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Infinitus + St. Augustine + MetroCon

So finally an update on my trip to Florida! I am so lazy XD And sorry it it sounds a bit... odd, I'm kind of out of it at the moment XD

Well first off, the whole trip was kind of crazy and there was wayyyyy too much driving and car problems. The first night we were driving out we hit a dog that we later found out was already dead. It was a big greyhound and ended up totally the car and we had to rent a new one. It rained most of the way there too, which was not fun. But we finally made it to Orlando and checked in and everything and got to Infinitus on Saturday morning.

Infinitus was... not what I'd expected. It took us a long time to find where the actual convention was because there were hardly any signs very few people there that morning. The vendor room had some interesting stuff but it was rather small. I did get some awesome t shirts though, just waiting for them to come in! There were, however, tons of panels. At some points we had to decide between like five for which to go to... We ended up going to a slash panel that was pretty interesting and a lot of fun and a panel on Dumbledore and Snape that was kind of dull but had some interesting points. We also watched a few minutes of a quidditch match before we left.

So left Orlando and went to a beach house in St. Augustine. The house was gorgeous and rather spacious, but it had a few problems like the toilet stopping up the first night there and the balcony door to our room not closing all the way. miki_rue , yaoisakka , and I ended up sharing a bed but it was plenty big and it was pretty fun just hanging out all together. We made a mess though, almost the entire week there were dirty dishes, trash, clothes, and wet towels just strewn around the room XD Anyway, we went to the beach I think every day were there. The first day we all got horrible sunburns and I still have a few sores on my back from where it peeled. That was not fun!

We went to the touristy street one of the days and it was pretty fun. Most of it was junky tourist stuff that we had no interest in and a lot of it was jewelry stores, but there were some good places as well. We stopped for lunch at this little, out of the way Spanish bakery and it was great! One other evening we went on a ghost tour. St. Augustine is apparently one of the most haunted places in the US so we figured we should go on a tour while we were there. They took us to an old pharmacy, a cemetery, an old Spanish war hospital, and the Ripley's museum. They gave us little EMF readers and disposable cameras, but I used my own camera. Sometime I'm going to take the time mess with the pictures and see if I got anything. Sadly we didn't see any ghosts, but it was still fun.

Last weekend we went to MetroCon in Tampa. I was really disappointed in it. It's supposed to be the biggest convention in the area, but I think it was smaller than AFest, which I consider to be pretty small. There also weren't any signs and we had a bit of trouble getting our badges. The dealer room was alright, but it was small and there was no food! No pocky, no ramune, no Hello Panda, no anything! That was probably one of the most frustrating things XD The Artist Alley was also pretty small and no one really had anything that I was very interested in. One thing that I kind of did like was that there were a lot more cosplayers and people dressed up than at cons here. There were like no photoshoots though, which mad me sad. I was so hoping for a Kuroshitsuji photoshoot!

They also had a lot more panels I think. We went to nightshadeULF's FFVII AC Q&A which was interesting, a fanfiction panel where we wrote a round robin fic (miki_rue  and yaoisakka  tried to get into the Hetalia World Conference panel then but didn't get in), a steampunk panel that was very dissapointing compared to A-Kon's from last year, and  a webcomic panel that was so boring yaoisakka  and I left. We also went to a Demyx Time panel which was AWESOME! Before it started people were bringing up gifts and stuff so they had piles of junk on the table in front of them XD The panel was really funny and interesting and Parle Productions did an awesome job with it. Sitting in line for the panel was kind of a pain, but I brought some hand sewing stuff to work on!

We finally made it home Monday night and I think I'm still recovering from the lack of sleep XD We decided that Texas has spoiled us. We have amazing cons here, we have tap water that doesn't smell like sewage, it's hot and humid but not like it's going to choke you when you walk out the door, and it doesn't smell like sewage everywhere you walk. It was a nice vacation, but I still love Texas best! <3

I think that's all I have to say about that at the moment... I've been trying to work on stuff for our AFest table, but I'm still feeling a bit behind. I finished a Harry Potter plushie yesterday though! He's so adorable. I'll post a picture sometime, maybe tomorrow.\

Oh and here are my pictures from Infinitus, St. Augustine and the ghost tour, and MetroCon.


I can't wait to see the picture! ♥

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