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Help me pick my NaNoWriMo idea?

So November is less than a month away, which means NaNoWriMo is too. And that means I need to know what I’m going to write so I can plan and plot before then. My goal is to write something that I will be able to submit for publishing, since I’ll be graduating in May and it would be nice to be actively trying to get published before then.

I can’t decide which to write, but I’ve narrowed it down to four ideas, so just tell me which you think I should do for NaNoWriMo!

  • Medieval-ish setting; female lead; possible f/f and/or m/f side romance(s). A girl is hired by various villages to search out whoever is responsible for bad things happening, usually a witch, and to kill them. The girl, however, searches out and kills the bad witches, but leaves the good ones, even helping them to hide themselves if they need to.

  • Magical side of a modern setting; ensemble lead; possible various side romances. There is a school for magical kids where kids from magical families automatically gain entry if they can do magic, though numbers are dropping. Kids from non-magical families who show potential for magic are invited, but only five are allowed entry every year, usually three girls and two boys. This year’s potentials are trying to figure out why magical ability is decreasing in order to save the school and magic in general.

  • Nautical steampunk-type setting; female lead(s); main f/f romance w/ possible side romances. Two women meet on a prison ship and become pirates after a mutiny. The new wife of one of the women’s ex-husband puts a hit on her in order to legitimize her claim to her step-children. The two women are forced to walk the plank, but are saved by one of the woman’s mermaid heritage. They return to sail the seas as pirates, getting revenge in the process.

  • Steampunk/Dieselpunk-type setting; female lead(s); probable main f/f romance w/ possible side romances. Two countries are at war, one led by the strongest mage their world has ever seen. An air force captain in the other country recruits a team of underdogs to help him create a fleet of magical flying machines to win the war.



The last idea sounds really fun to me.
I'm really excited to write that one, but it looks like I won't be writing it this year. It's actually based off of a gender-bent Stargate Atlantis idea, though it's much changed by now :)

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