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Long time no see...

It's been over a month since my last post and far longer than that since anything actually substantial... Wow, I hadn't realized I'd been neglecting lj so much! I've read my friends page a couple of times but I've just been pretty blah on the commenting/posting/caring front. I'll try to change that though!

So what's been happening with me... Well NaNoWriMo totally went down the drain for me. The first couple of days went fine and then I just lost it. Not writing an actual novel was strange and I just seemed to loose all motivation for anything. So fail for 2010 NaNo D:

Thanksgiving came and went with nothing special. The Monday after I decided to finally go vegetarian which has been going good for me so far. My birthday was the 9th and it went well I suppose. Got some good presents, including my own sewing machine! That was supper exciting :D On the 11th I went to my best friend's wedding. It was super strange seeing her getting married, especially because she's like 4 months pregnant now. I feel old...

After that was the end of my first semester in college. I was worried about one of my classes but somehow I pulled it from an C to an A! And all my exams went well. I wasn't even particularly stressed which was nice :D And I managed a 3.6 GPA which is just awesome! I'm so happy. I'm gonna try to do even better next semester.

I went home right after my last exam and had a few days at home. On Saturday I had a big party with my friends from high school. We played life sized Clue at my friends house in steampunk/lolita/neo-Victorian clothing and it was a ton of fun. yaoisakka and I set it up and put prizes together. I made a little top hat that she ended up buying and that I'm really proud of :D

The following Monday we went to my grandma's for Christmas. I really hate going there because it's in the absolute middle of nowhere and frankly, there's nothing much to do. We ended up going to town every other day which took up a lot of the time, we celebrated my mom's birthday, I babysat my two little cousins while everyone else shopped. Christmas day was really stressful with 10 people in a little bitty one bathroom house, one of whom was pregnant, two of whom were really little, and one of whom is old and partly senile and who's family dumped him with us. That night my aunt and uncle and their kids stayed the night which was something I still don't understand. They live an hour away, why was it so difficult for them to go to their own house?!?! And their kids are spoiled and very obnoxious at times... The next morning my grandma decided it was a good idea to give them a tool set to pay with at 7:30 in the morning while I tried to sleep in the next room. Yea, great idea. To top it off, half of us were sick at some point during the week.

After Christmas we came home for a few days then went to my other grandparent's house for Christmas/New Year's with them. They live in the middle of nowhere as well and I was bored the whole time, though thankfully I had internet there. New Year's Eve was boring but New Year's Day was alright. We opened presents and ate and watched TCU beat Wisconsin, which was probably the highlight of my day :D The weekend actually wasn't too bad despite my boredom. My favorite uncle was there and I got to talk to him quite a bit which made me happy.

So now I'm home and really wishing to go back to school. Being here makes me feel like crap to be honest. I guess I'm getting spoiled being at TCU where there's good food, things to do, and where's it's just nice in general. I'm trying to throw off the apathy and depression I feel while being here and pull myself together to be productive. It's working alright I suppose, just got to keep myself together. I'm trying to clean my room so we can rearrange it which is definitely helping my motivation.

In other news, I'm working on a couple of plushie commissions which should be finished this week or the beginning of next and I can send them off. I also had a jewelry commission over the break and worked on Secret Santa gifts. I got a pair of cute smiling rainbow earrings as a random gift from someone on dA. I also got three Chrismas cards from friends which made me smile :D I'm waiting for one of my Secret Santa gifts that should have already been here... I'm gonna be sad if I don't actually get it, though they're ready with substitutes if needed. Another is on the way and I can't wait to get it.


So I guess that's been my life for the past couple of months. I'll try to catch up with my friends list after this and start posting more often. I hope everyone had a great Christmahanaquanzayulestice and I wish you luck with the New Year! <3




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