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Just watched the new Deathly Hallows trailer... The whole time I was going "WTF is this shit?" and "When the heck did that happen?" and "I don't remember that..." XD

Am I just that forgetful of the last book?!? As much as it pains me to say this, I must go reread it... What the heck, I'll just read the whole series again XD It'll psych me up for Infinitus!! <3 Which I am so stoked for btw. Gah I can't wait!!

So in other news I'm leaving town tomorrow morning and probably won't have any internet until I'm back next Monday. I shall miss you all D: Oh and have a good 4th of July, my American compatriots :D See you all next week!


It seems as close to the book as I remember (and I only finished rereading it the other day).

The bit with Voldemort and Harry "Why do you live?" certainly didn't happen, and the snake attacked in Bagshot's house, not a baby's nursery (which I'm assuming is the Potters' house).

I love all the dead bodies lying around during the final battle.
I guess I just don't remember very well. I read it once the day it came out and haven't looked at it since XD

I do clearly remember the snake part so that did confuse me, yea. Mostly I was trying to figure out what was supposed to be happening in some of the shots, like when Hermione's walking down the street by herself.

I didn't even notice the bodies until you mentioned it and I watched it again. Way to pay attention, self XD
I think that Hermione part is where they actually show her modifying her parents' memories, because there was a tiny picture released months ago that showed her in her muggle bedroom (the icon I'm using).

Haha, I noticed the bodies in the screencaps released yesterday. I was trying to see if any of them actually moved while watching the trailer.
Ahh that makes sense. I hadn't seen that picture!

I wish I would have seen the screencaps before! I should go find them I guess, it's easier than trying to pause the trailer in the right place so I can examine it XD
Go to dhmoviepics. They have everything within minutes of it coming online.
Awesome, thanks!

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