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NaNoWriMo Day 2

Today I give you a bit of Harry reminiscing about old flings and an unfinished Tom/Harry (I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow).

Prompt: Harry James Potter/Viktor Krum; On a scale of one to ten

Harry and Ron sat at the Muggle bar, a drink in front of each of them. They had been there for several hours already at least and were well on their way to being incredibly drunk. They watched the people dancing on the floor and a few couples making out along the dark, back wall and if either of them was being honest, they each were wishing they had someone to share the same experiences with. But they did not so there was not much they could do except talk and wish.

Ron turned to Harry after watching one particularly amorous couple stumble off to a back room. “So Harry, wanna play a game?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows in what he was sure was a suggestive fashion.

Harry looked at his red headed friend. He was slightly more sober and a bit wary of Ron’s suggestion of a game. He gave in though, if only to make Ron stop that obnoxious eyebrow wiggling.

“Alright!” Ron shouted, a bit more loudly than he had probably meant to. The barman glared at him, as did a few of the other patrons, but he was only cowed for a few minutes before he continued. “So the game. Rate all of the people you have ever had sex with on a scale of one to ten.”

Harry looked at his best friend incredulously. “I... what?” he asked, blinking hard. That was not like anything he had expected. “You want me to... rate the people I have had sex with?”

“Yeah! Come on, it will be fun,” the Ron encouraged, poking the black haired man in the side.

Shaking his head, Harry gave in, knowing Ron was not one to give up when he had made up his mind, especially when drunk. “Alright, alright. Well... My first was Cedric Diggory and he was nice and all but no more than a five.”

Ron snorted at that but waved Harry to go on. “Then there was Cho Chang. Ugh, that girl was just.... yeah. Three for her.” That had Ron laughing outright and even Harry had a bit of a smile on his face.

“Ok so after Cho was... Ginny I guess. Eight at least, that girl is a natural,” Harry continued, laughing when Ron glared at him. “Hey, your sister is hot, Ron. And there was this one time that-”

“God! I do not want to know about your sex life with my sister, thanks!” Ron practically shrieked, a horrified look on his face. He pouted as Harry continued to laugh.

“Right, right,” Harry chocked out, trying to contain his laughter. It took a few minutes but finally the giggles subsided and Ron lost his scowl. “So then was Ernie Macmillan. Six for him. Hannah Abbot, probably a six as well. That was right before I started playing for Puddlemere United.

“After that a few witches who I don’t remember. And a wizard too, but I was a bit drunk that night so I do not really remember. Then Victor Krum. He had to be-”

Ron’s shout of surprise interupted Harry’s musings and he stopped short, looking over at his friend. “Yes?” he asked, seeing the gobstruck look and feeling quite amused.

“You... you... you slept with Krum?!?!” Ron asked, voice a hoarse whisper.

Harry chuckled. “Yes, Ron,” he replied patiently. “I guess we might have even been dating for awhile there. But then his dad got sick and he went back to Bulgaria and we kind of lost touch...”

Ron was leaning forward at this point, apparently enthralled by Harry’s words. “Was he, ya know, good?” he asked, voice full of awe.

Harry smiled, clapping his friend on the shoulder. “A perfect ten if I ever saw one.”


Prompt: Harry James Potter/Lord Voldemort; extendable ears

Harry was not sure when he had gotten the idea to spy on Lord Voldemort, and he was even less sure of why he had thought it would be a good idea. And to say he knew why he thought using extendable ears would be the best option would be laughable.

But here he was, somewhere in Wales, in what he assumed was Lord Voldemort’s headquarters. There were Death Eaters everywhere, of that he was sure, and it looked fairly well lived in. It was actually quite a nice mansion except for the fact that it was the base for the Dark Order.

It had been painfully easy to find the place. He followed Draco Malfoy home over the Christmas holidays and skulked around their mansion for a few days until Lucius Malfoy got a call for a Death Eater meeting. With a handy tracking spell, courtesy of Hermione of course, he found his way to the meeting.

