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You probably don't want to read this. I just needed to vent some crap.


I feel like shit. Seriously. I'm so pissed off it's not even funny. Life just seems to suck right now.

My family is going out of town to my grandparent's sometime tomorrow afternoon. We do this every year, but I still hate it. We get stuck out in the middle of no where for days with absolutely nothing to do except talk to relatives. And I really don't like my relatives. All of them, including my parents, are prejudiced, racist, homophobic, jerk wads who like to push their opinions on other people. I really really can't describe how much I hate it there.

Ah, but it gets worse! I apparently have to work Monday afternoon right after we get back from driving home. Knowing my parents, we'll probably make it just in time for them to drop me off at work without even a breather. Lovely. Just fucking lovely. And I'm pretty certain my mum suggested to my boss that I work when she was over there this afternoon. And I know she has to realize how much I do not want to be working there, especially during break, right after returning from the First Level of Hell. And she was the one to suggest I get together with Elizabeth and McKenzie Monday afternoon to work on videos. Thanks, mom. And suggesting I go work on the videos after I get off work that night was just too kind of you.

And of course there is more. Tuesday at some point we're leaving again, this time for my grandma's, also known as the Final Level of Hell. I get mad just thinking about being stuck there for a week.

So all of this out of town business means no phone connection, no internet, no friends, no contact with civilization, and no chance to get help on my Netherlands video for the APH Word Conference. I'm already freaked out about what I'm gonna do and I'm not going to be able to get Elizabeth and Kenzie to help me with it probably.

Guh don't mind me. I'm just pissed at the world right now. Everything seems to be pissing me off... I can't even find any good fluffy fanfics that I can drown myself in. Anyone have any Voldie/Harry or Fenrir/Harry fics they'd like to share? Heck, at this point I'd take Lucius/Severus, Remus/Severus, Draco/Neville, or pretty much anything even though I don't usually read them as main pairings... Ah well I can at least go read that Leon/Cloud mpreg fic I've been looking for forever now. Something good XD



I don't have any fanfiction recommendations for you, sorry. *hugs* But I do hope that things get better for you soon.
Thank you *hugs*

December 2018



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