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Back! + Fanfiction thoughts and such

I'm finally back home! We came back a day early because of the expected snow... made me very happy! The week+ was alright I suppose, except for me getting sick Monday night (I think it was food poisoning) and then pretty much everyone else at my grandma's getting sick at one time or another while we were there. I got some pretty good gifts, the best probably being a PlayStation from my dad along with a few games to share with my brother. It's the first game system we've ever had so I was way excited XD The only game we really liked was Star Wars something or other, and I totally kick ass at it! haha Pretty awesome to actually be beating my brother and dad at a fighting game ^.^

So yea, I'm back and I have tons of stuff here and on dA I need to sort through... I'll do that tomorrow since it's already past 11:30 XD I hope everybody had a great Christmas! And have a great New Year's as well if I forget to post before then XD

On to a totally different note, I've been reading Lord of the Rings fanfiction for the past few hours, specifically Gimli/Legolas. There's not much fanfiction for them sadly, so sometimes it's quite an effort to search for new fics. I was looking through some LotR archives and ljs when something struck me. When a lot of people are posting fics, they specify which genres it is. I never really think about that when I'm on FFn because I just automatically search under "Romance," but seeing that made me stop. My first thought was "Why do they even need that, isn't it obvious?" because I almost never read or write non-romance fanfiction. Seriously. I like to read humor too, but almost alsways along with romance. And I like to write action-adventure, but not as fanfiction. Is that odd? I dunno, maybe it doesn't seem so strage to other people, but it really just amazed me for some reason. People read and write something other than romance... XD

Sort of related, I have a question for anyone who actually reads this. Since I started this bloggy thing, I've been considering posting my fanfiction here. I already have it all on FFn and some of it on dA and might post on AFFn or y-gallery (if I get my account un-banned XD), but should I post it here as well? I know a lot of people do and I rather like the fanfiction communities and such here, but should I put my rubbish in with the rest? I'd love to hear what you think!


Sure, post away. I do, I keep my fics in their own journal.

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