stayed in a hospital:
When I was in 5th grade I was there for a couple of days bc I had a major asthma attack. I hadn't eaten or drunk anything in three days because my throat was so inflamed, and my breathing was so shallow you couldn't tell I was breathing just by looking. Not fun times lol

🍑 Favorite fruit:
I'm honestly not a big fruit person. Plums maybe?

🌓 Favorite Day:
Hmm Friday I guess? Bc that means it's the start of the weekend, where I don't have to work and I can usually hang out with my friends.

🌈 Favorite color:

📲 Last phone call:
I honestly have no idea bc it was so long ago. My mom maybe? I try my best not to talk on the phone lol

📱 Last text:
My dad.

💀 Watch someone pass:
Thankfully no.

🍵 Coffee or Tea:
Both! I prob drink tea more often though.

🍽🍰 Favorite pie:
Once I made this peanut butter pie with chocolate cookie crust and it was divine. I should make that again...

🍕 Favorite pizza:
For frozen, Daiya cheese pizza is my go to. If I'm going out, it's to Blaze and I usually get artichokes, roasted garlic, roasted red peppers, and mushrooms.

🐶 Cats or dogs:
I like both, but I'm definitely more of a dog person.

🌞 Favorite Season:
Fall! I like the somewhat cooler weather and the leaves changing colors.

🎃 Favorite holiday:
Halloween!! I love the costumes and the decoration and the excuse to ask strangers for candy :D



🍼 Children:
And again, nope. And not planning to have any in the future either.

Thank god I'm not alone. Same. And now that I get the 3-month-injection it's not possible anymore anyway :P

I try my best not to talk on the phone lol

Me too, and usually I don't even pick up, but my dad calls me every day and he would go crazy if I didn't answer, so there's that, but usually it's mostly him and my friend Katharina who I talk on the phone with. Prefer writing. Whatsapp and the likes :P


Yeah, usually my mom is the only one who calls me on the phone. I'll answer, I just don't like to lol
I have a friend that just got back from Japan and now I'm having major envy. The candy and sweet treats looked amazing!
They really are! Nobody does sweets like Japan tbh. Makes me wish I could go back lol

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