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NaNoWriMo Day 1

Feel like I'm posting a lot today... oh well.

I've decided that I'll post what I write for NaNoWriMo daily as an encouragement to myself to keep writing. I'll only be posting it here on lj and it will be totally unedited. Someday some of it might end up edited and reposted but for now have it as I write it!

Today I offer a bit of unfinished Harry/Phineas and two Tom/Harrys, one of which is mpreg. Enjoy!

Prompt: Harry James Potter/Phineas Nigellus Black; Compromise

Harry Potter was extremely annoyed. He needed information and the only one who give it to him, Phineas Nigellus Black, was not being cooperative in the least.

“Phineas, will you please just tell me how to get into the Black family vault?” Harry shouted, beyond frustration. He had been looking for a way to get into the vault for more than two weeks, ever since he had found out about the treasure trove of books written in Parsletongue housed there.

“If you are as smart as you seem to think you are,” Phineas replied, glaring from his painting, “you would be able to get in by yourself. It will do you good to actually use the brain in your head, not the one in your pants.”

Harry flushed a bright shade of red. He was not aware that Phineas knew about his many affairs. He was a young man, and extremely famous all over thewizarding world, so he had almost constant suitors and he gave into the advances of many of them. It wasn’t a crime, but it was embarrassing to be found out by someone like Phineas.

“I do think with my brain!” he retorted, face still red. “I just... can’t figure it out. Can’t you just tell me?” he asked again, voice trailing off into what might be called a whine.

Phineas raised one painted eyebrow. The Gryffindor seemed desperate to know. He was silent for a few minutes, considering all the options.“I will tell you,” he began, glaring at the black haired man when he looked ready to shout in excitement, “on one condition.”

Harry became immediately cautious. He was dealing with a Slytherin, an old and extremely wily one at that, and it would not do to fall for any tricks. “What is the condition?”

[Insert here: Phineas telling Harry to masturbate (because that would be hilarious), Harry refusing but giving in because he really wants to get into the vault and get those books, Harry masturbating, Phineas telling Harry how to get into the vault (I have no idea how)]


Prompt: Harry James Potter/Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Lord Voldemort; Just let me see him!

Harry struggled to get out of the bed as Ron and Hermione tried to hold him down. “Just let me go! I need to see him!” he shouted, tears running down his face as he clawed at his one time friends.

Ron and Hermione looked at one another then at Professor Dumbledore who stood a few feet to the side, watching with a worried look on his face. “Harry, my dear boy,” he said, taking a step forward, “I know you are upset and this can not be an easy situation to deal with, but you are safe now. He can not get to you here.”

“I do not want to be here! You brought me here against my will!” Harry wailed, going limp in the hands that held him down.

“No, Harry,” Hermione whispered, reaching toward his face with one hand. She flinched as he pulled back, lip curled in disgust.

“I belong with him and I want to go back,” Harry said, voice hard.

Dumbledore sighed. “Harry, he kidnapped you and-”

He stopped abruptly as Harry sat up, snarling in rage. “He did not fucking kidnap me! I went to him of my own fucking will because he is the only one who actually gives a damn that I am more than the bloody Boy Who Lived!”

Ron opened his mouth to protest but closed it with a snap when Harry glared at him. Hermione just put a hand to her mouth, eye bright with unshed tears.

Harry looked around the Infirmary. Professor McGonagall stood by the door, white showing around her clenched lips. Professor Snape stood next to her and if Harry did not know any better he would have said that the Potions professor looked outright astonished. Madame Pomfrey stood in the doorway of her office and like Hermione, she held a hand to her mouth, surprised and horrified by the things he was saying. Dumbledore, now standing directly next to the bed, looked sad but Harry thought he could see a bit of anger in those still sparkling blue eyes.

“All of you see me as some sort of savior not as a person,” he whispered, putting up a hand when someone made a sound of protest. “You expect me to be this great wizard and kill Voldemort. But I can not... You all expect me to give up my freedom, to listen to you and do whatever you tell me to while you keep things from me. I may look like just a kid in your eyes but what you are expecting me to do...

“I never had a childhood, not really. I can not remember a time when I was really happy, when I felt like I really belonged and was cared for. He has given me that. Voldemort, he... he lets me be me. He does not expect me to be a savior or anything I am not. With him I am happy, really happy. And I... I love him.”

