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Fandom Meme

Snagged from author_by_night

1. Name one of your favourite characters: Voldemort

2. Name one of your favourite villains: like every character I like, see above Armitage Hux

3. One actor that you look up to and why: I am kind of in awe of Ezra Miller's fashion sense. Also Chris Pine has a lot of really interesting things to say, especially recently about sex, nudity, and society.

4. One actress that you look up to and why: Anne Hathaway. She does a lot of really good social and charity work, and in general she just seems like a really smart, kind person.

5. Favourite episode from any show you watch? (Or just an episode you love) I'll go with Young Justice 1x18 Secrets since I talked about that recently!

6. Favourite show and why? This is hard bc I watch a lot of tv, but probably the one closest to my heart is The Following. Which is probably a bit fucked up considering it's about serial killers and cults, but you know, that's kind of my thing...

7. If you could live in any fictional universe which one would you live in? The Last Witch Hunter! I really really love the magic and witches in that.

8. Name 3 OTPs: Harrymort, Kylux, and McShep are some of the long lasting ones

9. One character you have a crush on: I... don't think there are any? There are plenty of characters I love, just not in a crush sort of way I guess.

10. One of your favourite fandoms to be in and why? Pinto! I have met so many fantastic people, and it's in general a chill, fun place to be. Many of my best fandom experiences, esp irl ones, have been bc of Pinto. Love mah beans <3

11. Describe (insert show here) in three words. Hannibal: Courting via murder.

12. Favourite book: Rn it's Darius the Great is Not Okay by Adib Khorram bc hot damn it was good.

13. One band that you love? To the surprise of everyone, I'm sure, Ludo lol

14. Favourite cast: Probably the Stargate Atlantis cast. They're pretty great individually and I've heard good things about them from when they were filming.

15. If you were a fictional character in (insert universe here) what would you probably be doing and what life do you think you would have? Let's go with The Witch Hunter from the earlier question. I like to think I'd be a witch and hopefully a non-dead friend of Chloe's lol Idk what kind of witch I'd be...

16. Who do you think is a misunderstood character? Hmm I dunno. I'm a big fan of villains so I guess I could talk about any of them, but the one that's coming to mind is Dumbledore. Who is considered a wonderful, good character by the majority but who I think is the true villain of Harry Potter for many reasons.

17. Which character do you wish you were siblings/best friends/dating with? I wanna be friends with AOS Jim Kirk. He sounds like he'd be fun :D

18. Which Hogwarts house are you in? Slytherin! I usually get sorted Ravenclaw, but Slytherin is my choice.

19. What are three things you've learned from one of the shows you watch? Love is painful. Most of your problems can be solved through murder. Someone is always lying... I didn't say they were good lessons lol

20. If you could be a writer for any show you wish, how might you develop the plot/characters? I think I would have been fantastic as a writer on Teen Wolf bc imo the meta I wrote for the show was so much better than what actually happened lol See my ideas for magic!Stiles, Peter raising the Hales from the dead, faking Victoria's death, Mr. Lahey murdering Mrs. Lahey, the kanima master being dead...

21. What's one of your favourite quotes from a show you watch? "Here we are, a bunch of psychopaths helping each other out." -- Freddie Lounds in Hannibal

22. Favourite type of AU? I honestly love almost all types of AU. Fake relationship is my most favorite thing, though I also very much enjoy coffee shop AUs.

23. Write a brief headcanon for one of your OTPs: Not one I mentioned in the earlier question, but Joe/Ryan is still one of my many OTPs. So at the end of The Following (spoilers if you haven't seen it), Joe is executed and Ryan fakes his death to like... protect his family or whatever. The whole third season, Joe talks about him and Ryan being soulmates, and my headcanon is that they literally were. And not just that, but the kind of soulmates that when one dies, the other dies very soon afterward. I think that Ryan didn't actually fake his death, he really did die on that bridge and it was his ghost visiting his family in the hospital afterward. I mean we saw dead!Joe anyway, so I think that once Joe was killed, Ryan just couldn't live much longer without his soulmate, as antagonistic as they had been. (Someday I will write this fic...)

24. What's one show you don't watch but you're still in the fandom? I don't think there are any shows I don't (or didn't) watch but I'm still in the fandom. Usually that's video game fandoms for me lol

25. Why do you love the shows you watch/books you read/fandoms you're in? I am a very character-centric person. I like canons with good characters and fandoms that really delve into those characters in fun and interesting ways. The fandoms I'm in are usually ones that I've really connected with a character or ship and just can't bear to give up after the canon.


I still consider "The Following" one of my Top 3 shows of all times and love to do occasional rewatches. Season 2 was my favorite, though, and the season that inspired me most to write and stuff... And Mike has always been my favorite!

Fake relationship is my most favorite thing

Depending on the fandom and stuff I would not exactly call that AU but yes :D

S2 was great, but I think s3 is my fave. Or maybe s1. Idk they're all great lol Emma was my favorite when it was airing, but I'm not sure who my fave is now. Maybe it's time for another rewatch?

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