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Finally getting around to my A-Kon run down XD

A-Kon this year was very different for me. I had graduation on Saturday so we only went Friday and Sunday and didn't stay in the hotel. I liked A-Kon and I had fun, but it just wasn't the same.

I took a lot fewer pictures this year but still ended up with like 200. We also went to the Kuroshitsuji shoot which was awesome as usual and I got some great pictures <3 Only got a few pictures of other cosplayers but some of those are pretty epic as well. You can find all the pictures I took here and the ones on dA here.

The highlight of the weekend, though, was getting to meet Tessa Stone, a.k.a. rocketess , a.k.a. the most awesome creator of Hanna is Not a Boy's Name. I think I was the second person at her table once she got set up and I squeed and got to shake her hand and it was just so so so so awesome!! XD I got some buttons and both volumes of the comic which she doodled Worth and {...} in!! <3 <3

Went to both steampunk panels which were really cool. I'm so excited to make some steampunk stuff for myself! One of the guys on Sunday had this backpack thing which dispensed tea with the tap in his cane! It was so freaking awesome!

Also went to both gaia panels. There were pretty cool I guess. I got some coupon things for free items and gold but they're not working. Hopefully the staff will get back to me soon about that D:

Mm... what else? Sunday was pretty uneventful. Most of my friends didn't want to go but my dad hung with us which was slightly awkward, though not nearly as awkward as I'd feared it would be. I did have to stay far away from anything yaoi though XD

I ended up spending a lot less money than usual which is good but I still came out with some awesome goodies including earrings, prints, a free blond wig that makes me look like Lady Gaga, and of course all my awesome Hanna stuff.

Oh! And yaoisakka , Sarah, and I got registered for a table in the Artist Alley at AFest!! So we'll be selling goodies there in September :D

So yea, A-Kon was good. One con down for this year, three more to go! :faint:



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