There was horrified gasping throughout the room and Ron had to catch Hermione as she fell over in a dead faint. Madame Pomfrey was outright crying and Professor McGonagall looked pale, like she would faint herself at any moment. Professor Snape was tense, both fists clenched. Professor Dumbledore looked surprised, though Harry couldn’t really see why.

“Harry,” Dumbledore said slowly, “Voldemort is not capable of love. He is just-”

Harry cut the headmaster off with an annoyed wave of a hand. “Yes, you have told me that before. But you do not know him like I do. These past few months...

“I thought he was a monster at first. He killed my parents and so many other people. He has done so many horrible, horrible things. But he has done them because he has something he believes in, just like you. The two of you may have very different feelings on a great many things, but I think you are also more alike than you realize.

“I thought the Death Eaters were just his minions, cowards that followed him out of fear. But that’s not true, at least not for most of them. They follow him because they believe in him, because he can make even the most difficult thing sound like the most simple. He knows how to talk to them and work with their strengths. He cares about them as more than just soldiers.

“He took me in when I came to him four months ago and never once tortured me or tried to kill me. He protected me from the Death Eaters. He listened to what I had to say and agreed that this war is nothing for someone to be forced into fighting, especially when they do not even know what they are fighting for.

“These few months he has let me be me and accepted me for who I am. It does not matter to him whether I fight or not, though I know he would kill me if I fought against him, just as you would kill his followers if they fought against you.

“I do not want to fight. I want the fighting to stop and I think the two of you can work it out, with or without the Ministry. But I do not really care about all that. All I care about is protecting what is precious to me. Voldemort is the most precious thing to me at the moment.”

He stopped, glancing sadly at Ron and the now conscious Hermione. “Ron, Hermione... You two have been my best friends for years and I love you dearly, I really do. But I have someone I love more, someone who also loves me for me, not just for the Boy Who Lived. And that is all I really want.”

The room was silent as Harry finished his declaration. Hermione was sniffling into Ron’s shoulder while he looked torn between disgust and resignation. McGonagall was wiping her eyes, a small smile on her face. Madame Pomfrey was smiling widely, tears still streaming down her face. Snape seemed somewhat amused, though there was also a wariness to his posture. Dumbledore sighed, running a hand through his beard. He opened his mouth to speak but shut it again, shaking his head.

The silence continued, Harry looking at each person in the room, willing them to understand where he was coming from. He did not even need them to accept, for he knew many would not, but he needed them to understand that he was not the same boy they had once known.

Minutes later Dumbledore looked up again, a wry smile on his face. “Harry, my dear boy, you have not chosen the easy path, have you?” he asked lightly, a knowing look in his eyes. Harry narrowed his eyes, unsure of what the old man meant, but kept silent. “If you and Voldemort are trully in love then I know there is nothing any of us can do and our displeasure will not change anything. But perhaps... Voldemort is not the man we once knew either. You have changed and I believe he too has changed. Perhaps all is not as lost as I feared it to be.”

Harry looked up at the headmaster, eyes widening, and Dumbeldore gave him a knowing nod. “Yes, Harry. I will not keep you two apart. Even an old man like me can see love this strong. And with your help I do believe this war may end very soon.”


5th year, Tom/Harry, Sirius find out. Bonus of Mpreg

Harry smiled as he walked the halls of Hogwarts, one hand rubbing absently over his belly. He still could barely believe that he was pregnant, that in about seven months he would be giving birth to a baby. He knew he was young, fifteen was really no age to be having a baby, but he knew his lover would be there through everything. And he might not have a real family but he had other people who...

He stopped in the middle of the corridor, eyes wide. Sirius, the Weasleys, Hermione... none of them knew he was pregnant. None of them knew who his lover was. And he knew that none of them would be very happy about it when they found out.

Taking deep breaths, trying to fight down his rising panic, Harry leaned against the wall, sliding down until he sat with his head bowed against his knees. He had known they would not be happy, might even hate him, when they found out who his lover was, but now that he was pregnant... Would they accept him and his baby? Would they hate him for his choices and just throw him away?

No, they could not , they would not. Or would they? Harry realized he really did not know. This was an entirely new situation and he did not know how to handle it.

