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101 in 1001

I finally decided to sit down and finish writing out my list of goals. So today is my first day, only 1000 more to go! I'll be tracking my progress at mission101 , my Day Zero account,and my listography account as well as here. If you have any ideas for the last few goals, please tell me!

Start Date: June 26, 2010
End Date: March 23, 2013

1. Finish a rough draft manuscript of my 2007 NaNo.
2. Submit something for publishing.
3. Back up all fics.
4. Label all fics fully at all postings.
5. Cross-post all finished original writing.
6. Complete NaNoWriMo.
7. Finish ongoing fics (0/4)
8. Finish the script for webcomic.
9. Submit something to a contest.
10. Post each monthly book review by the 15th of the following month (0/33)
11. Add all previous book reviews to goodreads.
12. Keep goodreads current.
13. Read 101 new books (0/101)
14. Read 10 books I already own but haven't read (0/10)

15. Organize lj entry tags.
16. Organize story ideas.
17. Organize dA favorites.
18. Organize lj memory tags.
19. Organize my music collection.
20. Organize google bookmarks.
21. Organize original writing.
22. Purge juno email.
23. Purge Facebook friends.
24. Clean out my closet.

25. Stop drinking soda.
26. Get down to 150lbs (loose 50/60)
27. Do 100 push ups challenge
28. Stretch 3 times a week (0/143)
29. Go vegetarian.
30. Brush my teeth every day for a month (0/30)
31. Meditate once a week for 3 months (0/12)
32. Get a professional massage.
33. Answer “50 Questions that will Free your Mind” (0/50)
34. Score 100 on the clean sweep assessment.

35. Learn to ice skate better.
36. Learn to cartwheel.
37. Learn to play the bass guitar.
38. Take a dance class.
39. Learn to be ambidextrous.

Charity/Volunteer/For Others
40. Donate $101 (0/101)
41. Volunteer 101 hours (0/101)
42. Donate 100,000 grains of rice at FreeRice (0/100,000)
43. Send a military care package.
44. Participate in 10 swaps on swap-bot (0/10)
>45. Send 10 postcards via postcrossing (0/10)
46. Release 10 books via bookcrossing (0/10)
47. Leave 10 inspirational notes inside books for someone to find (0/10)
48. Bake something randomly to give to someone.
49. Send 10 birthday cards (0/10)
50. Send 10 handwritten letters (0/10)

51. Put away $5 for each completed task.
52. File for a business tax license.
53. Sell something online that I made.
54. Pay off my library fines.

55. Attend a book/SF/fantasy convention.
56. Attend a music festival.
57. Travel to another country.
58. Attend a wrock concert where Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls is playing.
59. Go to Scarborough Fair.
60. Get my fortune told, palm read, or visit a psychic
61. Take part in a scavenger hunt.
62. Go to a museum.
63. Go to a zoo.
64. Go to a costume party.
65. Visit somewhere that's haunted.
66. Host a tea party.
67. Finish watching Kuroshitsuji season 1.
68. Watch all the episodes of Better Off Ted.
69. Watch a popular musical live.
70. Take pictures in a photobooth.
71. Meet an online friend in person.
72. Try out 5 new recipes (0/5)

73. Knit a scarf.
74. Make one article of clothing for myself that isn't cosplay.
75. Make a scrapbook.
76. Finish two cosplays.
77. Make a custom recipe book.
78. Make an FST.
79. Complete the 100_snapshots  challenge (0/100)

For Myself
80. Get a tattoo.
81. Get a piercing.
82. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years.
83. Write a letter to myself to be read upon graduating from college.
84. Write a letter to myself to be opened at the end of the 1001 days.
85. Create an inspirational quotes book.
86. Decrease my fear of water.
87. Take a nature walk and record everything.
88. Keep in touch with old friends.

89. Apply to hogwartsishome.
90. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go.
91. Get photoshop.
92. Stay in the honors college.
93. Go 24 hours without electricity.
94. Check out flying lessons.
95. Plant something.
96. Vote in a national election.
97. Write something in a public restroom.


Possible ideas:
Finish a cosplay
Make a cosplay video
Cosplay to a convention

Good luck on these. It's tempting to do it myself, but I'd never finish it. Some of these (like finish the webcomic script) I can help with.^.^ Good luck!
Thanks and thanks for the ideas :D Yea, definitely not finishing the script on my own, but this should encourage me to work on it so you're not doing all of it XD

And nice icon XD
x.x I forgot to change it back after pirate week. Someone in the gryff common room went through and turned everyone's icons into pirates. I actually just went and changed it back.

Meh, I wouldn't be finishing it on my own anyways. I'd just annoy you till you went and worked on it some. >D Also, apply for that tax permit thing soon! Cause it took them a while to get it to me, and you HAVE to have it by the convention or you can't sell stuff... (Speaking of which, have you started working on stuff to sell?)
lol But I haven't been working on it much and it makes me feel bad XD

Er no... I will soon, I promise! I just need to clear enough space in my room to actually do anything...
Then go work on it now!! ^.^ I actually found like 3 pages of script that were missing from one of my spirals. I'll have to type it up later.

Uh huh. Go clean soon! (You should add make convention inventory to your list... -glare-) I will laugh if you forget to make stuff/make it the night before.... right before I give you a 40 minute lecture on not procrastinating/have a panic attack or 12 (Cause I know I'll already be having one about the time of Afest... x.x )
I actually have a page that I found earlier that I need to type up...

I'll have some!! I will... I will... XD
Uh huh... Oh well... I have all summer to annoy you and get you to make stuff. ^.^ Speaking of which I need to go send an email to you and Sarah... perhaps in a few days... >D
Oh god... About what?
Afest booth ^.^ Nothing serious. Just check in, a few reminders, a few ideas...
Ok good XD

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