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My computer is working again!

For now at least...

So for the past several months, my computer has been in a bad way. Much of the casing is broken and falling off or held on with duct tape. The battery I got last year is no longer charging. It's often slow and turns off when it overheats, which is also often. But I still love it, I've had it since graduating high school. Anyway a couple of weeks ago it turned itself off and then... wouldn't come back on. It wasn't even showing that it was plugged in. I wasn't too surprised seeing as it's falling apart anyway, but I'd just made over 50 icons that I hadn't saved to my portable hard drive, so I was a bit upset about that. (They're really cool icons too, if I do say so myself.) Since then I've been using my dad's laptop when he doesn't need it, which is most of the time, so it wasn't too bad. Yesterday I finally took it over to the computer repair place to see what they could do. The guy literally plugged it in and it fucking came on. Then he plugged it in with my cord and it fucking came on again. The dude probably thought I just didn't know how to computer, but I swear it wasn't working until then! A bit embarrassing, but at least my computer is now working! This time around I will be sure to back up everything immediately instead of leaving it on the desktop for days because I'm too lazy to. Lesson learned!

So yes, I'm very happy to be back on my own computer. I'm still going to need to buy a new one in the near future, but I recon now (as long as nothing horrible happens) I can wait a few more months, maybe until I graduate in May. That'd be a nice kind of symmetry, I think!



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