At some point Harry looked up and realized that night had fallen, cloaking the corridor in darkness. He would have sworn he had only sat there a few minutes but by the looks of things it had been hours.

Suddenly he heard footsteps and a voice calling out his name. He recognized it as Hermione’s, though for some reason she sounded quite desperate. A moment later and she rounded the corner, running over as soon as she saw him.

“Harry!” she said, burying her face in his shoulder. He patted her on the shoulder somewhat awkwardly, unsure of why she was so upset. When she moved back he could see the glimmer of tears streaking her cheeks.

“What’s wrong, Hermione?” he asked, brows knitted in confusion.

“You were gone for hours is what is wrong!” she shrieked, looking at him as if he had lost his mind. “We had no idea where you were and no one could find you, even Professor Dumbledore did not know!” His mouth opened in a small “o” as he realized what was wrong.

He had left Hogwarts to go to his lover early in the morning, before the other boys had woken up, thinking he would be back around lunch. He had gotten sick and, worried, his lover had taken to a medi wizard where they had found out he was pregnant. That had kept him away well into the afternoon and then he had gone and zoned out in the hallway for who knew how long. No wonder everyone was worried, he had been gone for most of the day.

“I am sorry, Hermione,” he said, looking down sheepishly. “I guess I just... lost track of time.”

Hermione hugged him then held out hand to help him to his feet. “It is alright, now that I know you are alright. But you have some explaining to do when we get to Professor Dumbledore’s office! You should- Harry!” She suddenly stopped as they entered a more well lit corridor and noticed the dried tear tracks on his cheeks. She reached out a hand, face worried. “You were crying... what is wrong?”

Harry gulped. He had not anticipated having to tell anyone so soon. He took a deep breath to start but stopped. It would be better to do it all at once and not have to repeat himself. “Can it wait until we get to Professor Dumbledore’s office? It would be better if... if I told everyone all together.”

She looked at him again, clearly wanting to know what was going on, but nodded and continued walking, though her arm never moved from around his shoulders. If Harry was completely honest with himself he was glad to have the contact. What he had to do next would be hard.

Once in Professor Dumbledore’s office Harry deflected any questions about where he had been all day, merely saying that he had something very important to tell him, Ron, Hermione, and Sirius. Dumbledore must have seen something to make him realize the seriousness of the situation because Sirius was immediately sent for as the three students made small talk over steaming cups of tea.

When Sirius arrived he immediately gave Harry a cub. McGonagall, standing by the door, had obviously told him about Harry being missing for the day. Before Sirius could start interrogating the dark haired boy, however, Dumbledore cleared his throat, motioning everyone to take a seat. With a nod from Dumbledore, McGonagall took a seat as well.

“So, Harry, you have something you need to tell us all?” Dumbledore asked genially from behind his desk, fingers pressed together underneath his chin.

Harry nodded, swallowing hard and looking around. The others were looking at him, worry and expectation obvious on the faces. He took a deep breath and sat up straighter. “Yes, Professor Dumbledore. There are a few things that I think all of you should know. Before I start, though, I just want you to know that I am sorry I did not say anything before but I was not sure how to break the news.”

Dumbledore leaned forward, interest evident in his eyes. “This sounds very serious.”

“It is,” Harry replied, nodding again. “I suppose the thing I should start with is... well, I am not exactly sure how to say this except bluntly. I am pregnant.”

The room went silent, four pairs of eyes widening in surprise, though Dumbledore looked supremely unruffled. “You... what?” Sirius asked from Harry’s left, voice cracking slightly. Harry turned to see his godfather’s mouth opening in closing in shock. The sight was almost enough to make him smile but for the seriousness of the situation.

“I’m pregnant.” This time it came out a little stronger. “It was not planned but I am not sorry for it. I know I am young but I know I can be a good parent and I want my baby to have the best life possible, despite the circumstances.”

This made Dumbledore, sit back a little, head tilted slightly to the side as he regarded Harry. “Harry...” he began slowly, “who is the father?”

Harry gulped, looking down. “Well, that is actually the er... biggest thing.” He looked around the room. Harry and Ron were looking at him, wide eyed. McGonagall looked like she was fighting hard to keep her composure. Sirius looked flabbergasted.

“Harry...” Dumbledore said again.

