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AFest 2010 Recap

So I'm finally getting around to this... Seems like a lot more than a week since then XD

As I said before, I had a table in the Artist Alley with yaoisakka and Sarah. My brother zorro_royal and Sarah's sister (she was selling her jewelry. She has some awesome stuff!) helped watch it. My brother and I didn't get there until like 5pm so they worked the table most of the day and my stuff didn't get put out until pretty late. Nobody sold much on Friday but it was still fun since we'd never done a table before.

That night yaoisakka and I worked madly to finish our cosplays (Nina Hopkins and Madame Red from Kuroshitsuji, respectively) and I tried to finish my other three plushies. Well... there was a lot of complaining and throwing pieces of clothing around at least XD The next morning we got up early, set up the table, left Sarah (since her Ciel costume was already done) and zorro_royal in charge of it, and went back to frantically trying to throw our cosplays together for a photoshoot. We got them at least good enough to go to the shoot XD

So we went to the meet up spot for the photoshoot and sat around for quite awhile. It was pretty fun just talking and hanging out but when we finally went up to the place we were going to take pictures we didn't have much time. The three of us had to leave pretty quickly to take over the table so they decided on a photoshoot for that night.

We sat around for a bit then realized we had missed the pattern making panel we'd meant to go to. Sad times indeed D: Instead we changed out of our cosplays and sat around for awhile more. Eventually we packed up and changed back into our cosplays for the photoshoot. yaoisakka didn't really want to go since we were tired and she didn't think anyone would recognize her character, but we went and as soon as we came in someone recognized her :D I was the only Madame Red so I got asked for hugs a few times and even pictures. It was awesome! ^.^

That night was the 18+ Anime Dating Game and Sarah had signed up for it so yaoisakka and I went to watch. We were near the front of the line which was awesome even though we had to sit and wait for quite awhile. The panel was pretty good, especially the first few rounds. I got a video of the round Sarah was in too. Oh and Really Tall Axel <3, a cosplayer we stalk really like was MCing as Axel in drag. His skirt was really short and he was wearing tights... Now THAT was so worth being up at 2 in the morning! XD

So didn't get a lot of sleep that night and woke up later than we'd intended the next morning. Cue frantic rushing around to get everything ready. That day I did a lot of sitting around and thinking that I should be doing something constructive while yaoisakka attempted to make her fingers bleed by crocheting for 5 hours straight XD Sarah had to leave that afternoon which was sad but her sister brought us two pokeball plushes she'd made that she said we could have and even brought yaoisakka and I each a pair of earrings for letting her sell her stuff at our booth. She's so sweet! You really should go check out her website.

We went to the cosplay skit contest that night which Really Tall Axel was also MCing. There were some really good skits. One of the last ones, a Kingdom Hearts one, was just... amazing. It made me want to cry, it was so good. After the last skit, one of the cosplayers came back up and asked one of the other ones to come up as well. Then they proposed!! It was so so sweet!

I wanted to go to the rave that night but yaoisakka and my brother both fell asleep so I didn't get to D:

Monday was pretty dull. Not very many people there and nothing really to do. I did homework for awhile cuz I'm such a good student (haha yea right XD) then decided to blow some bubbles that I'd brought since I was horribly bored. This little kid, maybe 2 or 3, wearing a dinosaur costume thing came up and started swatting at the bubbles. It was so cute! His mom said she should take a video and put buildings in the background like Godzilla XD

Bought my brother a present and divided up money. I made more than I'd expected but I hope for the next con I can make even more if I have more plushies. Poor Hermione didn't sell, no one wanted her XD Did get a commission for some star hair clips that I'll probably send out later today. I think they turned out pretty cute, I'll post pictures later. While I wasn't at the table a couple people apparently asked about plushie commissions and yaoisakka gave them my info so hopefully they'll contact me soon. Either way I'll probably open plushie commissions in a week or so!

So I think that's about it... You can see my pictures from AFest here and all the pictures here.


It sounds like you had fun!
Definitely! ^.^

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