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Fandom Snowflake Challenge Day 5

Day 5

In your own space, promote three communities, challenges, blogs, pages, Twitters, Tumblrs or platforms and explain why you love them.

I debated on this for a long time, which is why this is late. There are just so many I could promote! So I decided to do three in a few different catagories bc why not :D


  • chocolateboxcomm - Chocolate Box is a multifandom exchange for small works (word minimum is 300) with reveals on Valentine's Day. It's a fun, low stress exchange that really encourages treats. Sign ups are open until the 7th!

  • hp_halloween - HP Halloween is a Halloween themed double drabble exchange with a quick turn around. It realy encourages flexibility for both recipients and writers. I always have a lot of fun with it :)

  • yuletide_admin - I'm pretty sure pretty much everyone knows about Yuletide, but it's one of my favorite exchanges. Yuletide is an annual fic exchange for small fandoms, which means there's always a huge variety of rare and old fandoms to choose from. The last round just revealed recently, so there are literally thousands of awesome fics to read!


  • hp_drizzle - HP Drizzle is a weather themed prompt fest, which sounds a bit weird but is actually a lot of fun. There have been a lot of great fics and art to come out of it. The next round should start around April.

  • mini_fest - HP Mini Fest is an annual prompt fest for the December holidays. It's a very chill fest and the mods are great, so it's always a lot of fun to do. The latest round just recently ended, which means there are a ton of fantastic fics and art to check out!

  • ron_draco_fest - Ron/Draco Fest basically does what it says on the tin lol It's always a lot of fun and a lot of good fics and art for this fab ship come out of the fest every year. Claims are currently open!

Pillowfort Comms

  • FanRecs - FanRecs is a comm to rec all kinds of fanworks. I like this comm a lot (and post to it weekly lol), and I'd love to see more ppl reccing stuff and reccing more stuff than just fics!

  • TheBookClub - The Book Club is, well, a book club where participants vote on a new book to read every month. It's been fun to see what other ppl thought of the book and share my own feels. Plus it got me to (attempt to) read a book I'd been meaning to read for ages and to read a book I didn't think I'd like but ended up really enjoying, so it's been good for me :)

  • Symbrock - Symbrock is exactly what it sounds like, a comm for Symbrock fans. I fell hard for this ship after seeing Venom, and obviously a lot of other ppl did too, so it's been one of the most fast moving comms I'm in.



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