“Yes, yes,” Harry returned, sighing. He closed his eyes for a moment then opened them, locking gazes with the elderly headmaster. “The father is... Voldemort.”

He could hear a gasp from McGonagall and a tiny shriek from Hermione. Sirius and Ron were both letting out little chocked sounding breaths. But Harry was looking only at Dumbledore.

The silver haired wizard’s only outward signs of any emotion were the tightness around his mouth and a tiny muscle spasming in one eyebrow. Moments passed in silence, no one saying a word, as the two looked at each other.

Finally, Dumbledore blinked his eyes and sighed. “My dear boy... how did this happen?” With a small, relieved sigh, Harry explained what had happened since the beginning of school.

In September he had started having visions of Voldemort, horrible visions of torture that left him tired and disgusted the day after. By the middle of the month they had died down, replaced by more and more visions of Voldemort in his daily life, dealing with paperwork and Death Eaters.

At some point Voldemort had become conscious of Harry watching. He had been angry at first, not knowing how it happened. By the end of the month the connection was being explored more and more and the two had even started conversing.

During the first Hogsmeade weekend in October, Harry snuck away to meet Voldemort in person. They had agreed to no violence, more interested in finding out about the connection and, if they were honest with themselves, each other.

The Dark Lord had given Harry a portkey at that meeting and he had been using it to visit Voldemort as often as he could. Their relationship began with curiosity about their connection but over the weeks it had morphed into something else, something infinitely better and more pleasing for them both.

Harry skipped the details of their encounters, sure the others would not want to hear about his romantic rendezvous’ with the Dark Lord. He instead talked about that morning, how he had gone to Voldemort, gotten sick, and found out he was pregnant.

Throughout his story, Harry’s audience was dead silent. He never looked away from Dumbledore, afraid to see the reactions of the others. When the story was over he bowed his head, waiting their judgement.

Dumbledore cleared his throat after a few minutes, drawing Harry’s eyes back to him. Dumbledore looked instead at McGonagall, giving her the barest hint of a nod. “Professor McGonagall, please escort Mr. Weasley and Mrs. Granger back to their dorm. It is well past curfew.”

“Professor Dumbledore...?” Hermione said, voice soft. He looked at her and she blushed, looking down. “Will Harry...” she trailed off as if unsure of what she was asking.

Dumbledore smiled. “He will join you after I have a few more words with you,” he replied kindly. With small nods the two left with Professor McGonagall and Harry was left alone with Dumbledore and Sirius.

“Well Harry, it seems you have had quite a year already,” Dumbledore said, smiling still. Harry nodded unsure of how to answer. “You will see Madame Pomfrey in the morning but for now I believe it is time for an old man such as myself to be in bed.” With a sweep of his bright blue robes he was out the door.

Harry looked down at the floor, not sure of what to do now. Sirius had not said a word and he was worried. Would his godfather be as accepting as the others seemed to have been?

“Pup...” a hoarse voice whispered, and Harry looked up. Sirius’ eyes were filled with tears and he held open his arms. With a relieved cry, Harry buried his face in the ex-convict’s chest.

“I know this was hard for you to tell us,” Sirius said, holding the boy close, “but I am glad you did. I... I may not like who you have chosen as your partner and that you will be a parent so soon, but, pup, I am so proud of you. And I know James and Lily would be too.”

Harry looked up, smiling with happiness and relief. They did not hate him, they had not thrown him away. Everything was all going to be ok.

Today's word count: 3478



This is Yaoisakka... too lazy to sign in and my password isn't working...

How the hell did you get such a high word count!!?! GUH! I'm going to beat you as soon as I'm back from class and have finished my project!

Now for a break in my rantage: I liked them! And there were surprisingly few misspellings for nanowrimo standards. ^.^ (You should totally write my severus/remus prompt next. >D )


This is Yaoisakka... too lazy to sign in and my password isn't working...

How the hell did you get such a high word count!!?! GUH! I'm going to beat you as soon as I'm back from class and have finished my project!

Now for a break in my rantage: I liked them! And there were surprisingly few misspellings for nanowrimo standards. ^.^ (You should totally write my severus/remus prompt next. >D )

Re: This is Yaoisakka... too lazy to sign in and my password isn't working...

Well those Tom/Harrys apparently just wanted to be written XD

Hey I wrote one of your prompts! The other may get written... I do like it XD

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