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harry potter

The good old days of fandom

Cleaning out my notifications is making me feel nostalgic. There are notifications for a bunch of old fandoms, like Naruto and Harry Potter and HiNaBN and others. Most of what I'm coming up with is old HP fic searches that I was interested in reading when they were found. It makes me want to read, and maybe write, more HP fic. Makes me miss HP fandom.

HP was a really great fandom for me. There was very little wank, at least that I was privy to, and the fans were really open minded about pairing and kink and what have you, at least in my experience. It wasn't my favorite fandom in terms of the people and the atmosphere, that goes to the amazingness that is Final Fantasy VII fandom when I was in it, but it was still a fun, relaxed, and exciting fandom.

I miss fandom being like that.

Now it seems to be constant ship wars and bashing people for liking things and bitching about everything under the sun. Some of it I get; I could bitch about JJ Abrams or Jeff Davis for hours. But most of it seems to be people being rude and shaming people and it makes me hate my fandoms sometimes. I know there was wank in older fandoms (dear god, I've heard plenty about Cassandra Claire/Clare), but it seems like it's getting worse and more widespread in fandoms now.

I've only been in fandom for... seven years-ish, and not all that actively at times, so I'll admit that I've not been around for a lot of stuff. Maybe I'm being paranoid? Maybe it's always just better in the good old days.



March 2019



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