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Harry Potter Plushie

I made this Harry Potter plushie last week as a sort of practice for making plushies for AFest. I really like how he turned out though!! So adorable XD I'll probably make some more (Ron, Hermione, etc., and other characters from other series) and sell Harry and the others. I'm really bad at pricing though. Any suggestions for how much I should charge for them? I think it took me maybe 4 hours to make Harry, including painting time and everything.


I don't know how much time and what type of materials went into making them, so I wouldn't be able to help you with a price..(I make/sell jewlery myself, so I know how labor can be a factor in pricing) But I would totally buy these from you... Especially if you made a Tom Riddle and Voldemort one... Don't forget to add shipping after the price...

It's just felt and acrylics, so the materials aren't that expensive, and I think he took 3-4 hours to make including painting.

And I'm totally planning on making a Voldie one <3 How much would you be willing to pay for one, not including shipping since that shouldn't be too much? (And I think I saw you live in Allen, TX? That's not far from me so we could probably arrange a pick-up if you wanted one!)
Man, I'm not sure how much... I would actually love to buy a set of them actually... The trio, Draco and Tom/Volie...
but I have no clue what would be a good price.

Oh, and I live in McAllen, TX which located at the very tip of Texas, near the Mexican border, so you would probably have to ship them, which wouldn't be too much I would think
... Give me till November and I can probably buy a few of them... I get a bonus check then, and they would look great in my room.
Alrighty! :D I'm thinking I'll probably sell them for $10 each, though I may do a discount for buying more than one.

haha Two letters makes a big difference XD But shipping shouldn't be too much, they're pretty light.

Just contact me when you want to order them!

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