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Graduation + Stuff

I'm finally graduated!! So happy I'm never going to high school again.

I just wish I would have skipped graduation... It was probably one of, if not the, most miserable days of my life. My family decided it would take us forever to get there and eat breakfast so we actually ended up getting there more than an hour before I was required to be there. We walked around a little to show my grandparents the campus since I'll be going to TCU next year anyway, but I didn't actually walk around that much. I let my brother pick which shoes I should wear and he picked the cutest ones but also the ones with the highest heels. I was already exhausted from A-Kon the day before (I'll post more about that later) and then my feet were hurting.

So after walking around a bit we went to the place we were supposed to actually have graduation. Graduates were supposed to wait outside underneath the bleachers. Without chair. For two fucking hour. In 100+ degree weather.

What. The. Fuck.

My feet and back were hurting, there were way too many people in one space which made it hotter, and the little water they had available tasted like dirt. Fun times, right?

More standing around ensued when we were finally allowed inside. The teachers and staff kept saying how wonderful we looked. Oh yea, I'm sure we looked just lovely with our make up melting all over our faces XD

I'll stop complaining about how awful graduation was now since I know no one actually cares XD But yea, horrible, miserable experience. I think I'll skip college graduation, thanks!


Prom was the weekend before last. I'll post more of that when I finish with some pictures. I can't wait to show off my dress cuz I think it looks pretty spiffy :D

A-Kon was also this weekend. I'll post about it as soon as I have pictures uploaded!


Congratulations, although it's too bad that it wasn't fun. And I can't wait to see pictures!
Thank you :D

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