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Finally my prom update XD

So prom was weekend before last. I made my own dress for it for a contest held by Jo-Ann Fabric. I think it turned out quite well :D

Prom itself was quite dull. The food was good but other than that yaoisakka and I just sat around talking about other people's clothes then I taught her how to make paper cranes for {...} :D

I think I must be under some strange misconceptions about prom. I thought it was supposed to be nice, fancy dresses and slow dancing, etc. Like, elegant, ya know? That was so not what prom was. It was more of a hoochy-dress contest at some points and mostly loud, fast, sweaty music. Ah well, it was quite amusing checking out the other girls horrid wardrobe choices.

And now for your reading pleasure (?),  I present my Top 10 Disasters and Top 10 Winners! There were a lot of disasters to choice from but I eventually narrowed it down. Faces are blocked out to protect the innocent (?). All pictures ganked from flashphotography.com :D

10. This girl looked like she escaped from the circus, seriously.

9. You can't really tell from this picture but we thought this dress looked like a cross between a peacock and a jellyfish. The streamer like things hung down and were like attached at the side. She apparently made it herself?

8. Stained glass windows made out of sequins!

7. I think the container of sprinkles exploded...

6. Does that not look like some sort of spaceship??

5. yaoisakka dubbed this the swim suit dress.

4. This dress seems to be made of something akin to tinsel...

3. Oh look, the zebra got peed on!

2. And now we have the Native American Reject

1. Is that mold growing on your dress?


10. This was just an elegant looking dress despite how short it had to be.

9. Reminds me of fire :D

8. The bunching in the skirt really made it look nice.

7. Just a very pretty, bright dress.

6. Elegant and very pretty.

5. this dress was really amazing. It had a full hoop skirt and looked great!

4. Reminds me of the night sky.

3. I usually don't like dresses like this, but I quite liked this one.

2. I think she looked like a princess in this dress.

1. This is actually one of my friends. I almost didn't recognize her when she walked in.



...Wow. When I had my prom, I did full on pink silk, and full white gloves. I wanted to look like Monroe. Not like a zebra. Or worse.
Yea, I thought my dress was going to be a bit plain but I just can't imagine wearing some of the stuff the other girls wore XD

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