And that led him here, hiding in a darkened corner of a corridor, one end of an extendable ear in his ear while the other end hovered next to the crack under the door to what he thought was the ballroom. So far no one had noticed him, hidden under his Invisibility Cloak and numerous notice me not charms. So far it had been so perfect, every step of his plan going off without a hitch, and he knew it could not last.

The meeting was breaking up and he was disappointed to find that he had heard nothing of importance. A few raids were planned, but those were to locations that the Order of the Phoenix was already protecting for just that reason.

It seemed that the Death Eaters were gone almost instantly after Lord Voldemort gave the order for their dismissal. It was somewhat eerie to Harry to have been listening to the low babble of voices, the swish of robes, the light tapping of feet on stone, then to have such absolute silence. It was in that silence that Lord Voldemort took advantage.

Harry was retracting the extendable ears absently, mind on what information he could bring back to the Order of the Phoenix, when he suddenly appeared, startling a shout out of the black haired youth. In short order Harry found himself under a binding spell, though strangely he was not silenced.

“Hello, Potter,” Lord Voldemort said, his voice almost a purr to Harry’s ears. “Enjoyed yourself, listening to my meeting?”

“Er... sure,” Harry answered cautiously. He was somewhat confused, Lord Voldemort did not seem angry to see him there. There seemed to almost be pleasure in the look the Dark Lord sent him.

“I am sure it was informative, though probably not nearly as informative as you had hoped when you came here. It would not do well to give away all my secrets when my enemy is sitting right outside the door, now would it?”

Lord Voldemort was definitely smiling now and Harry was surprised to see how much better looking it made the snake faced man. He shook himself from that train of thought, he needed to concentrate. He was suddenly struck by the fact that Voldemort knew he was there all along. “How... how did you know?” he asked, face screwed up in confusion.

A chuckle, rich and smooth, escaped the Dark Lord. “Why, I can feel you of course,” he replied, voice amused. “Can you not feel me?”

This made Harry stop. Now that he thought about it... he could feel the Dark Lord. The older man was a dark, constant pressure in the back of his mind and he realized that he could feel it all the time, though it was usually just an echo of what he felt now.

His wonder must have shown on his face because Voldemort smiled again. “We are connected, Potter, that you can not deny. But enough about that for now. There are a few other things I wished to... discuss with you.”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked, trying to put up a brave front. Whatever the Dark Lord was planning he knew it could not be good and in his current state there was no way he would be able to protect himself from whatever it was.

“Oh do not look so frightened,” Voldemort said. “I merely wish to talk. If it would make you feel better, I will swear not to hurt you for the time being.”

Harry mentally snorted. There was no way he was going to trust that snake’s word for anything. As if reading his mind, the Dark Lord continued, “I will even swear on my magic if you wish.”

This was truly a surprise. He figured Voldemort would be all to happy to just off him, not waste time with talking and swearing not to hurt him. He knew there had to be an ulterior motive hidden somewhere behind that snaky facade, but he agreed. There was, after all, nothing else he could really do at the moment.

Once Lord Voldemort swore to not hurt him, he was released on the condition that he not try to run away or attack in any fashion. Harry was surprised when no oath was demanded, even requested, on his part. That was fine with him.

They made their way upstairs, Harry following the Dark Lord, into what was probably the older wizard’s study. Harry looked around as the other man took a seat.

The main feature of the room was a mahogany desk covered with piles of papers and numerous ink wells and quills. Behind it was a dark brown chair, comfortable looking but sturdy. In front of the desk was an almost identical chair, though it was smaller and far less regal looking. The walls were paneled in a lighter wood which glowed golden in the light coming in through the far window.

Harry was actually quite impressed. The study was nothing like he would have pictured the Dark Lord’s to be. But then again, neither was the mansion itself. He supposed imagining the headquarters of the Dark Order to be dark and filled with spider webs and the shrieks of tortured Muggles was being a tad bit stereotypical.

He stood for a few more moments, admiring the room. He was startled out of his thoughts by someone clearing their throat and he flushed when he realized he had totally forgotten where he was and that Voldemort was even there.

Today's word count: 1739
Total word count: 5218



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