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Fandom Snowflake Challenge Day 1

Day 1

In your own space, talk about your Happy Place—the things that give you joy, calms you or keeps you sane.

I don't think I have a physical place for a happy place other than just anytime I get to hang out with a lot of my friends, whether it's a game night or at a con or whatever. I love being surrounded by the people I love no matter what we're doing, and it's never a long enough time for me no matter how long it is. Otherwise, the things that make me really happy are quiet Sunday mornings where I don't have to interact with other people, a warm mug of vegan hot chocolate with whipped cream, getting really into a good book, cuddling with my dogs... These are a few of my favorite things :)

In terms of fandom, my happy places is sweet, fluffy fic that's tropey and has low stakes. One of my favorite things to read when I'm not feeling up to whatever is Bucky/Sam fic bc as many issues I have with MCU (and MCU fandom, often), I love their banter and how much chill, happy fic there is for them. Fanfiction is often a place I go to to get away from how shitty the real world is, and so while I read a huge variety of fic, that sort of easy fluff is the stuff that I go to over and over again and which really makes me feel happy.


Fanfiction and for me personally, TV-Shows, are a good place to shut off the world outside... I love it when I just can "dive in" and be in my own world for a bit :)
Definitely! My favorite shows lately are the ones where I can watch and forget everything else lol

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