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NaNoWriMo Day 4

I didn't write anything for day 3 and it technically isn't day 4 anymore but... whatever XD Have a weird original drabble, some Lucius/Harry non-con, some unfinished Harry masturbating, and some unfinished Ron/Draco.

He stood on the rise overlooking the city. Nothing moved because there was nothing left to move. Everything had been killed in the nuclear fallout.

John sighed wearily, turning his back on the city he had known all his life. There was nothing left for him now. The people he had loved and the home he had were all long gone. He needed a fresh start.

He was not even sure if there were other people left alive in the world. There had been no tv, no radio, no outside communication since the bomb was dropped, since the day his entire world blurred. For all he knew, he was the only person left on Earth. Except for those who had started it all.

They were the ones he would find. He would get revenge or die trying. They would pay for everything.


Prompt: Harry James Potter/Lucius Malfoy; Get on your knees and pay

Harry whimpered as he was thrown to the ground, his head smacking against the wall with a sickening sound. He felt dizzy and light headed and wished with all he had that he had not decided to take a walk that night. If he had not then the Death Eaters would not have been able to grab him and he would not be in this situation.

Head down, he flinched when a pair of black boots came into his field of vision. He knew who they belonged to and the sight made him back up until he hit the wall. There was no where else to go.

“Ah, Potter, trying to leave so soon?” Lucius Malfoy asked. Harry glanced up to see a falsely curious look on the aristocratic face. He glanced away, trying to shake off the pain in his head as he looked for an escape.

He flinched as the tip of Malfoy’s cane came up to push at his cheek. Not wishing further pain, he moved with the cane until he was again facing Malfoy. Head bowed, he glanced around as best he could while still looking obedient.

The cane moved to come up under his chin, pushing up until he was looking into Malfoy’s face. “Tsk, tsk, Potter,” the blond drawled. “You will not be escaping. You will be going to my master soon enough, but first you have something to answer for.”

There was silence for a few moments as Harry considered what he could have done specifically to make Malfoy so angry. Sure there was the feud he and Draco had, but he did not think that was it. The only possibility was... “Dobby?” he asked weakly.

He let out a gasp as pain exploded through the side of his face and he was thrown to the ground again. Malfoy had hit him with the cane and with the anger on the blonde's face, it was likely to happen again if he did not watch himself.

“I did not say you could speak,” Malfoy said in a cold, clear voice. It made Harry flinch as far as he could while still laying on the ground. “Now I will have my recompense. Get on your knees and pay.”

Harry stared up in shock. Certainly Malfoy did not want him to... did he? He flinched again as the cane was raised in warning and rethought. There really was nothing else he could be wanting but it was so humiliating, so disgusting.

Slowly, carefully, Harry raised himself up to his knees and looked Malfoy. The blond had one eyebrow raised and there was a sneer on his face. Looking down, Harry took a deep breath and reached for the Death Eater’s pants. In seconds they were open and he was faced with the blonde’s erection.

“Potter...” came a warning growl as he hesitated. Eyes closed, he took a deep breath, trying to convince himself that this was not the most humiliating, degrading thing he had ever done. He liked to think that it was working.

Harry leaned forward and gave the erection a tentative lick, making it bob up and down before his face. That was not so bad. He could take this and then he could find a way to escape.

With another deep, steadying breath, Harry took Malfoy into his mouth as far as he could. He gagged as a hand was immediately entangled in his hair and his face pressed forward until the tip of the blonde’s erection hit the back of his throat.

Malfoy, however, did not seem to care that he was chocking and in pain. Harry found his mouth being forced again and again on the dick, leaving him no chance for to recover his breath. Tears were soon running freely down his face as he struggled to breath.

It seemed to last forever to Harry who could feel his consciousness ebbing away in the face of the pain and lack of hair. Finally, Malfoy came with a triumphant shout, shooting cum down his abused throat. His only thought as he gave into the darkness was that he was glad it was over.

Malfoy smirked as Harry’s body fell gracelessly to the ground, cum dribbling out of his mouth to pool on the ground. He quickly did up his trousers and left the room, calling for a house elf to deliver the boy to the Dark Lord. His revenge was done and now he would deliver his prize.


Prompt: Harry James Potter/Harry James Potter; Naughty and unseen

Harry was not sure how he got himself into these situations. After the last time he accepted a dare from Ron during a game of Truth or Dare he had made a promise to himself never to do it again. It always ended badly.

But here he was in the middle of the great hall during dinner, hidden under his Invisibility Cloak and naked as the day he was born. He was incredibly glad that Dumbledore was out for the day because he had a feeling the headmaster could see through the cloak and well... this was not exactly something he wanted to have to explain.

He sat for a few more minutes, contemplating just telling Ron that he had done the dare, but soon gave up that line of thought. Ron always seemed to know when he was lying about something like that. Probably came from growing up with five older brothers.

With a sigh, Harry gave up. He was dared to do this and so he would. He just did not have to be happy about it. [Insert her: Harry wanking, but I do not really feel like writing that right now. May come back to it later.]


Prompt: Ron Weasley/Draco Malfoy; lost in Knockturn Alley

Ron was lost. He knew he should not have come down Knockturn Alley by himself but he was so curious. Harry had been down the Alley their [which one?] year and reported that it was creepy but Ron was sure there was a lot more to it. He just needed a little time to explore.

He had had his time, sneaking away from his family and Harry and Hermione while they were shopping for school supplies in Diagon Alley. He knew Harry and Hermione would have gone with him, though Hermione would not have liked it, but he wanted to go by himself. He needed a bit of time alone.

The Alley had been fascinating so far, numerous stores with creepy looking books and barely legal potion ingredients. The people, though that was a stretch for some of them, had been strange and frightening at times but he had not felt threatened or in danger. Until he had gotten lost, that is.

He thought he knew his way. He thought he had memorized the series of side streets he had taken. But still he was lost. What was worse was that there seemed to be absolutely no people around any longer, no one to ask for direction if he could pluck up the courage to.

Suddenly he heard the tinkling of a bell and the opening of a door behind him. He sighed in relief; finally a person he could ask. He turned and froze in his tracks. The other person did the same.

“What are you doing here, Weasley?” Draco Malfoy asked, face a mask of disdain. Ron noticed the other boy had pulled out his wand as soon as he shook of his shock and decided to do the same. Better safe than sorry.

[Insert here: A confrontation between Ron and Draco. a)Draco leads Ron out, b)Draco and Ron fuck like little rabbits, b)something horrible happens to Ron. May come back to this later.]

Today's word count: 1473
Total word count: 6700


(For the last one) it was their second year that harry went down Knockturn alley... ^.^ And you'd better continue that one! it was getting really really good!
Thanks, I really couldn't remember XD And I want to... I think it could turn out pretty good!

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